Reviews for letters
starry34 chapter 1 . 12/28/2008
I actually really liked it. You had a lot of insight, a lot of feeling. I'm impressed it was a 15-minute fic. I LIKED your characterization of Yuna. I never played FFX-2 but one thing I did wonder about in this fic was you said Rikku gave up on Yuna after a week. Really? I mean, I can't see it, they're cousins, and maybe she did, like I said, I never played X-2 but I just can't see it. But then, I'm just a rabid Rikku fangirl (in as non-creepy of a way as possible... I suppose...). But yeah. I thought you did a good job characterizing Yuna. Oh, the other thing was you said Yuna's suddenly being graceful and courteous and setting an example, but really, wasn't she doing that already? Not that she was doing a fabulous job while pilgrimaging (really, kicking Yevon's arse wasn't model behaviour, no matter how overdue it really was) but the point was, she really WAS supposed to be a model for the community. Anyhow, those are just 2 things that jumped out, and they really don't affect the way the story turned out. I really liked it a lot. Sorry for this overly long review and write more!