Reviews for Perfect Wonder
Josie chapter 1 . 1/2/2009
'Oscar probably saw right through him.' Now if only she could've stopped her heart from beating when she saw him upon his return.

'Startled, he turned around, and when he saw who it was, he smiled softly, “Lady Antoinette…” This reminded me of a little poem I wrote. It's somewhere in one of my Inuyasha ficcies. "I can only seem but wonder when I look into your eyes, of all the things I'd want to do beneath the deep blue skies."

'And he did, his arms holding onto her just as tightly as she did him.' Ah, the perfect ending for the hopeless romantic.

I am ABSOLUTELTY a hopeless romantic. Always was.

Thanks for this drabble of impossible love.
Xirysa chapter 1 . 12/22/2008
Whoa... I'm so behind on reviews... Anyway.

I swear, I really need to start writing something about Antoinette and Fersen. It's like Andre and Oscar all over again, but at least they had enough time to acknowledge their love for one another.

...Though I suppose that Andre and Oscar did have it better in the end... Anyway.

Loulou and Kasia basically covered whatever else I wanted to say, but I have just one line I want to put up (since I loved it so much.)

[It was no wonder that she loved him so much that she couldn’t stop loving him for one single second.] I'll admit, it sounds a bit cliched if you just read over it quickly, but it's still rather adorable.

And I now sympathize with people who got married in there teens back then (or for people whose parents play matchmaker). Much as I love weddings, I hate the part when all the adults tell you about guys who'd be "perfect matches" for you. And this is just the engagement-the actual wedding's not until April.

Now, I'll end the ranting here and be on my way.

Kasia.T chapter 1 . 12/21/2008
Oh, that was lovely! I adore MA and Fersen and think they’re given not enough attention. They’re love was so tragic. And they were condemned but almost everyone. But whose fault was is that they fell in love with each other? Definitely not theirs. The fate just played with them as with toys. I love the adoration and the blindness Fersen has for MA in the anime. And when I see their love there, I don’t want to remember that in real life she was not the one and only woman loved by him...

Anyway, I liked the way you didvided the story in two. First, we see his longing, then we look at it from her point o view. His part is sad becuase he’s suffering without her, her part is (quite) happy because she can finally find her place in his arms.

Oh, but I wouldn’t agree that „Oscar probably saw through him”. Well, she did but not instantly. When he returned from America and pretended to be cheerful, she got deceived for a short moment. I remember her thinking something like: „Seems Lady Antioinette is not in his heart anymore”. This was the reason why Oscar let the sparkle of hope inflame her heart. Which consequently brought her so much pain later on.

[Her arms wrapped around him, holding him close. He was so perfect, so amazing. It was no wonder that she loved him so much that she couldn’t stop loving him for one single second.] Oh, that was my favourite line. Absolutely. Poor Antionette... Poor Fersen... Why couldn’t they be together? But at least they could love each other secretly which, despite all the heartache, gave them so much happiness. That was still more than Oscar and Andre were granted. I think we could say they were relatively lukcy...

loulou.k chapter 1 . 12/21/2008
Just as Sara Jaye said: AwW!

It was so touching 'fic…Warming, heart taking…

And hey, you took it from the Manga, right? Their meeting after seven years in the anime was different, was more…hum, official! She stood in front of him while he was kneeling to her, but we could see how she tried hard not to lose her self control and went to his arms, and soo he did… you let her/his free….I don’t know which one I prefer _

Oh, Oscar also did the same!I mean her reaction when she saw him after seven years was different …opposed to Mary's, I wonder why it was this way!

Anyway, if you feel that you are having problems in write short things,'re not alone _;

At least the results comes good from your work, heheheh

Ah, one questions! What are the spices do in you 'fics? I can't catch the meaning behind them there!


Sara Jaye chapter 1 . 12/20/2008