Reviews for Smooch
jupitersthunder chapter 1 . 8/9/2009
ROFLMAO! That was hilarious! I think I choked on my tea at that ending though. lol. Great story!
Kay8abc chapter 1 . 7/22/2009
I found it funny, but in a cute way. Still I think Shego would be more dominant, or at least they would be evenly matched.

kigoangel8302 chapter 1 . 6/24/2009
vry gud ch. u need 2 continue dnt stop
Daryl chapter 1 . 6/17/2009
great story
Peter chapter 1 . 5/31/2009
I can't wait for chapter two
stigbot567 chapter 1 . 5/22/2009
dude you should deffenetly write more to it its a brilliant fanfic.

need to konw how things work out with kim&shegon and also ron&yori
Emziiee-xxx chapter 1 . 5/21/2009
pretty please write more :)
Dashed chapter 1 . 3/31/2009
I love the 'mine' bit at the end. It was well written and enjoyable, very in keeping with the KP verse. i hope you continue although i don't think it needs an M rating.
Mistique Four chapter 1 . 3/19/2009
I have but one word for this story: Nice.
beth.e.belle chapter 1 . 2/7/2009
that was freaking awesome, and damn!
Han dj chapter 1 . 2/2/2009
Pretty good? This was awesome! God you have no idea how wide I was smiling while reading this.

I'm onto the second installment.
Knight of Discord chapter 1 . 1/12/2009
Great fic man, its interesting to see Kim making the first move. I hope you continue with more chapters.
Deadringer chapter 1 . 1/1/2009
Man...this was awesome. It's very quality writing, we have here and it would be necessary for some more.
totallyred chapter 1 . 12/30/2008
write more! maybe a bit more sexier if your want maybe even more graphic... well gud story... write more...
hungryforcookies chapter 1 . 12/29/2008


Mrs. Possible?


Haha lol you made my day! XD
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