Reviews for Naruto Genkyouien
Bane chapter 60 . 2/1
That was anazing! I wish that I can see the last bit, you are evil!
pandora vanity chapter 61 . 2/1
sooo...any chance for a sequel?
Digitize27 chapter 62 . 2/1
I thought on it a while but I feel like other words are pointless.
Oh, maybe two more.
Thank you.
RoeFox chapter 62 . 2/1
The word "Epic" get's thrown around a lot these days.

You said it yourself, it's been eight years (?). These past eight years I've done nothing but enjoy the updates you've provided your fans with and I've stumbled around confused when the story would disappear (It was twice, right?), only to be beyond excited when it would suddenly re-appear. However all good things, which this most certainly is, must come to an end... Sadly.

But, I could be crazy. I think I recall you saying "Genkyouien" isn't the end of "SayuMayu". I hope that's true because I and many others can't get enough of this stuff. I mean, it's got the perfect blend of action, romance, fan service and comedy.

Long story short, it's been Epic and, if there will be more, We'll be waiting to eat it up.
cequvarire chapter 62 . 2/1
Brilliant. It makes me so happy to have read this gem.

I do believe it requires a certain kind of person to enjoy - what's with all those references, fourth-wall-breaking et cetera.

If so I count myself blessed to be one of them.

This story has humor. It has sadness. It has depth. Romance. Adventure, all the classical elements of a shounen but shifted into something more.

Scanning through some reviews, I've seen people complain about the large cast of characters, the overly powerful enemies, the slow (and also, paradoxically, fast) pace at which the story moves...

But I think it's great. Because what you have written is not just a story, but a WORLD populated by individuals. And for a lonely character like Naruto, to a great deal defined by his desire for "bonds", it's kind of hard to avoid all these relationships.

There are many things that appeal to me in this story. The content as a whole, I suppose. The battles. The addition of actual physics and natural laws (and how such an act as cutting everything in sight in two has other consequences than, you know... things getting split in two.) The humor. The shredding of the fourth wall. The motivations, the distinct personalities... and most of all, I think, the relationships.

This story is one of the few that has actually made me happy - truly happy - to see an update to. Avid reader of everything that I am, that is kinda hard to achieve. So be aware that you are an interesting, fun writer.

There are many things I could write, many things that'd be fun to discuss, but I'm kind of lazy. The virtues of this story are many, but the baseline...

The baseline is, this story made my happy.

Each chapter of it.

Thank you.
HyperCatnip chapter 61 . 2/1
This fanfic is amazing!
I enjoyed it from start to the very end.

On one side, I'm happy this fanfic achieved the conclusion. It is not a deadfic. It was never abandoned unfinished. It makes me happy.

On the other thing, I'm really sad. It is addictive. I already feel pangs of withdrawal. I want more, damn it! Yuriyo DLC at least, and maybe a sequel.

At the very least, I want to have a printable copy. So can you upload it to Project SayuMayu Wiki, pretty please?

Thanks again for this awesome fanfic. I enjoyed it greatly and wish there was more of it.

I will post my final thoughts after I reread final chapter. THanks again for the wonder that is SayuMayu!
mundanebeast chapter 62 . 2/1
Ending was well done.
BKTHEASSASIN chapter 62 . 2/1
This will forevermore be known as one of the best fanfics ever and not just the greatest crack fic ever.
I tip my Fedora at you
Dracco chapter 62 . 2/1
So... sequel?
Arch Zell chapter 61 . 2/1
Your writing is amazing. You can weave a story that has characters that are genuinely amazing. Please tell me you're making a sequel. This is definitely the BEST fanfic on this website.
JKArcanus chapter 62 . 2/1
Very emotional final chapter. Great stuff. I love that you tied up the fates of the the triumvirate from the alternate future as well as the prime timeline. It ended well. There are, of course, a million unanswered questions roiling about in my head regarding the events in the many years between last chapter and this, but they are all of a nature that I can feel satisfied supplying my own answers for how I want as long as they are in context to the provided ending, and that makes it fun. Yurine be being healed eventually after another confrontation with Fubuki at the top of my list. Thanks for the tremendous effort.
Yuri-Hime-Chan chapter 62 . 2/1
... That ending... I just can't ...
Minato 1 chapter 62 . 2/1
Man,this story is really getting emotional.
Guest chapter 62 . 2/1
of all the fanfiction, I've read this was always my favorite. there are no words to describe how awesome it was thank you for writing itD
Black Noise47 chapter 62 . 2/1
Thank you, this was amazing.
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