Reviews for The Art of Seduction
Maleficus Animus chapter 8 . 11/3/2014
This really is a wonderful story, I'm on edge wondering what will happen next. I do hope you haven't abandoned this story and continue it sometime. The characters are truly well done and I LOVE how Morgana found out about Merlin's magic and accepts him. Marvelous!
Kimmiko T chapter 8 . 9/17/2014
I love this story!
Please update really soon!
Lynxlover chapter 8 . 9/4/2014
Will this story be updated soon? I can't wait for the next chapter! The plot is good and the way you portray merlin and arthur is spot on!
Anon chapter 2 . 6/26/2014
Wow, this was really good! You have clearly put a lot of thought into this and it came out really well. Awesome!
Drowninginallmyfandoms chapter 8 . 1/27/2014
Urg. NEED. MORE. PLEASE, you can't leave it like that! It's cruel! MORE.
Marilyn-istheshit-Monroe chapter 8 . 4/12/2013
Hi, name's teddy.
I am a big reader and when I am enticed with anything I have a tendency to finish it. Your story was well written and deserves praises I am unable to properly phrase for I am exceptionally dull in such departments. You were very thorough and witty with the creation and guidance of emotions and actions for each character. You left very little to be dissatisfied with for there were little to question. There wasn't a lack of tension, mystery or the small moments that spells out warmth from each character to make this story that much more realistic to the readers. Though I am used to the fast pace of the categories of fanfictions, I am truely glad that you have put it up to make the story slow and painful to us anxious admirers, dying to know when the prince of flaws will, hopefully, make a grand first move, to be the bigger man in the situation per say. Or to cry like a baby in another chapter at Gwen's, though not her fault but might possibly be blamed for, betrayal to the prince's trust of her. Well that should be enough pressure form on reader. Good luck with the next update, i pray for a swift update or a slow and marvelous new chapter if must be.
p.s. loved everything til now
MERLINLOVER365 chapter 8 . 3/16/2013
oh no! You havent't updated in two years! Are you going to? Please? Pretty pretty please? Because it's amazing! Pllleeeeaaaasssseee?
StormageddonDarkLordOfAll221 chapter 1 . 3/4/2013
you need to finish this
Mabudachi-trio chapter 8 . 2/18/2013
Please update soon! Merlin needs to stop being so angry and be cute again!
sami1010220 chapter 8 . 9/7/2012
Darn!i wish this had been updated! It started dragging a bit, but I still think it was cute :)
ChibitaliaxHRE chapter 8 . 7/26/2012
Pleeeeeease update! Pleeeeeease? I love this story so much!
emotionalpoemgirl chapter 8 . 3/23/2012
Hey, wheres the rest of this? ;)

It was steadily climbing towards some sort of conclusion and then Merlin screws up and boom! nothing. You should totally finish this, if only to be fair to your readers and story.
MertherLuvr07 chapter 8 . 12/28/2011
i can't wait for more! it is so good.
Eiralys76 chapter 8 . 9/20/2011
Well, are these boys ever going to grow up? Don't blame Gwen for being distressed, I think we need reconciliation between Arthur & Merlin soon, before Merlin loses all his friendships! Actually enjoying the story, can understand Merlin's fears, and love Morgana and Gwen in this story.
Rica chapter 2 . 8/15/2011
I love this story! Arthur is so dense (and way out of line with the forcefulness) but I love his and Morgana's relationship. Can't wait to read the rest! :)
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