Reviews for Hell in a Handbasket
CGandJaz chapter 7 . 4/17/2010
great story. so much action and drama. Genny and Zoe are great characters I look forward to learning more about Michael.
SerenityHope15 chapter 6 . 5/5/2009
the bit between Simon and Kaylee here is exquisite! It popped unbidden into my head yesterday and I had to come back and read it again. So raw,and beautiful!
Agent Rouka chapter 14 . 12/16/2008
I wanted to like this more than I did. You're really great at adventure stories! And you manage to make kids on Serenity not nauseating, even if their number and life style is a bit improbable. :)

But the relationship between Mal and Inara made me too uncomfortable to fully enjoy this. She seems to give in all the time, turn into a replacement Zoe or a Border woman, Mal orders her around like a subordinate, like the equality they share in the series based on her not being crew and her unrestrained criticism of his methods wasn't crucial. Mal makes choices for their children over Inara's head ("..against Inara's protests") and so on. It's as if she turned into a two-dimensional, Mal-appropriate, "adventurous" mate, whose only real input is to contemplate how she really doesn't care that any of her values are represented anymore because she loves Mal so much.

By no means take this to mean that I think your story isn't great overall, though. I can only repeat, you have an awesome imagination when it comes to plot and you write beautifully coherent crew dynamics. It's just this one thing that bothers me. :)
RionaEire chapter 2 . 12/15/2008
Tentatively reading. I liked that trilogy that you wrote a while back so I thought I'd try this. Scifi stories where evil aliens enter a person's concious and control them are kind of ... creepy and I don't normally read them but I'm giving this a try since its the BDHs. Sorry to see all these new charactors that I don't know, maybe it would have been better to post those stories that lead up to this but oh well, I will try it and see how I feel. Kind of glad that River didn't marry that random captain, would have been boring to me. You've done a good job of informing us about the new charactors so we aren't too confused. You've also done well at creating something that grabs the attention of the readers right away with all this action.

T0M Serv0 chapter 1 . 12/13/2008
I'm sorry, is this an OC based story? I'm a little confused with the cast, is all...