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FlamingBlaze chapter 62 . 8h

Honestly, this story was amazing. From the beginning, I was enraptured by your characters. In a place like fanfiction, OCs are frowned upon as main characters; however, with your writing, they add more to the story than certain canon characters. The romance was slow, but progressive; I have yet to read a romance story written better than yours.

However, your ending leaves much to be desired; it was somewhat of a letdown after the great story. You leave so many loose ends that should have been tied up. What happened to Yurine; did she return to normal? Why add so many love interests if you can't deal with all of them; e.g. Yurina & Yurimi later; what happened to them? You never really said except for Sayuri's description of his Spiral Children, which could've been null & void in this timeline ('cept for Kizuna). I also never really got whether you intended to add Yurine as a love interest of Naruto's. And what happened to Aika and during the war?

I was also somewhat disappointed by Yuria and Naruto's relationship, as why'd you add so much development when you never intended for them to be romantically involved. It was a shame, really. So much development, and for what?

Anyway, it was a great time while it lasted...I guess.

leo0074 chapter 62 . 7/30
Dude, you need to stop making fanfiction... And make a fucking book! Holyshit!.
dudeguypersondude chapter 62 . 7/28
Easily one of my favorite fanfics. All your OCs are great (even if the names got confusing at times) and the story was great. Great comedy, characters, and writing. If I could male just one complaint it'd be about how long all the fights were drawn out...Well, that and the grinding on a twelve year old. It was easy to make their ages older in my head though, so no big deal.

So, when do we get a sequel? I need me some more Yuriyo.
DarksiderForever chapter 6 . 7/28
Well. 7th Sister. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Darksider Aka King Darkeous Bringer of Sharp Wit, Dry Sarcasm and Through Torture Techniques.
DarksiderForever chapter 4 . 7/28
Why is Naruto Always lucky with Women! Especially Hot Kitsunes!
DarksiderForever chapter 3 . 7/28
That's a lot of yuri.
Heheh, we're a huge yuri family!
Lol! Sooooooo Much Double Meanings! Cheeky You!
IansInsane chapter 4 . 7/25
Wrin chapter 1 . 7/23
I don't remember if I've reviewed this before, but I know I've read it and been looking for it a awhile. This first chapter just cracks me up. I want to print it and frame it. MUGYUUUUUU! :)
Silverwolf3351 chapter 3 . 7/20
why does the kyuubi calling onii-chan creep him out?
Pyryp chapter 1 . 7/19
This could be intefresting but that kid speak thing might get old really fast.
HMS Lunatic chapter 19 . 7/12
Thanks to this fic my faith in the Emperor has been strengthened one-hundred fold.

No, seriously. We need a crusade up in here. Humanity gotta get its' xenophobia on, if you know what I'm sayin'.

Royalben10 chapter 62 . 7/7
The world building, while leaving a lot up to the imagination, did a great job of keeping opportunities open. You did a great job of building the characters, this is the only naruto story with OC's I can stand, they felt like real characters. The only real issue I have is that the story can be really confusing and leave the reader hanging(some would consider this a good thing but I don't), although, to be honest I skipped over the tenten/hinata parts because they were rather stupid and irrelevant. Time travel was done pretty well in this story, but still gave me a bit of a headache(Nothing to worry about, just comes with the concept). one thing that irked me a bit was that the only NATURAL relationship is between naruto and yuriyo(yuriyo was my fav), as in this is the only one that made sense. One last note: do NOT read this story purely in the pursuit of ecchi, there is a little bit between yuriyo and naruto but nothing else beyond the initial thing with yurimi.
Guest chapter 7 . 7/3
School days that one anime I choose to blur and desensitize in my memories.
Draco0905 chapter 62 . 7/2
Wow. That was a looong story. with suprisingly few grammar errors. this story marked as naruto. Just a few tiny tweaks and you have a new book. Maybe even set of books. When it began i had the mindset of a canon naruto and was getting disappointed. I am extreamly glad i kept at it for more than a couple of chapters. Once i discarded my previous mindset, i found i really very much enjoyed this story. Normally when anyone tries anything with time travel, i get annoyed very fast. But in the end you pulled it off spectacularly. I admit i only found this story by another authors recommendation. it was so emphatic i simply had to at least check it out. I'm really glad i did. My only dissatisfaction so far is that it came to an end...that's a lie. I wanted to see a bit more ero stuff too. Lol. I can be a bit of a perv. So sue me. XD
shaggy chapter 24 . 6/30
Found this story agian after a long while . loving it
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