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darkWING360 chapter 61 . 3/8
Just read this chapter 61 completely missed it damn it really is over will at least it filled in the gaps and explained why people kept saying it was done I just went from 60 to 62 with no clue any way will done great story if only more people on the site could pull this off.
MayumiRose chapter 62 . 3/8
Okay, this has to have been one of the most epic stories on .

Absolutely WONDERFUL writing style, mixing in a wonderful blend of storyline continuation, humor, and character development. You portray the characters in a way that makes them so very easy to understand and sympathize with.

The extra chapter actually had me sniffling and ready to cry. Keep up the absolutely amazing work!
DumbAsTheyCome chapter 62 . 3/6
God dammit. Something hurts real bad right now.

I remember reading this story waaaaay back when there were, like, only ten chapters. Had to read it again and again just to keep track of all the characters in between chapter updates. *sigh*

It has been one hell of ride. Thank you so, so much for sharing this story.
Endorfinator chapter 4 . 3/5
Wow. This is hilarious.
kitsunerojos8 chapter 1 . 3/1
what is mugyuu?
L1ttl3Sh1n3 chapter 16 . 2/25
Please, please, for the glory and magnifience of big boobs, KILL SESTUNA, KILL HEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR
Markus-Antonius chapter 62 . 2/24
Whew congratulations in finishing this wonderful story!
Satsujinki Nanaya chapter 62 . 2/21
well here we are at the end of this , I must admit I am sad following this story was a blast it was full of laughter joy and even sad moments and as all things do it reached it's end . But of one thing I'm sure I sure don't regret having encountered this masterpiece.
EightAlone chapter 1 . 2/21
So good i actually started reading it again after i finished it. It's an achievement to be proud of.
Valkyrix chapter 62 . 2/21
Wow. I read this story from start to finish in one long marathon as soon as it was listed as complete, and I loved it. You made me laugh more times than I care to count (Yuriyo's declaration to Kotonoha that she was going to screw Naruto left my ribs hurting for longer than I'd care to admit .) I love epic length stories like these, it really makes a world I can get immersed in. You have done something very hard to do with a fanfic. You inserted a large amount of OC characters, and still made me care about them, one way or the other. (Prime examples would be wishing there was a way to reunite the Yuriko/Yurika pair as well as wanting to roast the balls off the fake Makoto for hurting Setsuna and Kotonoha) I finished this story feeling how I feel anyone should after finishing a well told tale: I felt like I just had to say goodbye to a good friend. I hope to see more of your literary craft in the future. FF isn't letting me log in or do much of anything really, or I'd leave this review with my account, but if you want to reply I've requested to join your site for Genkyouien. In short, thank you very much for a wonderful world for me to delve into to escape my boring one
50juan chapter 62 . 2/19
SEQUEL PLLLLLEEEEAAASSSSEEEEEEE! One of the greatest fanfics out there you can't end It like that. I feel that the ending isn't good enough, in my opinion, for the whole story. I feel like there are some details missing and more character development between Naruto and some of the foxgirls, as well as interactions between him and some of the Great Clans that are related to the plot. Also wanted to know the relationship between the youkai world and the Elemental Nations. If you have the chance please do a sequel to this amazing story, hell it made me review which I don't do often. Either way I hope to read a good story from you in the near future.
Mr Jokie chapter 62 . 2/19
Damn, reading the final chapter really makes you remember that Genkyouien is well and truly finished. Still can't wait to see what future works you might be bringing forward. Still love this extra-chapter no matter how many times I read it; AltFuture!Sayuri is still pretty much my favorite character after Kotonoha.

Re-reading this story completely for the first time really makes it hit home how many hours I've spent reading SayuMayu related things, whether it's on the sayumayu wiki or on FFN, this story is quite easily my favorite on this website, and to be honest I prefer it more than that clusterfuck called the canon Naruto.
Higashiyama Sayuri's Devout chapter 52 . 2/19
She is so Glorious... I miss this.

Landryk chapter 2 . 2/18
Im gonna give this storie a few more chapters. But the whole kyuubi being a baby basically really makes me wanna stop reading
happyperson chapter 62 . 2/17
Ive honestly no idea how you plucked this out of nowhere..
Sequel, Please?
I notice you gave us the beggining and then the end. Is there a reason for this?
Please tell me senpai!
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