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thehappystalkerball chapter 35 . 9/19/2012
O.M.G. I don't even know where to start. I stayed up til like 2:30 last night reading fanfiction (something I haven't done since my first couple years in college). THIS fanfic. Wow. And, while, I am ALL for gay marriage and seeing gay and straight couples and all that on drama series, I DO have a little trouble seeing Nick/Greg because I just don't really feel it from the show that much, Greg is flirty, but I mean, some people are just that way, LOL. But I could totally see it here. Especially when you delved in Nick's point of views and the way he saw the relationship. I got it then. I was like, "oh." A very disappointed "oh" but an "oh" nonetheless. Some people really do just use others for convenience whether they realize they are or not. I have totally been on the used end of that. I'd like to think that I haven't used someone to that extent, but there might be someone out there who disagrees, ya know? So, once you really started exploring that, I really started sympathizing and feeling a little... sad, emphatethic for Greg probably. And sorry taht Nick was only realizing this stuff in hindsight. There was on description you nailed perfectly, that Nick had just considered this arrangement temporary- until something better came up for him (and for Greg, in that case, I'd suppose). Kind of a sad way to view a relationship at the point, but that's how some people see things. It was very realistically portrayed, I felt, especially since some views were mostly Nick's. You are totally right, though, about how two people are rarely equally invested in a relationship; one person is always more invested than the other. So true, it hurts.

I REALLY enjoyed Catherine in this. She is definitely one of my favorite CSI characters. I was rewatching the first season the other day and was like, "Wow, I always forget how totally gorgeous she is and how freaking adorable her hair is!" Seriously! She knows how to get the job done and doesn't mess around. I enjoyed the back and forth and especially enjoyed her POVs because hers was the one that threaded everyone's together, it seemed. Like she was the one associated with Ari and Tam in the past, was the one with Nick and Greg at the Casino Heist, and was the one with the CSI Team that dealt with the fallout from the Heist. So, of course, she did feel kind of like the anchor to the reader (or at least to me, lol!). A very good anchor, too, I felt! All of her stuff was kept fresh and I totally see her as pragmatic. She knows people aren't gonna come back alive, she's old enough to understand how the world works but not bitter; she still has sympathy for people. But more for the living than the dead. Which I myself have. It sucks when people die, but once they're dead, you know... it's the living that needs taking care of. So I'm glad all of the team was NOT a wreck because that's very realistic. In a real work place, if someone drops dead, it's gone affect each person differently, some people more than others. Depending on how close they were to them and how long they'd worked there, etc. And Cath does totaly seem like the type to keep it together and know where she's most needed. So, all in all, I thought you totally nailed her. Well, I thought you nailed them all, but I just really enjoyed Catherine and felt you picked a good and believable character to thread the stories together. Like three stories in one, congrats, girl! That had to be a lot of stuff to go through. Heck, I feel like they're more than three stories honestly, it's just three main stories! You got some TALENT!

And Warrick, of course! His eyes (or actor's, whatever!) are totally unreal, so pretty! I am always mesmerized when I see them, lol! I loved how supportive he was through all of this. How he took the good with the bad and was so non judgemental. I figured he'd be hurt by Nick and Greg's secret, though, I feel in this case it was more Nick's secret. Nick is closer to Warrick so it would be his secret to keep. I enjoyed how Warrick's scenes were either helping the more main characters out (Cath, Nick, Wendy) in a supportive scene or pretty action-y. I don't know. I just really enjoyed his scenes and they all always seemed to help move the story forward. And defintiely enjoyed the Cath/Warrick. Very cool.

SARA! Omg, at first I was like, "Wow, she's being really painted as villain here or something." But then it was like, "Damn, but she's always so empathetic towards the victims in the shows, almost too much so at times." But then it started to hit me that Nick was not the only vic and her heart was probably more empathethic to Greg who died and who she knew hadn't had the best relationship with Nick. I could easily see Greg discussing his and Nick's relationship with her, just as I could see her discussing her and Grissom's relationship with him. The weblogs that Nick watched were very telling, for sure. I enjoyed them. AND HOLY! WHAT?! Sara KNEW?! I should have KNOWN! How she was so insistent that Nick just forget him and everything and how close she had been to Greg as shown by the weblogs. But even so, that last line totally through me for a loop, I was like WTF?! SARA?! But, seriously, that's awesome! I love it when that happens!

WENDY. OMG, I LOOOOOOOOOVED WENDY in this! I just wow! ABSOLUTELY LOVED ALL of her scenes. Even during the memorial service, I found myself on edge wanting to just read her scenes and that's unusual because I'm usually all about listening to characters' give emotional readings but not this time! Wendy totally stole those chapters with her scenes and how she pieced together the evidence. I mean, wow! And just everything with her was great. Totally loved the flashbacks she had and the first time she really talked to Greg and he helped her out. It was so sweet. I absolutely 100% looked forward to ever single scene with her and that's saying a lot because, although, I DO like her character she's not one of my faves in the show. This was great, though, for sure. Pretty sure you just made me like her a whoooooole lot more than I originally did when I started reading this!

And, of course, I had this nagging feeling that Greg MIGHT be alive because of the lack of body. But then the descriptions of how he'd been at the Casino Heist painted a pretty grim picture, all in all. I had started to give up hope on it and was just like, "They're just gonna find his body. Stop being silly." And then the part where Wendy met "Ari" and he was all "Nice try, Wendy." And Wendy thought how did he know her name? That nagged me like how DID he know her name? Why would the writer include Wendy thinking that if it's not important. HOW DID HE KNOW HER NAME?! And man, I thought and then I thought I was being dumb or something but DUDE! TOTALLY AWESOME! I was SO THRILLED! OMG GREG WAS ALIVE! Maybe not totally okay or himself but totally ALIVE! Like WOW. I can't blame him for being persuaded by Ari into crossing the border or even falling into his new life (but seriously, sad he didn't get in touch with his mom). Not surprised he got in touch with Sara as they were shown surprisingly close (even though Sara was in the fic way less than Warrick, Cath, Nick, and even Wendy. When she was there, wow, was it important!). Anyway, I just totally LOVED this story was evidence by this super long but hopefully not super annoying review. Thanks so much! I might be tired throughout today (thank goodness I had the day off, lol!) but it was SOOO TOTALLY WORTH IT. Thanks so much! Muchas gracias! :D
Beautyofbeinglobstromonous chapter 35 . 3/24/2011
Omgreg this story is brillient i love the plot everything

can't wait for more

i like the lenora character(her name is simular to mine which is leonora :D)

just great love it all the mystery and twists .thumbs up :) 3
QueenOfTheUniverse chapter 35 . 2/28/2011
Oh! Good chapter! I love Guito! lol. And the ending... suspense! So, I'm guessing that Greg was talking to Sara on the phone? Hmmmm... I can't wait for the next chapter!
00000123456 chapter 1 . 2/22/2011
OH, I forgot... There are a couple of errors I noticed in the Spanish part, just grammar things, if you would like I could send you an email with the corrections. :)

I'm reliable, Spanish is actually my FIRST language, so yeah... haha

Just putting the offer out there ;)
00000123456 chapter 35 . 2/22/2011
OMG! this chapter was very informative, and the bit at the end... psshhh I KNEW IT! haha I predicted that since a couple of chapters back! hells yeah!

Oh, and I suspect a little something something coming up between Nicola and Greg, I have a feeling that Nicola feels something a little bit deeper for Greg. INTERESTING!

Can't wait until next chapter! YAY!

ooohhh and by the way... I used to be longas91, I mean, if you even remember me lol, I changed my username so yeah.

OMG. thanks for the Shout Out though! I felt special ;D

Keep up the awesome work you have been doing!

silenceisscreaming chapter 35 . 2/22/2011
I am so glad that you've updated! I am still loving this story and it still amazes me how intricately you've woven the plot. I am very excited to see it all be resolved!
CrystallineSolid chapter 35 . 2/22/2011
Ha! I knew it! Nicola DOES have something to do with Sara! I don't know if you remember, but like, a thousand chapters ago I made a Nicola-Sara connection which weren't quite right, but were sorta on track.

As for this chapter, I really loved it! More than the last one, in fact. I loved that like Greg-ish (?) compassion shining through when he was with Nicola, and I'm really starting to love her too. I admire how you're managed to make the reader start to like Nicola when, before, she was just a stand-by character. I just have to ask, did you have ALL of this planned from before, of just some of it? When you started out the story, did you think you'd bring in all of these new characters, and actually develop them, not just have them around to fill up the gaps?

I loved the Greg-Nicola (I'm still having trouble with the name Guito. While I loved the Nick connection to it, it just seems WRONG for Greg) sleeping scene. Especially when Greg mumbles Nick's name in his sleep; so cute!

I really liked reading/learning about 'Guito' from Nicola's point of view. It was a nice and refreshing change. Also, when you first mentioned Gris, I thought you were talking about Grissom and I was like Whhhhaaaattt?

But, amazing once again (can we expect any less of you?). I will wait patiently till your next update.


Fizzy Fitz chapter 34 . 2/21/2011

1. I can’t believe the way my opinion on the characters changed throughout the story as more was revealed about Nick and Greg’s relationship (because, you know, I focused on them). My perspective was tainted somewhat because I had skimmed the most recent chapter and thus knew of Greg’s sneaky secret aliveness, but even so I was excited and, not surprised, but stunned? when the story turned to introduce Greggo as alive and all that jazz.

2. And the fact that throughout the entire story I was constantly revising what I thought about the characters (I believe they call this effective character development). First, Nick was an ass, but so was Greg because he left poor Nicky in all his wailing pitiful grief. Only Nick’s perspective on their relationship was given and his grief was blanketing everything causing me to sympathize with him and be all “oh poor Nicky, Greg get yourself home and cheer the poor guy up”. Then Sara came in was nasty to him. God, that made me angry.

3. But then, I believe the videos were the turning point and, at which point, I was like, yeah, Nick’s a douchebag; Greg – stay away as long as you want; Sara, I love you for sticking up for Greggo and for giving the opinion that Nick doesn’t deserve to mourn after the way he treated him.

4. Then, of course they reunited and it was sweet and well done and Greg was slightly pathetic for taking Nick back and being all ‘you weren’t that bad’. Hafta love him.

5. (Sidenote) I apologize for the horrible grammar and sentence structure but I spend the entire extent of my skill in that area on the never-ending pile of English homework and at this point I am not caring how you would grade me. Just know my admiration.
QueenOfTheUniverse chapter 34 . 2/1/2011
Thanks for the ever enlightening update! I love Greg's new name! It's so cute that it relates to Nick's name for him. Ah, keep the updates coming! I can't wait for more!
CrystallineSolid chapter 34 . 1/30/2011
I really don't know what to say in this review. Firstly, I'd like to point out that my heart is beating a little faster than before D

Anyway, so, at various points in this chapter I wanted to stop reading it. Because it was too SAD. You've depicted the change in Greg's personality so well; the change from pre-hostage-situation Greg, to in-Juarez-with-Lenora Greg to back-in-Vegas Greg. And you're actually making me HATE you right now, because I don't like the new Greg! This story has always been sad, but there was always that elusive hope that Greg would come back and things would be back to normal. Now Greg IS back, but there is absolutely no hope of things going back to the way they were. And that INTENSE nostalgia that I'm feeling right now is what makes this story feel like an original fiction, not fan fiction.

This isn't one of those feel good chapters, even though it's written brilliantly. And it's not one the teary-eyed sad chapters like the one in which Greg was beaten up and was saying his goodbyes. Or the whole Thackeray moment. It's one of those chapters which make you want to stop reading because you wish it wasn't happening.

'Lenora shook her head sadly. "I'll teach you hope," she said.

"Then I'll teach you how to check for COD," he said, happy to be able to trade something.'

That part was too sad for words. (

I like the Greg flashbacks, because they are actually making the case easier to understand. Also, I've always loved Ari, so I'm happy that he turned out kinda good in the end. And the first scene, with the team was very believable and quite lovable. It was very familiar, and at the same time, there were undertones of the massive changes that have occurred since Greg was 'killed'. One question: where's Grissom? /

So there they are, my mixed feelings about this chapter. I HATED it, because it was evil and sad, and I loved it for making me hate it, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, this story is still amazing, and YOU are still amazing,so I will just leave it at that.



PS: I am very jealous of PraetorCorvinus! Why exactly did he get to read the next chapter before the rest of us?

PPS: I'm a major Tam/Ari fan! They're so lovable! I wish there was fan fiction just about THEM. That's how amazing they are!
00000123456 chapter 34 . 1/29/2011

Black Forests chapter 33 . 1/11/2011
Please update soon! This is a really good story! :D
Appreciates Fine Labrats chapter 33 . 8/5/2010
I read this a long time ago and have been trying to come up with a way to voice my reaction ever since. I am very glad that Greg turned out not to be dead, and that Nick has evolved so much over the course of the story in that he now knows what he did wrong. However, I think the jump from cliffhanger to Nick and Greg being together again was too fast. I just can't see how it could be possible for Greg to do all the things he's been doing as "the bad guy". It would take a complete turnaround in personality. Now, it's completely possible to write it into the story, and I think you could probably do it, but (and here's the original point I've been taking forever to get to) I don't think you spent enough time writing out the motivations and expository parts. At the moment it's just too unbelievable for me. I was hoping you would explain it better in the following chapter, but then you already went into a "Greg doubting his place in the law enforcement thing" plot line and my need for justice was left unsatisfied (hah). Why did Greg pretend to be dead? How did Ari let him go? Why didn't he come back or at least tell Sara he was alive when he obviously regained mobility? Also the fact that Greg didn't seem to be angry at all when they meet after all this time and they almost end up making out seemed a little strange to me, especially with the whole betrayal/cheating/sad videos for Sara thing. Again, I think it would've only taken a few more paragraphs of Greg explaining why he changed his mind or at least what's going on in his mind (maybe he wanted to be angry but Nick's just too pitiful, I dunno). Especially since Sandra says "[he] didn't want Nick Stokes to know", and then all of a sudden Greg's lying beside Nick as happy as a clam. Couldn't he have just come back as soon as he could and punched Nick, then made up? The whole scene where they talk about the beating was a little surreal, since they were getting into philosophical subjects and then all of a sudden segue into a whole other issue. It seems like the 'what in the world is going on here' part got lost in the shuffle.

Sorry for the helter skelter quality of this review, I just had to get it off my chest and I guess the words came to me now. It's not that it's a bad chapter; it's very good, but I feel this bubble of incredulity and unfulfillment rise up inside me whenever I read it. I don't know if you want the reader to have that feeling, or if you're going to address it later, but I thought you would want to know how I personally felt when reading it.
CrystallineSolid chapter 33 . 6/23/2010

Sorry I didn't review the last chapter, but I still loved it. Especially the N/G scene at the end. It was very emotional and moving.

As for this chapter, I, unfortunately, have forgotten some of the investigation. But, when the story is complete, I'm going to read over the whole story again and get back to you.

But having Greg back is absolutely AMAZING! It makes me so happy. I wish things could become fluffy and happy for Nick and Greg (even though I know that's not possible) but I love the way you handled their reunion, the subtle changes in Greg, and Nick's nostalgia.

Very moving and emotional (which can always be expected with this story). But, lets move on to rabid fan-girl mode, update soon PLEASE!


The Walking Chill Pill chapter 1 . 6/17/2010
aaaaaaaaaw u killed greggo :( btw, you've got the characters bang on, and this story is going to be excellant. i dont normally read slash, but i think this will be really, really good.
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