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ryencoke chapter 76 . 3/23
*sobs* I want a bedroom like Harry's...

When Ly was talking to Harry about his mom, on the way to the lake, I got just a slight impression that Ly might have a bit of The Sight in him. I remember reading one story...sorry can't even remember the title...but it had twins in it and one was a Seer, while the other one was there to balance the Seer, record the things seen and protect the Seer. The second twin had a title as well. I honestly don't remember if it was the weasley twins or was an HP fic but it was SO long ago I can't remember enough of it.

But this scene made me think of it.
ryencoke chapter 73 . 3/23
I was a bit disappointed in Severus' reaction, but I can also understand it I guess. It just seems like Harry can't catch a break ya know. But the boys do love it and get to keep it so that is all that really counts for Harry.
ryencoke chapter 70 . 3/23
what would have been hilarious was if the Snape men had all had to wear kilts. The twins would have been adorable and shown off how they could twirl in them, while Harry would have kept trying to sit so nobody could see his bits. Severus could be mortified due to his knobbly knees.

muahahaahahaha...sorry but from now on that is how it went in my head.
ryencoke chapter 68 . 3/23
Poor Harry. He will be so upset with himself at how he was mad at the twins.
ryencoke chapter 58 . 3/23
Okay so I know it's totally wrong...but...I wonder if Harry managed to brew the potion correctly.
ryencoke chapter 56 . 3/23
Oh God I hope he doesn't keep going with the potion. That will set everything so far back.

Haven't reviewed in ages about the story itself. I really like James, in fact I was reading new chapters of a couple of the stories I am following and after reading through a chapter on one story I sort of sat back and with a frown I said, "Damn no James in that chapter", then realized it wasn't the same story so of course no James.

I am hopeful for more twins in the rest of the story. Also hoping for Harry recognizing he wants to be a Healer. Not sure if that is where you are heading but in my mind Harry will be a healer...hehehehe.

Haven't had a chance to rec the fic yet to any of my groups, but once I am finished I will do so. I just can't put it away long enough to do so...the only thing that pulled me away briefly was new chapters from another two favourites of mine...and as I said above I still had this story on my mind when reading them.

Really good story, loving all the original characters, the twins most of all and James almost as much as the twins.
ryencoke chapter 36 . 3/22
Poor Draco. I really feel bad for him.

Totally unrelated to this story, but in the first movie when Slytherin won the house cup, they showed little Draco there with his wizard hat on and smiling, so happy. Then Albus went and gave all those points to Gryffindor, so unfair, and little Draco got sadder and so disappointed because the cup had been stolen away from him.

*shakes his head* so unfair of Dumbledore to do that.
ryencoke chapter 33 . 3/22

OMG I remember I was like 5 years old and we went to a town fair. I wanted to win a stuffed animal and so played a game to get one...I didn't really win anything but my grandfather paid the guy to let me win one. I looked at all the teddy bears and bright birds, and then saw IT...the greatest thing ever. It was a 5 foot long bright yellow snake with green stripes, purple eyes, and a long black tongue. ROFL...I had that thing (named him sparky for some reason) for years and years. Would probably still have it if it hadn't been lost when we moved to a different city when I was 10 and half of our boxes were lost somehow.

*sigh* I miss Sparky
ryencoke chapter 32 . 3/22
Another ooc moment for Albus. I really can't imagine him reacting in the way you have him doing so. To me that part wasn't believable...but it's just a small thing and not a big deal.

Silly Severus, always trying to hide stuff. But as you pointed out, his years of having to hide everything has it ingrained into him. Maybe he will heal a bit more as Harry heals.

Poor Draco. I found this part very well done. It really showed a side of Draco that we rarely see in most stories. Draco really is just a frightened little boy just like any other.

How cute are the twins...and they saved up to buy Harry a plushie...that is TOO adorable. I enjoy that you are giving the twins their own personalities. Fred and George are fine, but they really only have one personality. The Snape twins are quite cute and two very separate, very real little boys.
ryencoke chapter 24 . 3/22
That was a brilliant chapter, truly well done.

I suffer from several anxiety disorders and I can confirm that shopping, even a short trip to a drug store or a grocery store or convenience store can be very stressful. I have had panic attacks in just about every kind of store there is at some point in my life.

Again, this was such a well done chapter, great work.
ryencoke chapter 20 . 3/22
Okay so 20 chapters in I figured I should review.

I think the first thing I will mention is it is very AU. That is NOT a bad thing. It can be a bad thing if it's not done well, but in this case it is done very well. Really the only personality that is out of character would be Severus and that has a logical and reasonable explanation. So far everyone else seems very in character. The relationships are different than most stories, but again, reasonably explained right from the outset.

When recommending this story, I would be sure to let people know about the AU and how some may seem out of character a bit, and Severus quite a bit. I would also be sure to tell people to give it a good chance because after the first 6 to 10 chapters you get quite used to it.

I really like the twins, Snapes not Weasleys, even though we have seen little of them so far. I am hoping that they will help Harry learn to let his inner child out.

James is well written and I like him. I have only a minor complaint about him and that is his name. Too much like Harry's father and his own middle name. Again just a minor complaint and the only thing I would have changed about this character.

I really enjoy the way James heals...the whole hands on thing. Haven't seen that in many other, if any really, stories before and I quite like it. Not sure how far Harry goes in this story, but I could see Harry becoming a Healer like James in the future.

One thing I am...on the fence about I Harry's reaction to the bathroom, and Paul. On one hand I can see how he would go along with it rather than cause trouble, and probably a subconscious desire for someone to set limits and controls on him. But on the other hand he was so beaten down emotionally and stymied at every turn that I would think he would balk at this treatment, he is 13 after all not 4. I am expecting that this will be dealt with in later chapters.

So far I am loving the story. Nothing really negative to say (minor things don't really impact the story) and enjoying the AU'ness and some of the very original elements in the story. Really looking forward to reading the rest tonight (long night for me I think). Will also rec this to some of my groups as well. Very well done.
TheLadyJaye chapter 42 . 2/23
That bath was ADORABLE!
TheLadyJaye chapter 21 . 2/22
I know you said you're not a native English speaker, you have me a bit confused. "I shall greet you from Remus"? Did you mean that Harry would be getting a visit from Remus? That sounds a bit more like what you intended.
TheLadyJaye chapter 15 . 2/22
The bathroom bossing Harry around is hysterically funny!
Kaya70 chapter 1 . 2/4
Love it so far
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