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TaylorMa chapter 28 . 10/5/2009

If that is any indication this is going to be the epic of epic reviews! Lets start with I was super excited to see things of JPOV because I love Alice and Jasper, especially the ones you created in Caught Up In the Silence. But lets get to the real love of my life G&B!

So I may or may not comment on oh... EVERY line of this chapter, I couldn't help it. There was just so much emotion in this chapter (clearly) that everything just made me feel so deeply.

It hurts to see Jasper beating himself up like he is, even though yes, he did majorly eff up. Geez, he is such a downer "I deserved nothing" and yet at the same time hurray that he finally grew pair and now will do anything just for the chance to explain. and just explain for himself, so that he may feel better but for Alice's sake. His revelation is so intense it breaks my heart for him. However, I do think he said it best that "the familiar Jasper had become obsolete" He had! The ridiculously madly in love with Alice, would move heaven and earth for her is finally starting to TRULY appear and its about damn time!

I really appreciate that you have Jasper working through his issues, not just OMG I have been wrong. We see how he got to these conclusions and exactly what these conclusions are. As always it just showcases you ability to get into each characters mind body and soul!

Now I know that this chapter is about healing the relationship wounds but I am glad to see that Jasper realizes that it isn't just Alice where he erred. "Then suddenly I was going to get to be a brother, to my actual sister..."

Random but the phrase "so I'd pretend" I love simply because it would be something I would say or thing. I would say I am pretending to do work or something to that effect. See RAE you are writing just for me! Okay maybe me and yourself and the 250 other people smart enough to have G&B as a favorite! But I can pretend that it was written knowing I would like it :)

Seriously It is wonderful to see the Jasper that I have created in my mind coming out finally, not the one who seemed to lack some back bone. And I am glad you saw that in him too. That fuck he was stupid and weak but he is going to be the brother he hasn't been for Rose, the friend and not the protector that Bella needs and that he is going to love Alice the way she should be.

I am not sure what it is that I like about Jasper trying to transfer all of his anger on to Edward but I do. I think it makes him a little more human and realistic during this time of change. Yes, it would be easier to pass the blame but he knows he cannot do that. But his desire to put some of the problems onto Edward makes him perfectly human.

Alright we have reached EPOV, and I am nervous! I have already commented on everyone of Jasper's lines... lets talk about all of Edward's lines while we are at it! OMFG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that there is an Ali-Energizer Meter, sucks that it is at a 3 but love that there is one because it is so true!

Once again, you have captured Rosalie so superbly and she isn't even there. Yet I can still see the growth she has been through when you see how utterly deflating Alice's condition is to her, it isn't just about her! Even Edward sees that!

It is so fitting that Edward tries to discover Bella through a classic book that she so clearly enjoys. It is an idyllic way for him to see behind her walls if she won't let him behind them right now. I know it kind of seems like cheating but the dude deserves a little help at this point. Edward's growth from party boy to a man is so subtle yet I feel like it screams at you. "Though my heart was torn up, there was more going on around me than Bella" His isn't the completely selfish bastard he probably would have been at the beginning, he isn't just focusing on his own heartache. But you cannot let us completely forget that he is still Edward "the six shittest words ever"

I love that even Edward (not just Jasper) KNOWS Alice and who she is. "Alice was a liar anyway... she might suck him down like oxygen." SO ALICE!

Another Random...I know I have said this before but it really is the bond of the group and all the different relationships that makes G&B so special. LOVE IT!

That awkward convo between Edward and Jasper was so adorable. Probably not what you were going for but their awkwardness was endearing!

OMG "Obviously the stairs has become her chosen path of resistance" It is simple lines like these that make your stories so damn amazing!

RAE RAE RAE... Bella's speech to Edward in the stairs actually let me forgive her because I was really angry and peeved with her for ripping Jasper a new one in the car and acting all superior and like she didn't just walk away from Edward. She said everything just right to make me FEEL sympathy for her after being so angry. The complete honesty is refreshing in all the tangled webs. It is most definitely needed that people are actually starting to talk to each other and moving in the direction of healing. HURRAY!

And another ridiculously fabulous line "If I could get over myself you'd be the center of my fucking world." GAH! AMAZING! Can I just quote every line if this chapter back to you and tell you how much I love it and how euphoric it makes me that all the things that Bella and Edward felt or thought are coming out into the open and with the honesty it deserves. Bella is definitely saying things the way they should be said, it unfortunately just doesn't make it any easier.

SHIT RAE! Mega tears right now. The two of them against the wall in the stairway... glad I didn't have time to read this at work, the tears would be hard to explain! Seriously, what you say with your character without dialog is so beautiful! And as much as I want everyone to have their happily ever afters I'm glad (and sad) that you kept things realistic and not just oh well now that Bella has had her diatribe everything is okay. F*ck Edward breaks my heart when he tells Bella that she has to figure it out for herself and on her own. I know he does it for the right reasons but it hurts. It's almost like he wasn't the sleazy womanizer at the beginning. OH, but that is what makes this moment so much better, that he has had this growth!

Well F*ck, who'd have thought Edward would have learned a lesson from Bella leaving. FRAK! There is so much going on I'm a giant ball of nerves right now.

THE TEARS! why oh why couldn't their love heal her like it did him? Alright Alright I know that's not how it works but it HURTS.

OH LORD, and a fresh waves of tears seeing Edward's note again. RAE I am a mess! Is it bad that I feel good/happy when I read "where the hell is her promise to me?" To see the anger and PASSION not just the compassion and understanding. ( I know I am contradicting myself but after the tears a healthy dose of anger is well deserved and needed)

For Jasper's own safety there MOST DEFINITELY better not be a next time. ( I don't know what it is about your G&B Alice that makes me feel so much for her but I do. I think it might actually have to do with the fact that it is her energizer bunny ways that allows her to weasel her way into everyone's lives and getting the ball rolling on formation of this fabulous group.)

F*CK MORE TEARS... the beauty of the simplicity again"It's always been you Alice Brandon" There are no words for how Jasper and Alice are making me feel right now... YOU JUST MAKE ME FEEL!


You have healed my heart and broken it a million times this chapter but you manage to do it again with Jasper's internal thoughts during his convo with Alice.

That Alice uses Jasper's full name is just so Alice. I heart you RAE! You write the best stories!

OMG (I know I have used that phrase a lot but it is fitting) SO PERFECT..."Can I practice putting you first?" AH... more tears.

I love that it was just one simple word that sent Jasper spiraling down (don't) and one simple word that breaths life back into him (okay) PERFECT...there is just no better word.

OMG OMG line EVER ( I know I know, I'm repetitive but the heaviest tears are right now)... "Then I'm dead darlin'. 'Cause if it's fine by you, we're not gonna be apart again." SO unequivocally Jasper.

"Alice was our definition"... you EFFING BLOW ME AWAY!

Okay I think I am done. RAE, this could definitely be one of your best chapters ever and it was totally worth the wait. There just aren't words!

However, as much as I LOVED this chapter, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE Girls and Boys Comes Out to Play CHAPTER !


stolenxsanity chapter 28 . 10/5/2009
Rae, bb, I'm just sitting here in absolute awe of this chapter. How you still manage to stun me with every installment astounds me beyond words, but I fucking love it. I'm just not even sure if I can properly articulate the thoughts running through my head right now enough to give this any semblance of justice because it's so ... astounding.

Jasper, my dear sweet Jasper. You know, even when I should be I just can't seem to find it in me to be upset with him which is just crazy! His little epiphanies throughout the first part were amazingly wonderful and very much needed. I could just picture him pacing those halls, peeking into Ali's room, being an ever present guardian of sorts even though she'd told him to stay away. That's such an amazing thing, in my mind. A love so strong that you literally cannot stay away from the other person is so ... tangible. I just adore how you weave all this together, displaying Jasper's vulnerabilities without being forthright and laying him bare, so to speak. The way he tried to redirect his focus, place blame on Edward as he tried to be angry with him just to stop him from acting on his wishes to be by Alice's side was perfect, exactly how I could see this situation playing out in real life.

And then, the end, the talk between Ali and J was so real and perfect and vulnerable and, to an extent, loving all at the same time. I love that Alice isn't just being accepting right off the bat just because he's returned. That she's strong enough to inform him that it won't be as easy as a simple apology and that promises mean nothing anymore makes me smile and sigh at the same time. Smile because she's her own person, a separate entity from Jasper&Alice and that, even broken, she has the ability to stand on her own two feet - metaphorically, of course. Sigh because, dammit, they need to be together, to be Jalice again. His questioning at the end, asking to lay with her, grabbed at my heart. In so many ways, Jasper is just as broken as Alice is and with just a few words, it was there, a reality. He's not the cocksure Jasper that I've grown accustomed to reading as of late and that's why I love him so fucking much. His portrayal is grounded stoutly in reality. Both their portrayals, actually. Utter perfection.

"I hate myself for hurting you." - that, in my mind, is one of the strongest sentences in this entire chapter. It conveys so much: pain, hurt, a plea for atonement. Beautiful and brilliant.

Now, to Edward and Bella. I really feel for Edward right now. He's floundering in this sea of unknown realities in the beginning of his segment, desperately clinging to anything and everything that will somehow bring him closer to Bella as he tries to find answers to everything that's going on around him while being there for Alice. He's such an amazing character here, the strides he's made throughout this story awe-inspiring. His talk with Bella leaves me ... wanting? I have complete faith in you and I know that these crazy kids won't be able to just go back and be all happy, happy, joy, joy but, can you blame me if that's what I want? haha. I kid, I kid. I just hope that Bella can somehow manage to find herself amidst all this craziness without completely losing what she could have with Edward (she will, right? Wait, don't tell me ... no, tell me. Oh, I don't know ... reassurances might be in order here. LOL). I look forward to seeing how this particular pairing plays out because there's so much there to consider and, to be honest, I'm not sure if I would be disappointed if they didn't end up together. It would be fitting, at least. Bella still upsets me, but I can now kind of see where she's coming from, though it's no better than NM-Edward leaving to keep Bella safe.

Moving hastily in an effort to go forward in some capacity - as everything relating to Bella seemed to be backtracking ominously - the realization of what had been left unsaid in our pivotal conversation had me kicking off the wall and storming down the darkened stairway:

Where the hell is her promise to me? - indeed.

In short (*snorts* Really, what part of this review is short?), this was an amazing chapter and very much worth the wait, m'dear.

xx, T
princess michelle chapter 1 . 10/4/2009
love it! hope you update soon! poor edward! (
celtyshan chapter 28 . 10/4/2009
Yay! What a SUPERB chapter! You are like a walking talking make jasper so literate and poetic with his thoughts and words! I love make him so romantic and sweet underneath his idiocy! Did I mention I loved this chapter?

And gosh please make Bella get out of her own way sooner rather than later...ugh..I HATE when she tortures herself relentlessly, lol.

And oh my...I was soo teary eyed during EPOV...whew...i don't know what to say it was soo moving and emotional and sad and pivotal! You are soo freaking awesome! And this fic is so well written and memorable that I didn't even need to go back and read the previous chapter cuz you took SO long to update! lol...haha

Love you Shell! xoxo excellent! :-)
ToBeaRathbone chapter 14 . 10/4/2009
I'm all stormy inside
ToBeaRathbone chapter 10 . 10/4/2009
your story is the only one that I don't get irritated by it's jumping between POVs, you keep it interesting
TwiHardPotterHead chapter 28 . 10/3/2009
My heart soared at the new chapter email and I couldn't wait to devour this newest one.

I love being able to say that I am so invested in a fic, that the author really has the complexity to shape and carve out characters that I can personally relate to or feel the emotions trying to be conveyed through the chapter. And I love being able to say this about this story.

Jasper, oh my heart aches for him and Edward, they are both realizing and understanding that not everything is in their control. Jasper, now that he has relinquished every over to Alice regarding their future. He is at the mercy of her decisions just like she was for him. He decided to leave and she had to deal in the way which she knew how. I love that he is ever vigilant, and that he is finally admitting the wrong he did in during their relationship and is recognizing that if there is to be a future, it's going to take a lot more than I'm Sorry.

And kudos to Alice for not accepting him back with open arms.

Edward, my poor heart ached and my eyes were blurred while reading his POV. It's so hard when you realize the one that you love isn't ready to love you, no matter how hard they want to. He is strong enough to tell her that he loves her - a feat he wouldn't have been able to do previously - and let her know that she needs to fix herself before she can really love him.

“You are your own worst enemy, Isabella Swan.”

If there were a truer statement, I don't know what it is.

The music fit perfectly with this chapter, "This Ruined Puzzle" is one of my favorite DC songs, his voice is just dreamy :). I can't wait until the next update, and it saddens me that it is coming to an end, but I feel grateful to you for putting this out there and just be able to read it.

Best of luck.

montannaleigh chapter 28 . 10/3/2009
ahh! SQUE! OMFG!

im freaking out. amazing chapter ! :D
KayRad816 chapter 28 . 10/3/2009
Well, there's progress. I'm glad for that. Even though, on the way to that progress, I cried. I think the music totally added to the emotion as well. Great songs.

Nothing more from me this time. I definitely enjoyed the chapter though.

Thanks for writing.
Mn1 chapter 28 . 10/3/2009
Jeebus, I wanna crawl under the covers and hide after that chapter. Edward's POV broke me. He let her go so she could finish doing what she needed to do. The entire POV was just heartwrenching. Sometimes love isn't enough. They both have it. He needs to protect himself at this point. She isn't ready, and he clearly knows it. He gave EVERYTHING to her. I need a BPOV to see where she is at before I judge her. Jasper has enabled her for a good chunk of her life now and she needs to stand alone. I just hope that she hasn't let go of the best thing for her.

Jasper has come to some good understandings about himself. I am glad Alice has told him she won't be second best.

Damn good chapter bb.
Maplestyle chapter 28 . 10/2/2009
Listening to that song on repeat during the EPOV was breaking my heart, seriously! What a great chapter though! Can't wait for the next update.
deltagirl74 chapter 28 . 10/2/2009
I loved it! Jasper finally caught on- there is life after Bella. I'm so glad that Alice finally made him realize she is not going to be second and he gets it. Great job.
foreverandnevr chapter 27 . 10/1/2009
im in love
Fictionators chapter 27 . 9/11/2009
The Fictionators - has featured your story on our blog for the week of 7/24/2009.

Thanks, we really appreciate your contribution to the fandom :)
iLikeTigerMilk chapter 8 . 9/2/2009
Chapter 7 and I'm so hooked.

I love that you've given the characters their personalities, but instead of saying "Rosealie's a bitch", "Alice is a pixie shopping E" you,ve given them MONOLOGUE! Best Thing Ever :)

Thank you, now, i really want to keep reading :)


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