Reviews for Gone to the Dogs
Kago no Tori chapter 12 . 5/7/2013
I can't even express how much I enjoy this story. I hope you get can get around to updating it, because it's essential that I know what happens!
Mistress DragonFlame chapter 12 . 4/29/2013
This is a great story. I love how you have Kagome, and Sesshoumaru. I love how her curse is slowly taking away her self. I hate the fact that this story was last updated in 2011.
GeminiK chapter 12 . 4/28/2013
Should I get ready to cry? I feel like she's going to lose more memories (unless they do in fact find a way to change her back), even though I dread what might happen I'm excited for the next chapter!
ladymelancholy17 chapter 12 . 2/24/2013
please continue this
om gosh chapter 7 . 2/17/2013
miseverythingist. How are you so funny? And good at writing?
The only problem, as usual, is characterisation. This is not your fault at all, because not only are there no fanfics where Kagome and Sesshoumaru are both in love and in character, but also such a fanfic does not exist.

Sad, really, but you do a good job of capturing their personalities in a really, really, bizarre, funny way.
InuDemoness1525 chapter 12 . 2/7/2013
cool story and so cute! i like the attitude you've given Sesshoumaru, his sense of humor is very fitting too. i know this is an old story but you should pick it up again and finish it. please?
AnimeLady04 chapter 12 . 12/4/2012
Lol this is awesome but I'm a bit confused on the curse...
Is it supposed to tear her mind down as a human and into a dog and when she turns into a human shed be thinkin like a dog?

Or will she always remain a dog?
Es chapter 12 . 11/25/2012
I love this story- I often come back to it and re-read it! You're such a talented writer- I do hope that you continue to bring lots of people joy with your work, and especially your Sess/Kag fics! xx
Toreh chapter 12 . 11/22/2012
Where did you go? This story was absolutely brilliant. I'm so sad see that you haven't updated in over a year ): I wanted to see Kagome change back at least. I love the easy interaction between Sesshomaru and Kagome. I hope you come back soon
nellyy chapter 1 . 11/12/2012
This is a great story please undated soon...
Guest chapter 12 . 11/1/2012
Aww man, you really need to update. The story is just too great to stop here.
Megi Keishii chapter 12 . 10/25/2012
Please say that Kagome isn't going to stay a dog forever! Please update!
ChicFreakSistaFierce chapter 12 . 10/15/2012
Tee chapter 12 . 10/14/2012
Oh! I'm so scared for Kagome. Nice story, can't wait to see what happens next!
agirlwithacoin chapter 10 . 10/1/2012
"I do not," he answered, gravely. "But the name alone is unacceptable."
Aaaaw yiss.
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