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Guest chapter 14 . 10/18/2016
I really enjoyed those episodes! Especially the last few - this never happened to Celebrimbor, excuses for Maedhros and tea with Sauron! I loved those!
Earsul chapter 12 . 8/7/2015
Great! I love this story!But I also sighed when I read them,I don not know exactly why…maybe it was because you made the character of Celebimber in my heart alive,which didn't show up in book as much as I
Writing-Gecko-Girl chapter 3 . 12/9/2014

This was too funny!
fantasychica37 chapter 12 . 11/30/2014
I'm telling givenclarity on Tumblr to draw this!
fantasychica37 chapter 11 . 11/30/2014
I love the tone of the sentence "But not by Eru and the outer darkness, please!"
CrackinAndProudOfIt chapter 12 . 11/25/2014
This is a fitting conclusion! I like the interactions here, and your OCs are fascinating. :) Elwing's attitude is especially realistic: she's after peace, but not forgiveness or substantial reconciliation, which makes perfect sense.

I'm so glad to have gotten a look at this intriguing idea! Great work! :D
Nessa Ar-Fieneil chapter 12 . 11/19/2014
Or maybe he hands Elwing the Silmaril while he fights off Morgoth's minions
kim-onka chapter 12 . 11/19/2014
An ALBATROSS! Oh yes Earendil's reaction would be quite definitely different and this image is making me laugh so hard I can't

I think there's an older version of the story in which, when Earendil arrives in Tirion, it's completely empty because the army had already left and his journey was in vain, but the Professor changed it because it would be too depressing? This could happen here.

Celebrimbor meetinghis cousin is both sweet and sad, and his reaction to Armiriel's, ah, opinion exchange with Elwing is lovely :D Thanks for continuing this AU, shame this didn't happen...
CrackinAndProudOfIt chapter 11 . 11/16/2014
I love everyone's reactions to Celebrimbor here; the attitudes of the Elves of the Havens seem very realistic, especially as the leaders (such as Elwing and Orodreth) advocate this plan despite personal "beefs" with the Feanorians. Their acceptance of him as the only "non-crazy" one makes perfect sense.

There are some really poignant lines throughout here, but my favorite has to be, "The Silmaril was more alive than some people he'd met." Wow. That gives me chills.

For some reason, I have a feeling Celebrimbor's oath doesn't bode well for him or the Havens, but we shall see. :) I'm so glad this idea has morphed into more than a oneshot!

I look forward to the next chapter!
kim-onka chapter 11 . 11/10/2014
I should think Celebrimbor was quite allegric to any oaths of any kind whatsoever by this point, but perhaps it couldn't be helped. He must've been a bit shaken to be taken for Curufin - another reminder that he would never be free of his heritage. But it's touching, in a way, to see him so awed by his grandfather's greatest work, and even feeling some understanding for him (even if it's the last thing the people of Sirion would want). And of course there's the professional curiousity of the two smiths, very accurate.
What happens next? :)
CrackinAndProudOfIt chapter 10 . 10/11/2014
Oh wow, I love this concept! For some reason, it make me want to cry; I guess imagining the dynamic between Celebrimbor and his uncles at this point is just really powerful. I don't know what to expect from here, but I can't wait to see what decision Maedhros and Maglor make!

Thrilling update!
Beledien chapter 10 . 10/3/2014
My goodness, Celebrimbor is such a good hearted elf, never thought of this posibility of him having the Nauglamir.

What a difficult question. I would like to think that Maedhros would be ok and probably he would go and talk to Celebrimbor to make he's fine and not a hostage.
fantasychica37 chapter 10 . 10/2/2014
This is brilliant!
fish in fridge chapter 10 . 10/2/2014
This scenario is really great! How I wish this had happened! I also enjoy your characterization of multiple characters, from the tart Oropjer to the sensible Cirdan and the trustworthy Gil-galad, and certainly the slightly reluctant Celebrimbor as well. Really nice one for such a short piece!
kim-onka chapter 10 . 10/2/2014
But this is the perfect solution! Canonically I can't really see Elwing going along with this, I think she was too obsessed with the Silmaril and too proud, but that would be exactly the sensible thing to do. And it's nice to see that Gil-galad would not exactly let them harm Celebrimbor to get Maedhros to behave.
I think they will accept it, the ones left are not the ones the most keen on kinslaying anyway and the logic that Celebrimbor has the right to a Silmaril should let them leave Sirion alone. Do we get an answer from you?
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