Reviews for Tsuna no Otogibanashi
RainbowMaze chapter 11 . 4/26
I'm glad to see that you haven't given up on this story yet! It looks like you're still active, so that's good.

I love your story! It's really unique, and I love how Reborn is just playing with all of that feelings. And he's being nicer to Tsuna? Suspicious . . .

The whole Lambo thing cracked me up! I can totally imagine that happening. And the pervert Mukuro was the best.

I'm expecting great things from this story!
ShipHimWithMe chapter 9 . 12/11/2015
I'm having a seizure all through the first part. Gosh, it's just so cute! XDXDXD
Guest chapter 11 . 6/11/2015
It's 2015 now. Do you still plan to finish this?
hustsu chapter 11 . 3/3/2015
I hope to see completion of this story ; w ;
ruru chapter 11 . 12/14/2013
Please update! I really want to know what happens next in this story!
Rikka-tan chapter 10 . 8/25/2013
Poor Tsuna... it's really bad for a girl to be almost naked (as in only in underwear). That was totally embarrassing, especially when there were several male in there (though i was enjoying the situation a little bit too much, lol XD)
Anyway, I'll wait for your return c:
Guest chapter 1 . 6/20/2013
cute i like
BeyondAllThoughts chapter 11 . 4/4/2013
Awwwwwwwwwwwww please keep writing this! I see that it says the last time you update this story was almost a year ago, but I want to know what happens! Please! I really like your story.
Kazukimi chapter 10 . 1/30/2013
I hope Tsuna will stay a girl for some year so she can love her guardians and have children with them.
Until nana and her husband have more children, Tsuna is the last heir of primo. So he need to have children with primo blood. And since he's gay... it will be hard to have children with his guardians if he stay a (cute uke) male.
Will we have more DinoxTsuna ? *_*
Kyaaaa i cant wait to see Tsuna molested by Mukuro 3
Momo123 chapter 11 . 10/22/2012
I think you should get tsuna with gokudera please it would be amazing if you can. Female tsunaxgokuderamis my favourite. Keep up the good work and I hope you can make a new chapter . Bye for now!
MzMilo chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
DarkenedRose24 chapter 10 . 9/19/2012
-snort- poor tsuna.
RoxanneTheGreat chapter 11 . 9/10/2012
Aww...I hope everything gose well update when possible thanks .
soraxtsuna123 chapter 11 . 8/1/2012
So good. Update soon
Sweet Cake Girl chapter 3 . 7/21/2012
I totaly loved this chapter, I loved the part when Tsuna has a tantrum and I loved the part where Tsuna backhanded the pillow that Reborn had deflected it alway from Tsuna. I still support you 100% all the way! So good job on this chapter and keep up the work on the future chapters that you write.

I loved the part where Dino picks him up.
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