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Jokulhaup chapter 1 . 4/22/2012
Making Hinata and Tenten act out Fate and Nanoha's season one interaction is so deliciously trolltastic when you remember who their voice actors are. XD

Nice update, but are we ever going to reach the final exams?
Tankred chapter 28 . 4/22/2012
You know what I'd really like to see? Sayuri going in front of the Council.
kenegi chapter 28 . 4/22/2012
I have to ask. Where did the concrete in naruto's house from? The wall? 'cause I remember that his floor is wood. Also sayako just gotten more creepy.
Aaeni chapter 28 . 4/22/2012
Coming out of the closet on this fanfiction, I love it. I can't say it's enthralled me from chapter one, but I do say now that I have grown to love both this fic and the large amount of OCs. Even gotten attached to them, I do say. The 'magical girl' thing is sorta putting me off, mostly because it feels sort of unnecessary. But I guess I can look past it if you include more of Yuria's awesome.

All in all, this fic is fucking amazing. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter.
theform chapter 28 . 4/22/2012
Even if this is a chapter of random scenes, I still enjoyed it a lot. I've read the entire story so far, but this is my first review. I'm amazed about how detailed and intricate a world you created here. It is an example of how fanfiction should be composed. You've taken certain elements from cannon, but created an expansive universe and meshed the two. Two words: well done. If I have one criticism, it is that because the story is so expansive, there are times when I get lost when you write about something that requires knowledge from many chapters ago. In most instances, you do a good job of providing enough context for that not to be an issue, but I would suggest that you keep that mind as you conclude the story. I also worry that with so many open concurrent threads, there won't be a resolution to every one at the end of the story. Which would be a shame. Also, could we get a sequel of the alternate timeline that adult Sayuri comes from. Alternate Sayuri and alternate Yuria are badasses and I think it would be a very compelling story and it would contrast nicely with the overarching themes of this story. Normally, I'm not a giant fan of Naruto fanfiction where Naruto has a marginal role, but I think the allusions you've made to the alternate timeline are interesting enough that I could overcome that hurdle. And on a related note, you could make slight changes to alternate timeline where it would be able to stand alone as original fiction (which even this story seems like in many parts).
Mordread chapter 28 . 4/22/2012
very much looking forward to said 'fun' xD
tenchifew chapter 28 . 4/22/2012
Again a really great chapter.

The future of adult Sayuri is a really depressing and hostile place. That she has to return there... is sad. Sayoko is a really intersting character.

The magical girl arc is fascinating, really looking forward to see just exactly what it is all about. And was glad to see more of Hinata.

The getting together at Naruto's place was interesting. The festival should prove to be a lot of fun.

Thank you for writing, looking forward to the next chapter.
Tzeentch chapter 28 . 4/22/2012
damn, another chapter so soon? Very good. I approve
AznPuffyHair chapter 28 . 4/22/2012
Magical girls are not allies of justice; it's but a justification for what they do. They are weapons of mass destruction that look cute, but can blow away mountains on a whim if they wanted to... with flashy color and name of spells that in the end translate to "death from pretty beams." The fact that they can't use healing magic probably just cemented that... That said, i wonder just how much damage Konoha will suffer if two actually get serious in the middle of it. That said, i wonder if the kitsunes making them know what they're really doing, or if they're just doing it as a way to get some amusement... Oh, and the little fact that Setsuna was the previous owner before Ayame (or the fox girl possessing her anyway) is rather surprising. Does this mean the rivalry between Setsuna and Kotonoha got transferred to the next generation?

And yes... most are very well aware that raep (actual typo in the story) can occur both way...

Future Sayuri's mentality is sort of explained now. Being the only nine-tail left alive (and being responsible for killing one of the other two) tends to make one feel superior even if unconsciously. Then being one of the three that looked over the entire Kitsune kingdom? Well, one can't blame her if she sees things as worthless trash. I do wonder if Naruto was alive in her timeline, would he do something about it, or would she turn out differently. Either way, it's true that to her, they're just names; faceless names that she didn't and never would know, so can't fault her for feeling nothing. That aside, it appeared that Naruto's adventure with the supernatural won't just end with the kitsune, if how Sayuri described him is any truth. I did feel that scene was kind off in the wrong place... but meh. Emotional stuff here and there is good.

Those aside, this is an interesting part of the enormous chapter that doesn't seem to be done just yet. I do wonder just how deep into the series this story will extend to however. So far it's just focusing on the Chunin exam... likely it won't go past that and just tie off with an epilogue from what i'm feeling right now. Well... we'll just have to wait and see. I enjoy this story too much to wish it to end, but all good things must end.

Depressing thoughts aside, i look forward to the next chapter. You have continue to provide quality works, and it's rather safe to say that the next one will be just as good if not better. So keep up the good work and UPDATE SOON!.PS: Is Kotonoha really that air-headed sometimes, or is she just trolling them all? Admitting to committing gory murder tends to make people scared...

PPS: Yuyuko eh...? Is this the gluttonous "air head" i'm thinking about?
quentan chapter 28 . 4/22/2012
finaly, a new chap(?) and the conclution of this monstrosity of a arc (I don't care if you call it a cap it was werth 6) but you did good.
InTheYearOfTheCat chapter 28 . 4/22/2012
This's finally over...I'm...I'm just so happy... Not to say you didn't do a marvelous job with it, but I can't wait to get back into the story. I'm glad you elected not to do a Yuria chapter.
dopplerdee chapter 28 . 4/22/2012
Great chapter
based chapter 28 . 4/22/2012
I had to throw a fist pump after seeing this was updated already. Really great job once again- looking forward to the ass kicking in the exams. Nice.
Zeromaru Chaos Mode chapter 28 . 4/22/2012
ahh, you've definitely set it up to seem like Naruto is gonna get multi-laid.

But i know you're also a Magnificent Bastard so it's highly possible nothing of the sort will happen.

Trying to guess what you're going to do next is like trying to predict the next natural time you're going to trip over something, without having any precognitive skills, and without altering the space around you through any means with the intent to make yourself trip at a later date.

not impossible...but time could be spent pursuing far more lucrative ventures.

such as trying to calculate the exact vector required to spawn a black hole at the center of the planet.
Soleneus chapter 28 . 4/22/2012
Innuendos abound! Can't wait for the next chapter, this one was awesome!
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