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Guest chapter 34 . 11/29/2017
This is the best chair fanfic I've read ever I don't think anything can top this ️️
xoxo ,
Klarobass chapter 34 . 11/17/2017
I enjoyed this story from start to finish. I think for your first story this was fantastic. I am glad Blair learned the truth and figured out Chuck wasn't cheating on her, though not before she tried, successfully to make him jealous. She really knows how to get under Chuck's skin. I'm happy for Chuck and Blair and his they are able to have another child, even when they thought it was impossible. Serena did the right thing by calling Chuck and preventing Blair from making a huge mistake. I knew it was a misunderstanding and that she was probably someone being him plan their anniversary. The song prevent fit them in their moment. I hope to start the first chapter of the sequel tomorrow or the Saturday. Thank you for writing this story, I enjoyed every word of it.
Klarobass chapter 32 . 11/16/2017
I loved the flashbacks. The important thing is that Blair and the baby are okay. I love the reasoning behind the name too. He is their light. I know Chuck and Blair want to blame themselves, but the truth is it was nothing more than an accident. Finally Chuck has forgiven his father. Forgiving him doesn't mean he's forgotten what he's done, it means moving on and putting it behind him and moving forward. It also gets rid of the bitterness in his heart, which won't do anyone any favors.

In present day, I'm thinking it's all a misunderstanding and they the woman we saw was an event planner or something and Chuck gave her the gifts to surprise Blair for their anniversary. I do think it's a misunderstanding because I don't believe Chuck would ever cheat on her or intentionally hurt her after everything he's fought for throughout this story and almost losing her. He wouldn't risk that. It didn't look good with how Blair saw it and how he lied to her, but he should have come up with a more believable white lie to preserve the surprise, but also not to make himself look like he was cheating on her. On the surface it looks bad, but if she knew the full truth she'd know he was faithful the whole time. I'm hoping Chuck will be able to salvage his marriage and family before it's too late. I can't wait to see how this all ends.
Klarobass chapter 31 . 11/14/2017
I loved this first part to your epilogue. I'm sure Charlie taking off like that must have scared Chuck and Blair to death, but it shows that they care deeply about their children. Luckily they were able to find her, even if Chuck did get jealous of the park officer afterwards. Luke is starting to replicate his father in every way possible, much to Blair's dismay and Chuck's amusement. I wonder what happened during Luke's birth that scared Chuck and Blair so deeply. Basing of this chapter, I'm thinking it was a difficult pregnancy. Hopefully Chuck got there in time to help her. Looking forward to part two. I plan on finishing in the next few days.
Klarobass chapter 30 . 11/7/2017
I'm glad Blair and Chuck's baby survived. I was a bit worried the for a minute. I'm glad Chuck was insistent on being there for her during the whole ordeal. Finally Vivo told Blair he loved her, like she had been waiting to hear the whole time. I kind of like that z Chuck have her the option of a divorce. He was giving her an out and she didn't take it because they've now admitted they love each other. Let's just hope they'll make it this time without Chuck messing up in a way that is irreparable. The family reunion was really sweet and how Charlie has assured him he's a good father even if he doesn't believe so himself. Looks like they all got what they wanted in the end. Chuck got a real marriage with Blair, Blair got Chuck to say he loves her and Charlie is getting a baby sister or brother. Everything worked itself out in the end. I'm looking fists to reading your three part Epilogue which I'm hoping to finish reading in the beefy few days, including another chapter tomorrow.
Klarobass chapter 29 . 11/6/2017
no, Blair can't lose her baby after all this. I hope the baby will survive, if he or she doesn't I'm sure it'll destroy Chuck and Blair, individually. I think Chuck jumped to the worst conclusions, but I do think he's February afraid Blair loves someone who isn't him, someone like Jake. I always knew Chuck's jealousy of Jake and The relationship he has to Blair would be his downfall. I just hope Chuck can make it right before it's too late and he can't salvage their relationship. I think Serena did the right thing in calling Eleanor and Nate for reenforcements. Sure, Blair would be angry, but atleast Eleanor would be able to help Blair and Nate, Chuck. Because whenever things end with Blair, he always seems to drink himself into oblivion.

The saddest part is how broken Charlie was from it all as she desperately pleaded they Chuck didn't leave. I think the dream from the last chapter was almost foreshadowing this very moment in this chapter. Dreams can be very revealing that way, like your subconscious is trying to tell you something. I think it was trying to warn Charlotte something was wrong with her parents marriage. But I have faith everything will right itself in the end.

It seems Chuck was ready to give up before Nate stepped in. You can always count on Nate to be moral support for Chuck and be optimistic about everything. See things with the glass half full. I just hope he was able to convince Chuck to fight for Blair and that he won't bow out of the fight. Whether Blair knows it or not, she and Charlie need him. I think Blair needs Chuck to fight for her this time and have Chuck tell her how he feels about her. He needs to tell her he loves her. Part of the problem is she believed Chuck doesn't love her, unknown to her he actually does as he admitted it to Nate. Now he just needs to express it to the right person.
Klarobass chapter 28 . 11/4/2017
It's sad to see Chuck and Blair take even more steps backwards this chapter and grow increasingly distant. I think Chuck is going to take the conversation between Blair and Jake the wrong away and assume the worst and with the possibility of another baby in the way it just complicates things and Charlie is starting to see through things and sense something's wrong and that's the worst part of it, that Charlie could be hurt by Chuck and Blair conflict. I know Chuck meant well by giving Blair her space, but Blair must have thought Chuck was having an affair, so I think he would have been better off talking things through with her. Him not recording his feelings has been half of Blair's ovaries in this story, thinking he doesn't love her or that he'll just leave her and it seems Charlie has the same fears too. I sense a little foreshadowing too, like maybe they get close to a divorce as this story wraps up? I like they Chuck wanted to talk with Blair and offer her am out of she wanted it. It does he just wants her using and Zi think he's worried she's not happy being married to him, so he's offering her an out. Unfortunately I think he's going to get close to sealing they deal. I think he's going to say something stupid to Street them several steps further back. Charlotte seems to be the one they is the saving grace in that she's always able to make them smile even they're feeling sad. I'm looking forward to reading these finals two chapters.
Klarobass chapter 27 . 11/3/2017
if Boudoir doesn't show her true feelings, how is Chuck supposed to know if something's wrong. I get why she's putting a shield up in front of her heart, but Chuck at this point isn't exactly vocal expressing his true feelings. If Blair doesn't tell Chuck how she's feeling, he may not know what is amiss. I think he knows how to she something's wrong, but if he didn't know what he can't fix it. It seems when something's finally going right, more things go amiss. Hopefully Chuck will finally figure out what Blair wants to hear and express his feelings to her, but I have a feeling things may hit the breaking point Beirut then, but I do have faith things will work themselves out in the end. If Blair is indeed pregnant, they need to work things out before the potential Baby comes. I'm thrilled for Dan and Serena, it's just as Blair doesn't see the same joy in her potential pregnancy, mostly because of the turmoil going on in her head. Hopefully they'll figure things out soon. I'm looking forward to seeing how you'll resolve this fic. I also think Chuck let's his jelousy of Jake get the better of him. Jake is harmless when it comes to Blair add she doesn't feel anything beyond friendship for him, which I feel will only cause more problems for them going forward. I think you're doing a great job building the tension between them. Charlie is so adorable. Scan when things are going amiss between Chuck and Blair, she has a habit of lighting up the room with her presence. I'm really hoping it'll work out for this family in the end.
Klarobass chapter 26 . 11/1/2017
I loved how you wrote Blair in this chapter initially not inviting Chuck into their bedroom, but then not being able to sleep with him not next to her and missing her, and not even hesitating at the end inviting him into their bedroom, knowing it would be a permanent fixture. When Blair told Chuck that he should sleep in the guestroom be seemed so heartbroken by it, as I'm guessing him working late was a distraction. Hopefully it was just a one time thing, as you can tell he wants to be a good father to Charlie. I love his commitment to making it work with his family. I can understand Blair's hesitance of she is pregnant as Chuck still hasn't told Blair he loves her, even if he does, but as far as Blair this he doesn't. She's no longer worried about Chuck abandoning their children, but rather her. Hopefully Chuck will put her mind at ease and tell her soon. Looking forward to reading the next chapter.
Klarobass chapter 25 . 10/30/2017
I like that Chuck is giving Blair the option of whether she wants him in the master bedroom or not. While I would like Chuck to be allowed into the master bedroom, it seens like she doesn't trust him yet, so maybe be will sleep in the guest bedroom and earn his way into the master bedroom. Chuck will probably feel like she's acting like Rome didn't happen and line they've taken a couple steps backwards. Chuck is trying so hard to make things right and yet he always falls short in it being enough for Blair. I don't think she'll really let him in until he tells her those three words he said to their daughter. I can't say I blame Blair for being a little jealous, given she waited five years for Chuck to say them back and he said them to her daughter relatively quick. I don't think it's they he doesn't love Blair, but rather he's afraid to say them. Afraid of losing her and pushing her too far.

Charlie, I just love her personality. She's just the sweetest thing imaginable. Her presence is angelic. I love the way, even if Chuck and Blair had a fight, she can just lift their spirits just being in her presence. Chuck just can't say no to her, even against Blair's wishes. I'm loving where this story is headed and look forward to seeing how it'll conclude.
Klarobass chapter 24 . 10/29/2017
So good to see Chuck and Blair on better terms in this chapter. It really does the effort Chuck is making to mend fences and his sincerity in the last update is starting to pay off. I do have a feeling this is more like the calm before the storm and that the shoe is about to drop and I wonder if it'll have to do with Blair's potential pregnancy. I do hope that if she is indeed pregnant that she'll give Chuck a chance to be there for her this time and that he won't bail. I think if Chuck really tries to make an effort he can be a family man. I don't blame Blair for being hesitant in that brief though considering what happened with Charlotte and how he wasn't there for them. If it is the case that Blair's pregnant I hope he'll prove himself different this time and be there for Blair. I love the intimacy of the relationship they has developed this chapter. It took awhile to get there, but they finally have and with each chapter, Blair seems to be letting Chuck further into her heart and how he'll continue to prove himself worthy of that. I don't think Chuck meant any harm by what he told Charlotte, and I don't think he meant to maliciously set Blair up to get pregnant. I don't think he knew what would transpire on their trip and didn't want to disappoint Charlotte when he made that promise. Still, going forward maybe they should talk about these things beforehand. Lovely update and look forward to the next one.
Klarobass chapter 23 . 10/29/2017
So much progress they've made in this chapter and yet there's still not quite there yet. She may have forgiven him, which is a first good step, but I don't think she'll tell him until he tells Blair he loves her, which might take some time yet. I think their pride will get the best of them, but for right now, I think there headed in the right direction. I love how open and honest with Blair, Chuck was and he really didn't hold bavk this time. I think it was Chuck's sincerity that led to Visit forgiving Chuck. I expected the outset about his drunken stupor's, the losing money and the therapy, but I didn't expect the part about his mother. That must have been tough for Chuck to experience, and it didn't help his already volatile relationship with his father, in fact it probably increased his hatred for his father. I'm glad Blair finally showed Chuck Bart's letter, even if he can't forgive his father, it does show that on some level he cared about Chuck. The ending came as a surprise too, considering the last chapter, but given the confession and the vulnerability and the sincerity he displayed in this chapter I think had something to do with it. I look forward to seeing what will happen in the morning after and hopefully she won't regret it. I like that he asked her that, only wanting to go through with it if she wouldn't regret it.
Klarobass chapter 22 . 10/28/2017
It's so easy for Blair and Chuck to give in to the passion of a heated kiss, but if it went further than that, she would have regretted it, which is something Chuck didn't want with all the progress they've been making these last few chapters. He wants her to want to be with him that way without regret. It's good to see they still haven't lost their passion for one another over after all these years. I love the way you wrote jealous Chuck. It's not uncommon for Blair to garner the interests of other men in a place like Rome, but the fact Chuck felt his jealousy rise over it shows his feelings for her haven't gone away over the years. All that's left is for him to express them to Blair when he's ready. I love the way they're starting to reconnect, and I love the way they're getting to know about the others past and feelings. Blair may have kept her inner most feelings from him, but she told him mostly the truth. They are making progress as it's clear she's starting to trust Chuck each more day, and she's starting to give into him more and more. Yes, he has more to go to prove himself, but he's really trying and that's what counts. As for what Kept Chuck at for five years? I'm not sure, maybe he gambled himself into debt, it atleast lost millions of dollars for Bass, so ended up going through therapy to get the help he needed. But their midst be more to it than that, as he stayed away for five long years. Looking forward to reading and finding out though.
Klarobass chapter 21 . 10/26/2017
I love the way you describe Rome. It sounds like it would be a beautiful city to visit for the scenery alone. I love the lengths Chuck is going to in his attempt to make Blair Happy and to mend fences. Maybe one day he'll mean something to her again, and I love the way she gave him hope for that. I'm not a fluent Italian speaker, do I use translate for translations as well, but I think you wrote it well. What better way for Chuck and Blair to get reaquainted than the city of love itself. Chuck and Blair's phone conversation was so sweet. I love that Charlie finally told Chuck she loved him, it almost makes it more real to him, the fact that he's a father. I love how Chuck didn't even hesitate to tell Blair he loved her, even if he didn't say it directly to Charlotte yet. In no time he'll be seeing it all the time without prompt. She's very sweet, I love the personality you've created with Charlotte. It makes it so easy to love someone like her.
Klarobass chapter 20 . 10/25/2017
I actually finished reading this last night, but got too tired to leave a review until now. I love the way Chuck is really making an effort in becoming a part of the family and trying to make things perfect for them, but Blair is right and he should consult her first rather than doing things for her behind her back, even if he means well. Hopefully going forward he'll keep that in mind. Yay to them going on a honeymoon, I am so looking forward to reading about that. I like that they're getting reaquainted with each to become friends again. It must have been painful for Blair to recount what she went through when she found out about Charlie when Chuck wasn't there, but I admire how she strives to prove herself and was determined to make it on her own, rather than getting handouts from her parents. It just shows how tough she is to go through that and come from it better than ever. And this time she has Chuck to help her through it. Chuck certainly is determined to make things right with not just Blair, but with Charlotte too. I love that he's making the effort to be a part of Charlie's life in everyway possible. Including the father/daughter dance among other things. Rome seems like the perfect honeymoon trip for them to get reaquainted with each other and get to know about each other again. I look forward to what comes next.
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