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jrarulez chapter 3 . 12/24/2015
Lexaeus ur a sock
Xemnas u smell like poop you dummy
Vexen ur a gay pedophile
Everyone laugh at vexens reaction and btw xemnas lied to you you all actually have hearts
Roxas why is saix a butt
Saix I won't call you saix puppy because I've never read or heard of the manga
Marluxia u are now bald mwahahahaha
Everyone who is ur favorite Kirby character
Xion castrate vexen and saix
Michael Morningstar chapter 1 . 9/10/2014
Sorry honey, but you have been reported. Interactive chats/scripts are NOT allowed in this site.

And wow...Most of these comments are disgusting. I know NoahMatrix1000 and he feels bad what he said to you and apologizes and will never visit this site again. (I used to be him).
Jinxyfox chapter 7 . 8/6/2012
Lexi: You like KHR? Who's your favourite character? Mine's Mukuro. *mutters*mindcontrol*mutters*
Saix: Nivra's in your closet. And she's got her ax.
Marluxia: come 'ere you sexy beast! *drags to bedroom*
Roxas: *smacks* Slutty-mcslut-slut!
Demyx: 'Ello love *bad lux impression* *hugs*
Kk, bye! Oh wait! I forgot something! *hugs BRM* love you!
Jinxyfox chapter 1 . 8/6/2012
Saix: One of my characters, Nivra, is stalking you.
Marluxia: Can I kiss you? Yeah, I'm kinda a fangirl.
Demyx: Here I made pancakes, give some to Zexy too.
Axel: Can you teach me how to be as awesome as you, your All-mighty-tallest?
Larxene, Xemnas, and Saix: How does it feel to be surrounded by idiots?
Onjx chapter 6 . 6/3/2011
Okay update already!

And I came up with three more questions

Zexion: (hands him peice of paper) that is the deed to Barns and Nobal have fun with that and my question

... They added the word " funner" to the dictionary. It's NOT A REAL WORD! ZEXION WILL YOU HELP ME FIX THIS MISTAKE?

Saix: ... Puppy? PUPPY! ( glomps) hey yes I'm a guy I like girls and still glomp people. Because you dealt with that here's Sora tied up and he'll stay tied for 1 hour have fun

Xion:... Your not worth my time. Larxene is cuter then you... if she did not cry during that entire time she can have this cookie

Larxene: ... I'm a Larxene fan boy so what? She does things everyone else is too scared or too weak to do! So hers my question: do you remember where the bodies are hidden? Because I do and if you don't want me to tell give Roxas a kiss and see what happens or have a monster movie maraton with me. If she does ether here's a $10000 gift card to whatever store she wants
Onxj chapter 5 . 5/14/2011
Sry for bugging u but if you do eather of mine add this:

Dymex I saw that your fish died so here

It's A NEW FISH HIS NAME OS JIMMY IF YOU CALL HIM ANYTHING ELSE HE CRYS ... pls don't make Jimmy cry dymex. :( pretty please
Onxj chapter 5 . 5/13/2011
Sry for bugging u but if you do eather of mine add this:

Dymex I saw that your fish died so here

It's A NEW FISH HIS NAME OS JIMMY IF YOU CALL HIM ANYTHING ELSE HE CRYS ... pls don't make Jimmy cry dymex. :( pretty please
Onxj chapter 5 . 5/13/2011
Hi my again I'm thinking of starting a account soon :)

I just thought of soon more and here it is

And because that girl was being a mean to you HIGH COOKIES AND CANDYS FOR EVERYONE!

1. Xalden are you a Bob marly fan?

2. Larxene do you want to go out? I have tons of weapons and people that need to be beat up

3. Last but not least Zexion can you show me your book shelf? I want to trade notes and books

Ok that's it ... o ya




Onxj chapter 3 . 5/13/2011
Hey I'm a zexion fan boy if that counts

He's awesome

Ok here we go

1. Ok I'm already a nobody with compleat control over heartless can I join?

so can zexion be my teacher?

3. Xemnas do you know your real name subbeled without the X seys no heart?

4. Larxene did you know Saix has a HUGE crush on you? I know because I read his dairy. :)

5. Last but not least Demyx I play guitar and I took a bet with my friends seying I could out play you?

If you accept meet me at were nothing gathers at 10 PM

Onxj ( sry you have to deal with idiots Zexion:(

No heart
Beijing Express chapter 8 . 10/10/2010
Marluxia: What kinds of hair products do you use for your hair? (I LOVE YOUR LAYERS.)
organization13girl chapter 5 . 8/23/2010
hi again!anyways i have some important news to everybody!*ckears throat*for one i am not a ,ZEXION IS NOT EMO!YOUR JUST JEALOUS THAT HE IS BETTER THAN YOU AT FIGHTING AND THINKING/KNOWLEDGE!LIVE WITH IT YOU IDIOTS!whoo now that that has been said and done onto the q and a!

xemnas:i am now apart of organization as i am not sora will make kingdom hearts explode and i'll help.

xigbar:hi xiggy!may i ask you to please bother*coughshootcough*axel?think of it as target practice!

xaldin:why do you seem like such a weakling?it hurt when belle elbowed you!i laugh at that!

vexen:your word is not law!anyways um,will you please have fun and live a little at least once in that nonexistent life of yours?

lexaeus:teach xaldin how to be a man!please?thanks if you do!

zexion:again i am not a fangirl.i'm just tired of people saying such horrible things about you?want to hang out?trust me i won't drag you off if you say no.

saix:please for kingdom hearts let me join!

axel:don't say a word or i'll grab my book and bash you with it until you fall twitching to the ground from pain.(i am mad at what you did)

demyx:hi demdem!want to play on rock band with me?

luxord:you are under appreciated as you let me join?*puppy dog face*

marluxia:my evil marly!will you let me join and could you hurt xemnas if he refuses?

larxene:you...are...awesome!your so clever and sneaky and a great fighter!i have no question.

roxas:please enjoy the mayhem that may be videotape it and place it on youtube.

everyone gets cookies and zexion,my apoligies for any grammatical errors.i am doing this on a dsi which is very difficult.

p. :please also enjoy the mayhem!
organization13girl chapter 2 . 8/2/2010
hello!onto my questions!

xigbar:do you like tacos?(random question true but you get used to it)

vexen:do you find it horrible people laugh when you die?

zexion:(glomps)i'm sorry i could'nt help you like the show wheel of fortune?(where is my book?)

demyx:wanna play guitar hero?

axel:why not stop you foolishnes and try to act your age for ONCE!

that's all i got bi!
NoahMatrix1000 chapter 8 . 5/28/2010
Larxene: Why are you a bitch in the organization

Roxas: Ever thought of shoving your keyblades up larxene's ass.

Xigbar: FUCK YOU.

Axel: Be stuck in a room filled with axel fangirls.

Demyx: WIMPY BITCH MASCOT, the slut larxene gave you that nickname.

Mansex: Do you like making love with saix.

Zexion: Shave larxene's hair, beat her up and torture her with a chainsaw.

Xaldin: Have sex with the entire oranization.

Vexen: Dress up as princess peach and make love with bowser

Xion: I feel so sorry for you when you died.

Lexaeus: Beat up everyone and kill osama bin laden.
Oreo Cookie 106 chapter 8 . 5/1/2010
this was last updated on my b-day! Cool! Great job with the story
COmbo83 chapter 8 . 3/19/2010
I have 1 Question


*Runs off and runs as fast as i can*
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