Reviews for To Innocence and Now
DelMarch chapter 1 . 12/19/2008
Che! Trust PND to write a bittersweet fic for Christmas :P !

It was cute though, like the song. And they really are the right couple for this fic: Rangiku, the beautiful effusive woman who would totally dump the contents of her purse in her excited attempt to hug someone, and Gin, the introverted fellow who would not come right out and tell his true feelings. And poor Shuuhei, he got his girl, and yet in so many ways he didn't...

"Keep in touch": the false promises we make to try and pretend we have not moved on beyond the point of no-return...

Aah, beautiful, beautiful!

(By the way, kiddies, and oldies too: no drinking and driving :P ! )