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ohsosirius chapter 13 . 2/13/2016
Beautiful, so well written like Dumbledore's Army and Sluagh. Loved every word and dialogue and just everything. It's been a pleasure reading the three fics and your one-shots, and I can't say it took me very long to. Loved to see Seamus loving himself back and having hope, and Susan coming back to life, and the end, with Zach having also forgiven himself... again, brilliant. Love your work, I do.
poetrywoman chapter 13 . 1/15/2015
Loved this one! Really beautiful.
Mezzem313 chapter 6 . 4/18/2014
Your stories are absolutely magnificent and perfect, but I only wish you had put in Susan telling Seamus about Malfoy's reaction to her kissing him (Even though Susan probably wouldn't because she is too proper in public to uphold her reputation). That would be soooooooo hilarious!
PhoenixQuille chapter 13 . 12/10/2013
I love this. I really really love this. The growth and the change and the /depth/, you really round every character like a master. And this is possibly one of your happiest and healthiest works, it leaves me/readers glowing because even though it's not alright, there's hope and the promise/possibility of something amazing. And how could it not, with everything Seamus is, the incredible Susan, Ernie's precocious daughter, the farm...:D Thank you Andy, for sharing your talents for inspiration in art and language, with the world.
slytheirinluna chapter 13 . 7/3/2013
I've just finished Sluagh and read this. Love the progression of their relationship, the words, the two personalities. Seamus and Susan, yes. Soothing.
Elledreamer chapter 13 . 9/20/2012
'Zacharias reached a hand out, trying to place it comfortingly on Seamus' shoulder, but it was shrugged off as he wheeled to pace another pass of the room.'
- Yay! Zach! I love Zach, and I love that it's him who is there... I actually think that, for the little they really interact, they probably would almost have an idea of each other more than they think.

'he would find a way to get some form of temporary parole.'
- We know full well he would, and that's something that makes a very good friend indeed.

'his fellow black sheep and lost soul forgiven among the DA's long roster of abandoned
- Ah, there it is, but still, I bet they don't talk as much as they maybe should.

'and throwin' our lives away on a song we didn't know the words to."
- Ooh, what a lovely metaphor

'"Me mother's flat sure it's a boy'
- I think having a son does Seamus some good, as much as Cecily played a huge part in healing him, having a son does that in a different way I suspect.

'So we're goin' for Thomas Icarus'
- I am actually interested in Seamus and Dean's relationship. Aside from what we know from Sluagh, I don't recall ever hearing about anything really else about them in Dayd, but it's clear what their relationship was and I think it's appropriate and heartfelt and very well pointed out here.

'Seamus didn't think often about that night, because when he did, it was too easy to remember too much'
- And I don't think anyone could blame him,

'"Are you telling me that you've been beating yourself up for years because you couldn't help Dean when you were on fire?"'
-Pft, of course he does, it's Seamus... ahh, I love him so much!

'"Have you listened?"'
- I think, sometimes, people telling you can almost make those feelings stronger, and I really do feel for Seamus here.

'We'd seek us out the lonely and the unloved and the abandoned what ain't got no champions and no caretakers, and we'd see what we could o' this damned world right; one inch, one child, one broken heart at a time'
- I think this a very important philosophy, and I think if everyone lived to it we'd live in a much better world...

'"I think that's the dream of a man who has nothing to be ashamed of when he looks at his son."'
- Well done Zach.

'but I feels like I ain't never had nothin' so important as this one wee baby."'
- Well I guess, right now in his life, he never has.

'you technically might or might not have one yet.'
- Hehe, nice little phrase

' he raised the glass, holding it up to the ghosts that lay so far beyond the headstones, to the monument on the grounds of the bloodied school, to the back alleys and dark forests of his own distant homeland, and to one small plot of earth in a Muggle churchyard in Cornwall where so many hours of his childhood lay.'
- Such a perfect line, and it made me sad, but in a good way in the context. Lovely. Really.

'"Slan a mo cairde chroi."

It was over, and maybe, finally, it had begun.'
- Sums up the whole story. I love it.

I think it was nice that this last chapter didn't include Susan, as important part as she plays here, this is about Seamus, and being able to see his journey from Sluagh to AP is fantastic, and it's such a lovely tender and emotional story, a nice calm piece to have sandwiched in between Sluagh and AP and that works well because it's nice to have a bit of a break before you get going agin (if reading Chronologically of course)
Which means I am back up to AP for my reread but actually I reread it a couple of weeks ago before going back to Dayd, so I might just go over the last couple of chapters so I can re-remember where I'm up to.

I'm also going to start another HP reread, and I know I'm going to be a little disapointed when Ernie is just 'a rather pompous Hufflepuff', Seamus is just Harry's Irish dorm mate and Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw are given so little mentions that you blink and miss it, but I love HP and I've come to love Daydverse equally as much alongside it. It trumps any other fanfiction I've ever read online, and more that quite a few full length published pieces too.

And, actually, as a writer myself, who is just starting a very dubious and scary journey of attempting to write my own original novel, the Daydverse - from the brilliance of the actual writing to the desperate care and attention of each and every character to the extra details, stories and knowledge, and most importantly the passion and loyalty and heart that goes into it - is what drives me to want to do it, and to perhaps, maybe, be able to create something like that in my own writing. So, I've decided, when I do find it hard to keep going on my writing, I'll look back to Dayd to help, because really, I can't go wrong then.
Elledreamer chapter 12 . 9/20/2012
'he long hours spent trying to solve the disdain of goats for fences abruptly forgotten.'
-they got the goats! Yey!

'"Your mother, my mother, Ernie's mother!"'
- You can tell they planned it! I guess it wouldn't be pleasant knowing that that was going on mind you...

'Maybe they've brought in a few more, I don't know'
- Heh, she can still be witty even when she's upset...

'and wouldn't be right to try and have us the weddin' they wanted for their son."'
- Seamus is right, but you have to feel for Ernie's parents too.

'But I'm goin' in there, and I'm goin' to be layin' down a bit o' the how and why o' it'
- Now that is brave...

'and I'll be gettin' trousers'
- You know, I can't imagine Seamus in a suit at all... :/
Elledreamer chapter 11 . 9/20/2012
'reaching out with both arms to scoop up his twins in a fairly impressive bit of parental juggling'
- I'll say, bet it took a bit of practice though

'topping only a moment to pick up a shoe that Trevor had kicked off'
- I'll say it again, your inclusdion of detail is perfect.

'"She was involved, yes."'
- HA, I can just imagine Hermione having lists of what to pack for ANY eventuality

'"They just lay there and wail atcha."'
- I agree, but as soon as they start to interact a bit more, they're lovely. I doubt Seamus actually has had much interaction with babies mind you.

'But we were idiots in the barn, and the second time, too."
- I think she's being a bit harsh on them!

'but while he didn't think it was perhaps always murder like some he knew, having an abortion to spare an awkward situation was something he found beyond wrong'
- I love all these insights we get into Seamus.

'then find an excuse to keep me on the farm and out of sight when I get too big."'
- Well she's well practiced in hiding a pregnancy, though I do find this suggestion more than a little amusing

'There was no delay to his answer'

'Ya name it Severus, Alecto, or Amycus, and I'm walkin'; parole or no."'
- Heh, that would be ridiculous, but it did make me think, I love that they named him Tommy and it fits so so well, but I do wonder if they would have maybe used Ernie if Neville and Hannah hadn't used it... well, this night... (actually, thinking baout it, I don't think that would have worked really... anyway...)
Elledreamer chapter 10 . 9/20/2012
'He was naked. Completely naked, and the warm something that had been pressing against his right side and was now scrabbling upright beside him was Susan. Who was also naked.
- Haha, it's like, complete shock!

'but glad I didnae send tha lass come after ye'
- I don't think she ever would have, we know that everyone else saw this coming!

'"There. Ye can give Susan her skirt back, now, 'less ye think ye need go Scots of a sudden."'
- I love her blase manner - it's really nice.

'this boot's yours '
Heh, I can just imagine Susan trying to put on a too-big-boot in all the haste and distraction.

'try to ignore how many bets get paid off'
- rather a lot is my guess

'and your daughter come first…
- that's so sweet

'But maybe not so much so if the proud young widow discovers the heart of gold in the wild Irish outlaw serving his debt to society on the lonely Highland moors'
- It is nice to think in the world of 'fairytale stories' every now and again... and lets be honest, it is true...
Elledreamer chapter 9 . 9/20/2012
'he saw the sick, reeling shock and grief fall across her face, as she collapsed watery-kneed into the chair, hands clutched to her mouth'
-I feel for Susan, she's really understanding and facing her feelings head on here, no way of backing away from them now.

'the night that had seemed like it would define everything had been completely forgotten when a pack of rogue werewolves had gotten in among the sheep'
-Lovely timing, though a welcome distraction I guess for Susan in a way, and I like that it's almost a sign that life is still going on around them and they have to work around life and how difficult it may be to work out their feelings.

'but it was astonishing to realize that they had never actually talked.'
- And I think it's underrated how good and wholesome a simple conversation with depth can be and how much good it can do with developing any sort of relationship with someone else

'it's all that we're different, and we're ignoring it, ignoring the thing, the big thing, the thing that makes us same."'
-Aww, skirting the big issue

'"That we've wound up lovin' each other?"

She shook her head, her smile twisting into something darker than he had expected. "That we're liars, both of us."'
-I love that they're both so blunt. They're not even trying to hide it anymore, and they're both the type of people just to stand up and say it and I like that

'you want people to believe, and maybe you believe – and that makes me sad – that you're this awful, dangerous person, but you're not."'
- Of course he's not, Seamus is just lovely really

'Shut it out and just do things but you feel everything, and that's so brave, it really is. Not one person in a million has the guts to feel their own life and just be what they are."'
- Love this, it's so honest and open and I think Susan is absolutely right, and unless you can harness it and know how your own feelings work it can be difficult to live life like that.

' "I'm the sweet, tragic, noble widow." She pursed her lips, fluttering her long eyelashes in exaggeratedly sugar-sweet innocence. "The wonderful philanthropist, helping all her friends out of the goodness of her heart!"'
- I think it's really importnat for Susna to say this. Yes, she may well have admitted it to herself, but to admit it to someone else is brave and I think even if she doesn't think it's true, recognising ait and admitting it takes a lot of strength.

'because I hate that little bitch for getting caught in a staircase when she was twelve years old'
- It's sad that it's true but it is and I don't think there's any escaping that

'cause that means we don't need fear hidin' our scars for scarin' the other if's we both have them."'
- and, as is always pointed out, what only the DA can understand.

'but it just hurts so bad, Seamus, because he should have made it! He was strong enough and brave enough and he'd made it through, he'd already made it through and I killed him! I killed him, and oh, Merlin, how can he want me to live and go on and love and have when I killed him!?"'
- It is so sad and that's what makes it so heartbreaking but also kind of lovely at the same time.

'"'Cause sometimes even murderers deserve a second chance."'
- Fab line, can't say much more, I love it.
Elledreamer chapter 8 . 9/19/2012
"Albus Severus Potter."
-Yeah, I totally agree with Cecily, two of my least favourite characters.

'They asked me what your middle name was, and they've chosen Patrick.'
- That's lovely. Although, it does make me wonder, are there any DA kids that aren't named after someone in some way or another?

'"So I thought ye and Mr. Seamus, mebbe? I'd want it to have his eyes, though. They're prettier than yours, Mum. But it could have your hair, if ye wanted."'
-This line is so well constructed. Cecily's bombshell followed by throwaway lines and the way she says it can have Susan's hair 'if she wanted' like it's a choice you get... very sweet.

'You haven't pretended you could see him in a long time."'
- It's sad that Susan doesn't understand really, though understandable.

'her voice shaking with what sounded like a thousand things beyond and fighting for space in the burning dark eyes with the anger itself'
-Poor Cecily, poor Susan. Things will work out it the end

'"Yer mean! Both of ye!"'
- Ah, the biting words of a child, and I think it's comendable to Susan that she holds her ground so well.

'make sure she knows I ain't goin' nowhere at least until she's nineteen."'
- Aw, it's sad.

'"I said, I ain't goin' nowhere."'
- Goodness, who wouldn't fall for Seamus here?

'"She's Ernie's, I ain't never forgettin' that," he said firmly. "But she's been mine too for three and a half years'
- I like this mixture of honour and honesty. Works well.

'The voice was the last he had ever expected to hear, and the plate he was holding fell from his hands, shattering unnoticed against the stone floor as he whirled, '
I think we're lucky there was only one broken plate...

'"You're dead!"

"Well, yes."'
- Haha, love it.

'I'm just here to watch over Cecily. That's why you haven't been able to see me."'
- I don't think anyone would have expected anything less of Ernie (if they knew he had ghostly duties anyway)

'"Actually, I was rather going to ask you quite the opposite."'
- Yay!

'"I could never do what ya did."'
-There it goes agin, that belief that he just isn't good enough for Susan. Good job Ernie's here at all actually because I don't think Neville and Hannah would have been able to get through. Not properly.

'I'll still try, but…."'
- That would be amazing... I hope it happens one day.

'The once-hazel eyes opened again, and what was in them was too many layers to separate, but plain and terrifying among them were love; deep, unconditional love, and a loss that was being accepted as more final than death alone had ever made it. "Tell her that she's not remembering all of the vows we made."

He had begun to fade now, but the silvery image was still clear enough that Seamus could see as Ernie pressed his fingers to his lips in the memory of a kiss. "As long as there was breath in my body."'

-These lines are so heartbreaking. For all of the joy of Ernie appearing again in Dayd it's just as sad to be reminded of what happened, and what never will happen, and those lines are so jarringly haunted and beautiful and sum up one of the best moments in Daydverse so it's so sad to see them come around come full circle again but it is so perfect in the context.

I love this chapter, it's the real turning point in the story... and hey, who can complain, we get more Ernie...
Elledreamer chapter 7 . 9/19/2012
'Neville was dressed for a visit, not heavy labor'
-Neville should know better! :P

'there was an oddly forced air of casualness to his tone'
- Trying hard not to make it too obvious!

'the shovel now jabbing into the thick mud so fiercely that the squelching strikes sounded almost like sounds of protest'
- I love all this detail...

'"Matter's closed, Fearless Leader."'
- I think it's nice that Seamus feels he has the strength to ignore it, to do what he thinks is right which is doing his sentence on the farm and being Susan's friend. I guess opening his heart to things like that leaves him vulnerable again.

'"But I was wondering, dear, have you two had a nice talk?"'
- I like how crafty they're trying to be - I can almost see them planning it all before they left for the farm.

'"Might have been, you know? Because there's something Seamus was going to tell Sue."'
-They're such meddlers! To be honest, Susan and Seamus probably need it but it's so tricksy and underhand.

'I'm sorry. Just friends. I thought you understood. I still love him. I wish you hadn't. Nothing against you, but you're just not….'
-As much as he doesn't want to ruin his friendship with Susan, it's also really sad that he doesn't think she could love him. I feel as though he definately feels that no one would - that perhaps he doesn't deserve it and it's all he can do to get on with life without it. But he's wrong of course... :)

- Ha, brilliant

'"I know Hufflepuff women, and I know that particular Irishman. Maybe we should be patient, it's not our business in the end."'
- I think Neville understands really, that however difficult it may be, they've got to work it out on their own to make it work.
Elledreamer chapter 6 . 9/19/2012
'but Robbie, you're absolutely forbidden from making anything.'
-I'd like to see what disaster led her to needing to say this!

'A proper one. Lay it on him good, then tell him it's from Finnigan and watch the look on his face.'
-Would love to see this too! I like all the references to the little things that happened in Dayd, I mean, we get references all the time, but the little specific ones are nice.

'Robbie will Apparate her to school tomorrow morning'
- I wonder then, if this is a Muggle school? Or if there is some sort of arrangement for a wizarding primary school? That's actually something I've always been curious about in HP...

'Beautiful, maybe, but that didn't come close either. There were no words, really, for how she looked, for how perfectly the silver fabric skimmed the lines of her body, how the neck dipped just deeply enough to intoxicate without inviting anything more than wishes, how it preserved the daintiness of her body while exhibiting every curve, how it made her fair skin shine like porcelain and her hair and eyes contrast as black as the night itself.'
-Ahh, the start of Seamus realising how he might feel. It's lovely!

'and thankfully, she had inherited her mother's talent for diplomacy'
-and a nice thing too. I don't know that many diplomatic six year olds. She's doing well already!

'What had happened? His mind was reeling, his senses blurred and swirling against themselves and each other, and it was more disorienting than the strongest drink, the most potent drug or potion, the most profound depths of what until now he had considered the mouth of madness'
-I think it's good we get to see his confusion. Seamus, whatever happened always seemed to me as being very certain of things, at least on the outside and it's interesting to see him react to something that has clearly knocked him sideways.

'he couldn't be more different from Fearless Leader with his wife and his baby twins and his almost sickening domesticity'
-Oh but Seamus it doesn't have to be like that to be love!

'he silently carved dates that were separated by only eighteen years'
-Another slipped in reminder of just how young they all were.

'but if ya got a bit o' influence on t'other side, I could be usin' a touch o' mercy t'make this be a passin' thing.'
-This is so nice - he wants so much not to screw things up.
Elledreamer chapter 5 . 9/19/2012
'As long as he could remember, Seamus' life had been volatile. It had always been a struggle, a tempestuous and uncertain battle against something to see the end of each day, and never the ability to more than vaguely predict what the next would bring.'
- I don't think many people can really understand how difficult this can be in the long term.

'but here he was at almost a full year gone'
-And only 14 to go...

'which had first made it real that something was different'
- I love that. Through it all, even if he doesn't have Ireland anymore, he still has his mum. He needs that.

'There ya are," she'd whispered, "there's the man I've been prayin' to see since ya were a boy."'

'Were they not all just as pure-blooded, just as Scots, just as broadly built, just as good with the land and the farm as Ernie had been'
-Erine can NEVER be replaced!

'Think they can just flex at ya and you'll fall swoonin' at their feet!"'

'and I ain't so far from the shadows I couldn't step right back if need."'
-Does he really believe that? Or is it just the anger talking? It is interesting to think about how easily or not he could fall back to how he was...

'I fell in love with his heart; with the part of him that held those doors, that walked the common room for hours cradling second-years in his arms and rocking them like toddlers after they'd had their first Cruciatus, that loved deeply enough to call on the raw roots of magic to cheat death itself. That was my husband, not his biceps, not his burr, not a few acres of real estate in the Highlands. And that can't be replaced."'
-I think that sums up why Erine is so loved in Dayd. At least Susan has her head on straight about the workhands, although, I don't think that there was any doubt that she was in danger of being tempted by any of them...

'And I know you won't believe me when I say that he respected you just as much'
-I like this, considering there's so little interaction between the two of them in Dayd, it's nice to show a bit of what Ernie really did think.

'my Anglo-Scots daughter became rather abruptly Irish'
-Aww I love it, how cute must have that sounded, although I do understand the difficulty in teaching to read with regional accents!
Elledreamer chapter 4 . 9/19/2012
I like that, at the start of this chapter, we're just getting towards things looking a bit better, especially after the end of C3, it's nice to continue the mood through to here.

'Just to spite the little buggers.'
-Haha, let's get revenge on the sheep/Demiguise by not wearing their wool. Classic

'"Poor dear," she smiled gently'
-It's nice that he's winning round Fiona and Duncan, I guess that helps a lot in Susan getting closer to him as well.

'Ernie's birthday come two hours ago'
-Aww :(

'Pick ya up outa that chair, carry ya upstairs to the bed – kickin' and screamin' if hat's how ya want it - and hold ya down long's it took to sleep with ya.'
-Oh dear Seamus, foot in mouth much...

'I'll even help ya with the business with Sinead tomorrow when's we can both see straight."
- It's good to know that he knows what still might be bothering her.

I think, by this point, it's becoming rather obvious (to everyone but them) what is happening. It's nice.
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