Reviews for TormentED
coprime chapter 1 . 11/26/2001
I liked it. You've obviously thought out the story; I like your portrayal of the Eds. One tiny thing- Rolf as a character was a little weak. I know he spent most of the fic passed out and whatnot, but maybe you could have given him and Edd a longer scene at the hospital? Just a thought; don't get upset. The story's still very good.
Amira HarrisRity Damn Password isn't working TT chapter 1 . 11/26/2001
Well... it was... bloody. Yet, the characters we still Edish. It was over-all 4 stars. Im not really into the whole 'let's go beat up a little boy' or any kind of pain/blood. *shugs* i hate to break you little ego but if you were to send it to Cartoon Network i doubt they would admit it. Anywho, i guess there really isn't anything else to comment on. oh! wait, You said you were evil, right? Do you relate with Olaf or Nutra?

~Peace Love and Sharwberry Shampoo~
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