Reviews for Naruto Genkyouien
jtcr chapter 56 . 5/25
Now that has to hurt for Naruto. I wasn't a fan of Setsuna from the beginning. Bt still.
Fauxysama chapter 62 . 5/25
Great story, really enjoyed it -fauxy
jtcr chapter 55 . 5/25
Okay. I understand about Yuriyo now. But I was still hoping that Naruto and Yuria would get together man.
jtcr chapter 54 . 5/25
The void is a complex concept. But you did a very good job in explaining it. But what about Ayame. She said she would heal her. And what about Yuriyo. Couldn't the void negate her losing the arm?
jtcr chapter 53 . 5/25
That was a very interesting battle and aftermath. I greatly enjoyed it
jtcr chapter 52 . 5/25
I really liked the speeches both in this chapter and the last. You have done an amazing job.
jtcr chapter 50 . 5/25
Holy shit. The void Kyuubi is way too strong. All these ridiculously powerful characters. How are they supposed to win.
jtcr chapter 49 . 5/25
Damn. One fight ends and another begins. And most of Kenosha in ruins. Damn. I don't think narut will technically be able to win the contest seeing as the contest was interrupted lol.
jtcr chapter 48 . 5/25
This is an amazing fight scene. But what happens when the Kyushu gets there? Meant Kyuubi.
jtcr chapter 45 . 5/25
This is an amazing story. I have truly loved every second of it. The way humor and comedy is balanced with drama and action is beyond impressive. I read this story a while back and had caught up with where you last posted a chaper (I believe it to be chapter 36) and at long last I have returned to this story and am over joyed to see it is 62 chapters long but I am sad that it's status is read as complete and no longer in progress. Nonetheless I have enjoyed every word you have written and if you ever decide to write novels of your own. Please let me no so that I may be the very first to purchase them. I love your style and I love this story. Thank you so much for writing it.
Dragginninja chapter 62 . 5/23
This story is amazing. I found it several years ago, nefore it was to chapter 10, and watched it grow. I am curious if you plan to write more Project SayuMayu stories in the future.
Dominus1 chapter 62 . 5/23
Loved the story! Thanks a lot for the work you put it in to this.

Hey, if you can, can you make a sequel or some type of filler to this? I really don't want this to end. ;3
Galisaa chapter 24 . 5/23
I am so impressed by this story. It is incredible. Ch24 a full honest to god eldritch horror. A grasp into the darker side the multiverse we readers merely peek at. And the rest of the story so far. Amidst the fluff, lemon, comedy, tropes, and distractions there is a solid piece of art. Art being a piece of work that create emotions in the viewer. A plot and real connections between characters that are true beyond the distractions and the formulas.

I feel blessed to be reading this.
Tallman7 chapter 7 . 5/12
I like how at the end of the chapter, the message was basically "the Fourth Wall can go fuck itself."

Good stuff.
kharzal chapter 61 . 5/8
honestly, the story seemed to just, i dunno, get less interesting over time. the emissary showing up was the point at which this fic started to fall, but still, good job.
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