Reviews for A Simple Invitation
theoldandnewfirm chapter 1 . 1/24/2009
Slash fan though I am, I'd always thought of Beetlejuice as one of those fandoms that did not lend itself to such pairings easily. Out of all the characters that could be slashed, Donny did strike me as the most obvious; Prince Vince never even entered my radar, and I'm pleased to say that this fic definitely shows that the two of them could have potential. The parallel between Donny/Vince and Beetlejuice/Lydia was nice. I also like how you portrayed Donny as having a personality beyond sickening sweetness. I think that he's a very underused character in the BJ fandom, which is sad because there's a lot that could be done with him both independently and in the context of BJ's storyline, provided that someone takes the time to flesh him out. You've done so here, to great effect.

I like this pairing. I do hope you write more for it!
WithoutHesitation chapter 1 . 12/23/2008
I swear this has to be a first... Yet written in a sweet and delicate way. However, I still claim Prince Vince as MINE... :) Just so you know...