Reviews for The Last One Left
whatweareafreaidof chapter 1 . 3/29/2010
what a great story, i cried a little,

very few understand the close the 3 were, they have been a part of each other live for 7 years, and more.

that is why i hate all those story where they make ron or harry jerk that leave they friends.
crazedchick chapter 1 . 12/30/2008
So once I recieved your reply from the review I left for 'In search of the truth' I decided to follow your advice and read this one shot and I must say that I am glad as I feel that it was one of the most emotional stories that I have ever read.

I actually thought that I was going to cry when I read this but I held myself together and thoroughly enjoyed reading this fic.

Again the only minor problem that I found was that your sentences broke off in the middle and finished off in another paragraph.

As for the cold thing I sometimes get that when I go to my sisters to visit my niece's and nephiew's so again I can sympathize.

My friend has recently come down with the gastric flu and so I am staying away because I do not want to catch it and pass it on to the rest of my family-The poor thing. I went to the doctor's with her this morning but the only advice that the doctor could give her was to take some paracetamol and keep drinking plenty of fluids.

Anyway she has got plenty of people looking out for her and is currently in bed resting.

I really do enjoy your stories so please make more soon.

P.S. Again I have written a long review which makes me think that you have the secret ability to make me write more lol!