Reviews for Nin Tech
Wolfone10 chapter 8 . 7/16/2014
I completely approve of what Naruto did to the Hyuuga clan!.. Hey you go after the psychos, you can't be surprised if you (and everyone your friends with) get stabbed!
Belanore chapter 10 . 6/15/2014
Why stop ?
Guest chapter 10 . 6/2/2014
This is my favourite fanfiction yet! Please continue the good work. There was a great balance of humour and action. Please update soon!
omnimon12 chapter 5 . 6/1/2014
So, Hinata has a thing for Lee in this continuity.
000000000000000000000Zero00000 chapter 10 . 5/4/2014
Hey friend,

Still alive?
Ryu Master of Seals chapter 1 . 4/15/2014
Kinda like Transformers
melonacotton chapter 4 . 3/25/2014
I wonder... Is this a crack fic? It certainly seems that way. Hee. It's funny, too!
WRoosterdf chapter 10 . 3/24/2014
Hilarious. Too bad it's not finished
uo-chou chapter 10 . 3/17/2014
Keep up the good work!
Gremlin Jack chapter 10 . 2/22/2014
There is a world where awesome stories like this go on indefinite hiatus. Then I realize I'm living in that world. And I cry.
Psudocode Samurai chapter 10 . 2/18/2014
Oh how I wish this tale would come back to us, this is far and away one of my favorites here on the site.
Oh I am Slain chapter 10 . 2/16/2014
One of the most fun stories I've read.
Chargone chapter 2 . 2/12/2014
In this one Kakashi Did order (or at least instruct) them not to eat, not just suggest it. So, yeah, Naruto doesn't get to use that excuse unless you correct Kakashi's earlier line (highly unlikely, years later.)

Also, Naruto's only legally insane if there's an official definition of insanity in the law which he meets. Even then, attaching 'legally' like that doesn't emphasise his insanity, but instead weakens it, as in 'technically, he fits the legal definition of insanity, so can get away with things, but you wouldn't know it by interacting with him.' Unless it were actually a judge's verdict or something.

Fic's amusing though.
Kaede Senju chapter 10 . 2/5/2014
pretty damn good fic. what i wanna know is if naruto will ever decide to pull a sudden deidara
pooguy chapter 10 . 1/12/2014
are you ever going to continue this fic? it is definitely one of the best around.
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