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Silverlake chapter 13 . 3/4/2009
Amazing! I love the way you've really developed and aged these characters.
too many stars to count chapter 13 . 3/4/2009
Now I have to go back to Slaugh and see weather they actually *had* a boy or not.

This was a lovely story though. I love how they helped each other move on and heal and in the process they fell in love. Seamus will be a fine father no doubt.

The best part of the last chapter was definitely Zach. Zach telling him how he'll make his son see who he is *now* not who he was when he committed those crimes. And the incredible guilt Zach must have carried for so long before finally forgiving himself.

I can't wait for you to start posting the 3rd book of the trilogy. Hope to see more from you soon!
EasyButton chapter 13 . 3/4/2009
I love this! Please start the third novel in the DAYD trilogy soon! The first two were amazing. I love how you characterize people that only ever had passing mentions given to them in HP. I mean, thanks to you, I now have an obsession with Terry Boot, even though he was only mentioned about 5 times in 7
puffindance chapter 11 . 1/19/2009
This is stunning - two very different people carrying very different scars. I can't really see how members of the DA could finish up with anyone who wasn't also a member of the DA as they had been through so much together an no-one outside that experience would ever fully understand.

More please - it makes my day when I see another chapter has been posted.
too many stars to count chapter 11 . 1/18/2009
I'm so glad I got to start reading one of your stories *before* it's finished.

I really like the story so far. I hope a lot of poeple get to come to the wedding! :)

I cna't even imagine giving my baby to a friend. I love how you write Susan though. We didn't get inside her head a lot in DAYD verse and I'm glad we get to in this story.

Can't wait for an update! :)
sophia666 chapter 11 . 1/8/2009
Great chapter. I love how you write the both of them, and

“Ya name it Severus, Alecto, or Amycus, and I’m walkin’; parole or no.”


Look me in the eyes, Seamus Finnigan, and you swear to me, swear on whatever it was that you held deep enough to tear apart time and death!” She was trembling, the tears thick on her cheeks over the words that never wavered. “Swear that it’s me you want, not just doing the right thing, not because you feel trapped here or trapped with this pregnancy or trapped with me, because so help me, the only thing worse than losing another husband would be killing one, and I know what a cage does to you!”


Then I’m yours.” Seamus kissed her; slowly and deeply, allowing his hand to slip down the line of her body and rest determinedly against her flat stomach as he whispered the oath against the softness of her lips. “Yours, and both o’ your children’s. Forever. I swear.”

Great writing. please update soon.
SWaddict1986 chapter 11 . 1/7/2009
"“I’ve got it,” Neville winced slightly as Peggy managed to twist enough to land a good kick to his back, but he didn’t even need to shift his hold to keep them both secure as he headed for the stairs"

Heh poor Neville. But I love how much strength he still has :D

"“They’ve got ‘nuff stuff for a year, Fearless Leader,” Seamus assured him, unable to wholly suppress the chuckle this time. “You’d think Hermione’d packed ya.”

For a moment, Neville looked rather offended, then he blushed, biting his lip as he shifted the finally-quieting children to be held against his shoulders rather than tucked under each arm, and in those few seconds, the sheepish smile seemed so much like the boy Seamus had shared his adolescence with that it was rather shocking against the scarred and hardened face. “She was involved, yes.”"

*giggles* Ah parents.

I love that Neville can still flush like that, and smile sheepishly; it's nice to see that even though he's changed that child in him is still there

"Ain’t ‘fraid t’say that babies scare the hell out o’ me. Don’t like them much.”

Susan stopped at the bottom of the stairs, regarding him with an expression that looked more suited to a confession that he had always secretly wanted to be a Death Eater. “Honest?”

“Never known what you’re ‘sposed to do with them.” He gave a good-natured but helpless shrug. “They just lay there and wail atcha.”"

I. Completely. Agree.

"“How sure are ya?”

“Two positive spells. And I’m like clockwork.” Her lips curved into a weak smile. “The last time I was late more than a day was almost nine years ago, and her name is Cecily.”


“That’s the gist of how we got here, yes.”"

LOL it only makes sense this comes up in this chapter ;)

Seamus'll survive!

"But marriage is for folk like Fearless Leader. I ain’t got no right ask ya to make the likes o’ me anythin’ more than your lover"

:( Aw. I too hate that he keeps thinking like that

Yet I am very glad that instead of rushing into everything, Seamus is finally thinking about future implications. And of course I love that they're both willing to take the next step, talk with Ernie's parents and all

"“But I swear’t only on one condition, I do.”

“What’s that?”

“Ya name it Severus, Alecto, or Amycus, and I’m walkin’; parole or no.”"

HAHAHAHAHAHA I don't blame him!
yellow 14 chapter 11 . 1/7/2009
A good chapter and now onto the practical side of dealing with the child. Keep updating
L.A.H.H chapter 11 . 1/6/2009
'Ya name it Severus, Alecto, or Amycus, and I’m walkin’' hee hee, loved that. And I loved the whole chapter. I loved the idea of Susan being the sunshine between the bars. Hope you update soon. x
SWaddict1986 chapter 10 . 1/3/2009
"She stepped inside, closing the door behind her with a chuckle as she watched the two of them hurrying futilely to cover themselves, as if it could hope to conceal what had obviously taken place. “Oh, nothing I havenae seen ‘afore, but glad I didnae send tha lass come after ye. Take it ye had a fine night?”"

hahaha oh Fiona. She's right though- at least an adult came in. It humors me that they tried to cover themselves even after knowing who it was :P

Oh yes, and Seamus putting on Susan's skirt was hilarious

"“Knew ye had good taste. Nicest bum I’ve seen on a man since Duncan was in his glory days.”"

M I'll bet ;)

"“Yes, thank you. Three: we decide we’ve wasted enough time – this boot’s yours – and we’re a couple now and full steam ahead. Tell Cecily, tell the Macmillans, tell the DA – try to ignore how many bets get paid off – and damn the consequences.”"

*laughs insanely* I'd love to see the reaction of everyone if they did that

They are so great together :)
yellow 14 chapter 10 . 1/2/2009
Things move apace. A good asddition to this fic.
sophia666 chapter 10 . 1/2/2009
Great chapter. I missed the much loved teenage-like akwardness, and I loved Fiona, and little comments like- "is that me belt?" and "Ye can give Susan her skirt back, now, ‘less ye think ye need go Scots of a sudden.” It's nice to have a bit of humour, and I like the option they came up with. Great writing. Please update soon.
L.A.H.H chapter 10 . 1/2/2009
Thank you for updating this so often. I love how there are laughs in it, as well as the serious moments. Keep writing more x
SWaddict1986 chapter 9 . 1/1/2009
"He hadn’t known if she would believe him when she finally emerged into the kitchen again, but Ernie had chosen his message well. Seamus hadn’t been there at the wedding, hadn’t known the precise phrasing of their vows to one another, and the words had struck her with such force that he couldn’t have felt more guilty if he had physically slapped her as he saw the sick, reeling shock and grief fall across her face, as she collapsed watery-kneed into the chair, hands clutched to her mouth."

Poor, poor Susan.

I'm very glad that Seamus didn't mind in the slightest waiting and that he was comfortable in opening up to her in real conversation.

"he had discovered that several years wholly sober had blunted his once-terrifying capacity for drink"

That one little detail tickled me silly.

"“I don’t do it because it just barely makes the guilt bearable that I got myself knocked up and didn’t fight with them. I don’t make excuses to the Sheltons when I’m invited to their daughter’s wedding because I hate that little bitch for getting caught in a staircase when she was twelve years old and I’m the one who decided to go back in the first place. I don’t go up that hill and scream at the grave of a man who loved me because he saved my life but he left me seventeen and scared and pregnant and not ready for any of it. "

:( :( :(

I just feel so terrible for her

I just love how Seamus is there for her through her tears, and that I can feel their chemistry building up, and it's just such an amazing read.
L.A.H.H chapter 9 . 1/1/2009
Sorry about not logging in, public computer. Thanks for updating - great chapter! I loved Susan's confession in particular, and I love a lot of the things Seamus does now. And that recognition that Neville just lets go of his emotions to do what he has to. Update again soon! x
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