Reviews for Naruto Genkyouien
Mernom chapter 48 . 9/9
This is getting more and more heated up.
And to think this is just the prologue for the Kyubi fight...
Mernom chapter 46 . 9/8
Born of flames, huh?
Mernom chapter 45 . 9/8
Of course, THAT scene has to appear in any chuunin exam story.
Great chapter
Mernom chapter 44 . 9/8
Great fight, good job playing on the whole 'holding back your best move' part.
Can't Yurina just lower the output to a safe level though, if the full power version breaks her hand?
Mernom chapter 43 . 9/8
That ending... Priceless
Mernom chapter 42 . 9/8
So that's how it is. Now all those bits back there Foaly make sense.
Mernom chapter 41 . 9/8
That Yuria... Is a blood knight, correct?
A friendly one, but still.
Also, that accidental moment of awesomeness by Yurina was helariues.
And Sayuri... I wonder if she can fight the canon Kurama evenly...
Mernom chapter 39 . 9/8
It's getting heated up...
Also, great thing you did with Setsuna there, fits her perfectly
Mernom chapter 38 . 9/8
That was quite interesting.
Mernom chapter 37 . 9/7
And that's why you don't use Edo Tensei: it Does goes wrong.
Mernom chapter 36 . 9/7
Ok, that went rather differently.
It is more realistic that way though, and it seems that the main event is starting in pararel...!
Mernom chapter 35 . 9/7
And this was quite worth waiting for, and having a completely original scene makes it even better!
Mernom chapter 34 . 9/7
So even that scene was extended to a whole chapter... But it was worth it.
Especially Sasuke's WTF face.
Mernom chapter 33 . 9/7
Was all this alternate time stuff really necessary? If it's just complicating the plot further, it gets in the way of more relevant stuff.
Although it is well-written.
Mernom chapter 32 . 9/7
Ok, I really hope that the next chapter is finally the long awaited fight... This fic, while interesting, is probably one of the few that extended a time frame like that.
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