Reviews for The New Sannin
Shadow-Mind-Comics chapter 6 . 4/27/2017
Okay, first this is not the first all three leave the leaf and take Naruto story I seen, but the other one was a Mortal Kombat crossover even though it was not listed as one the last time I saw it. Still, this was an interesting story and I love to see how this unfolds.
Marshman101 chapter 6 . 3/14/2017
More pls this is awesome
bluesnowflakes21 chapter 6 . 3/13/2016
it was nice i guess
Guest chapter 6 . 2/5/2016
It is hanzo the salamander, not danzo
coolchick87 chapter 6 . 10/15/2015
I love your story please update it real soon. Thanks.
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 6 . 7/16/2015
Sannin are fun... but insane. Nobody can be that powerful... and remain unnoticed, unchallenged. Surely, to keep themselves in shape, they had to have team-training together in small wars here and there?
Good day, good night, and good luck.
StrongGuy159 chapter 6 . 3/1/2014
Awesome story continue please.
Ranmaleopard chapter 1 . 11/14/2012
this is really awesome and interesting i cant wait to see what happens next please continue!
Obitolover11 chapter 6 . 11/4/2012
Great story! Just one little thing, in Ch.6 you wrote Danzo the Salamander, it's Hanzo not Danzo. Other than that, awesome, please update! -
Vongolafan16 chapter 6 . 10/10/2012
Hahaha this will be a sight to see when they actually attack konoha. Ill be waiting for that chapter to come out along with the rest ;)
Master-of-Masters chapter 6 . 9/8/2012
i like your story so far
i was just wondering in this story is orochimaru going to be evil? and is he going to be paired with anyone?
Ja Ne
P.S. please update
dbtiger63 chapter 4 . 5/24/2011
Yeah like I said better and better. Shizune is being written with spunk and backbone which is cool. Also nice to see her training as a nin with skills versus just Tsunade's mousy new Sannin, like the choice though Anko's got to be pissed she wasn't chosen. Got to watch those snakes. Naruto chasing Tayuya is hilarious.


dbtiger63 chapter 2 . 5/24/2011
Things seem well thought out and I anticipate things will only get better.


dbtiger63 chapter 1 . 5/24/2011
I'm excited to read this story! The possibilities! You seem to be crafting a story I will enjoy for some time with a powerful Naruto, his "family" at his side especially with those included like Anko and Kabuto. It's nice to read a story where I can like Kabuto because he is very skilled! Anko also all time favorite kunoichi with her sexy deadly ways.

Looking forward to a fun ride.


Olaf74 chapter 6 . 5/16/2011
*removes his Jaw from the floor*


You are full of surprises! In the positive turn i mean.

Please continue the story very very soon.
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