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aaa chapter 48 . 7/19
Meh. More unresolved plot-threads and abandoned ideas in this than are really good for the story. As out-sized and overly long as this whole thing already is, it still feels patchwork. That says a lot of things.

Not bad, but really not all that good, either.
aaa chapter 23 . 7/18
Texan Barbecue Wizards. Now I've seen everything.
aaa chapter 19 . 7/18
Honestly, I get the intent there, I really do... but I could take it more seriously if everyone wasn't behaving utterly ridiculously and irrational. Umbridge tortures an entire class and we're just supposed to believe that everyone assumes nobody will *care* once it comes out? What, do all their parents and the many, many thousands of mages who aren't part of the Ministry proper just not EXIST or something? That's just laughably unbelievable.
RFTL80 chapter 48 . 7/7
Holy shit what a fracking story you wrote. Fantastic characters both cannon and not cannon. The blending was fantastic. Looking forward to reading the sequel.
TL14 chapter 20 . 5/21
Fullmetal11791 chapter 47 . 4/22
I know you're no longer involved in fanfiction, but I decided to read this through a second time this week and I've gotta say, it was just as fantastic the second time. (leaving this here instead of ch48, already reviewed that in 2013). Kemester and Cassane remain some of my favorite OC's to ever grace the HP universe, and the entire setup of the story was awesome. Giving this a more critical review from the last time, I do think the whole thing with Peeves could and should have been explained better by the end of the story, and I think there were some loose ends with the Weasley's and Umbridge, etc., but I understand that that was probably meant to be touched upon in the sequel. Anyway, if you do ever feel like revisiting this universe, would love to see a sequel.
James018 chapter 48 . 4/9
Got to say I was disappointed when I looked at the sequel and found you stopped updating five years ago after just six chapters. But to be honest, this story stands as an epic on its own. You weren't lying when you said we'd come to understand things by the end... the last three chapters explained so much that I never would have guessed... and yet, the hints were there. That's great storytelling if I ever saw it.

Thanks for sharing and I'll keep an eye out for future work.
FYI chapter 1 . 3/5
Just wanted to inform you that user DonaldTrump2 (id: 8006262) decided to plagiarize your first chapter of this story. You should probably file a DMCA takedown (information can be found at TAPIR (The Anti-Plagiarism Investigation Reports) forum here on fanfiction.

I hope this gets resolved quickly.
dragonfox123 chapter 1 . 1/25
Awesome chapter and plot and amazing idea
Nate Cook chapter 24 . 1/4
For reference, it is now 4:02 am and I started reading this around 6pm last night. I haven't stopped reading until now. This story has grabbed my attention in a way that few have and in a way that none have recently. I can't tell you exactly whether or not that's good or bad yet, because I haven't finished. But I like your writing style quite a bit I think, and I know that what you have here is rather ingenious. The story does jump around a bit and you really have to be paying attention to follow a lot of what's going on. But I like that, there are too many stories on this site that are just the same story line with a different color of paint or varnish over the top. This story is exceedingly unique and that's something very rare for fanfiction. Fantastic work so far. I'm excited to see where this story leads
Dalmasio chapter 48 . 12/28/2016
Many people have wrote in-depth reviews about this story and I don't have anything useful to add. Besides, it looks like you're no longer active here, it's a shame! So I'm just going to say that you clearly belong in St Mungo's psych ward and that it was an amazing read. Thank you very much and have a good life :)
Hippothestrowl chapter 34 . 11/10/2016
I give up. This was a great story totally ruined by a massive indulgence in obscurity and especially the deliberate and overwhelming use of pronouns to begin and even through scenes. I'm tired of guessing games and tired of terrible flow. Good story. Terrible storytelling.
GhostOfAGhost chapter 40 . 11/9/2016
Hippothestrowl chapter 31 . 11/7/2016
Continues to be a great story whose flow is spoilt by unnecessary lack of clarity in parts. The start in particular is a fog of an unknown location and unknown characters about whom it's impossible to care what happens. Having to re-read paragraphs to figure out what the hell is happening is immersion breaking and not fun at all. However, the overall story is rich and the writing generally very good.
Hippothestrowl chapter 29 . 11/6/2016
Well, still fascinating but the obscurity is escalating and I'm resigned to most of it never being clarified. I remain with no idea what happened with the Potter vaults, what exactly caused the attack on the Ministry or why or what the twins involvement was, or a host of other things. It's not the complexity but the obscurity which is spoiling the story. :(
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