Reviews for Renegade Cause
MHJoker chapter 48 . 10/22
Got a fucking headache reading this because I couldn't stop reading, but it was worthy it. A really good story, but since your last update was 4 years ago I'm not going to get anywhere near that sequel.
KingRamses chapter 13 . 9/20
Very nice Joker reference
uyen.dinh.90 chapter 16 . 9/17
Harry's attitude is starting to become grating.
Even if he didn't trust Peeves, if he had just said please maybe he would have known more.
Dumby95 chapter 47 . 9/13
Wow awesome chapter, i LOVED it! Harry is now with a Peeves inside him, it's remind me of Batman in Batman Arkham' games when he got infected by Jokers Blood (and Peeves is realy similar to the joker, both are true agents of chaos...) i can't wait to see were it will lead us.

And Cassane is comiting a suicide... how sad...
Dumby95 chapter 46 . 9/13
The Fuck...
Dumby95 chapter 45 . 9/13
Finally we get over that fucking time distortion! Weird but good chapter, some Horcruxes died, which is good i suppose
Dumby95 chapter 44 . 9/12
Another very good chapter
Dumby95 chapter 41 . 9/11
About damn time for some ''redemption''
Dumby95 chapter 40 . 9/11
Great chapter! Finally Revelations fell upon us! Snape is exactly how i imagine him, really brillant... also James Potter seems to be (or was) a very strong wizard, i hope to ''see'' him fight in a memory
Dumby95 chapter 37 . 9/11
Fiou.. these revelations were strong.. Great Chapter.
Dumby95 chapter 36 . 9/11
Good chapter, Voldemort is very smart and horrible
Dumby95 chapter 35 . 9/11
Huh poor Charon, quite a shit life he had, but i liked the discussion with Voldemort.

That Voldemort... fucking genius.

Kingsley made me laugh when he said ''YOU ARE UNDER AREST''

Also poor Moreson and his fellows :(

I loved this chapter, great action. I love the story background that ''anonymis'' Auror and Hit Wizards have... and also the fact that some wizards and Witches like Dolohov and Bellatrix seems to be way stronger than others.
Dumby95 chapter 34 . 9/10
Harry is a lucky bastard
Dumby95 chapter 33 . 9/10
''Do you want a waffle?'' this is the line that i've ever read from a Voldemort (including all the fic i've read)

The ''why did you hit me, what did I do'' from Luna was heartbreaking
Dumby95 chapter 32 . 9/10
Cassane strike back!
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