Reviews for Hell's Playground
Millie chapter 31 . 1/6
Pretty good, I liked it:))
pinkyblue-ice chapter 56 . 10/28/2014
Wow. Never before has a fic brought me to tears. An amazing read. Thank you.
FourTris14 chapter 56 . 6/14/2014
This is one awesome story... I loved it!
Nikon The Vampire chapter 27 . 4/15/2014
I feel a dark void in the bottom of my stomach... I am trully Firghtened
Nikon The Vampire chapter 25 . 4/15/2014
Nikon The Vampire chapter 17 . 4/15/2014
What I love about Buffy fanfics, is the correct portrayal of love, angst, action and all of josss quirks. When I started reading this fic it had it all. But as I continue reading I see that my heroine is so tame... useless... more a damsel in distress than the heroine she is. Buffy is the thing creatures of the night have nightmares about... and seeing her in this condition... just puts me off.

Still, your writing is so awesome. The description of dread and hopelessness is awesome. Your description of this portion of hell just brings shivers down the spine. Well written...

Dont like that Buffy is a Damsel in Distress though
Amber chapter 56 . 10/20/2013
Just beautiful! A brilliant and fitting ending. Well written and very absorbing :)
Haribo2012 chapter 56 . 6/16/2013
i cried but i loved it an lovely way to end to it loved it xxx you are awesome!
BrandiIndigo chapter 56 . 6/6/2013
A very sweet ending. This was a wonderful story.
sseau1 chapter 56 . 5/30/2013
Hurray Hurray...oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah...raising my hands doing my happy dance. I actually started this story and I'm on chapter 2 and loving it...good to know it'll be an ending... no worries about being "hung out to dry" .
ashes at midnight chapter 56 . 5/30/2013
Oh I had tears in my eyes. What a lovely ending to an amazing story. I loved how we got to see a little of what the scoobies will go through. The part about Tara watching willow, and Jenny waiting 40 years for Giles was especially touching. I admit I was shocked Spike gave the baby up, seems he is finally learning to put others first. I was a little surprised Buffy and angel didn't take care off her instead?

Anywho. Amazing as always, you must be so proud to have finally finished this monster of a fic, idk what I'm gonna do without these updates! :) xx
your fic wifey!
ba2006 chapter 56 . 5/29/2013
Fantastic ending to an amazing fic :) Im so going to enjoy re reading this again :)
Kairos Impending chapter 56 . 5/29/2013
Congratulations on finishing! Lovely end to the tale. I've enjoyed following you through it over all this time. Best of luck for your next one, whatever it may be!
Alisha Winchester Collins chapter 56 . 5/29/2013
gah! i have tears streaming down my cheeks at 1.30 am and its all thanks to this perfect ending to a perfect story! i was going to leave my review in the morning cause i can barely see the keyboard now but i couldn't wait!

having the epilogue in Dawn's perspective was the best way to end the story, showing that she continued to watch over all her friends and family as the years went by... i love that you wrote about Dawn & Giles' father-daughter relationship once more and the final touch with her watching over him and just being around was beautiful!

i'm glad Buffy & Angel were lucky enough to have a child of their own and it was heartbreaking but truly wonderful to see Spike giving his daughter, Bit, to that couple at the end... i burst out crying by then!

i may not have been part of this magnificent journey from the very beginning but i am glad i stayed on until the very end because stories like these are the masterpieces which are rare in existence anywhere you go to read fanfics and i could list all sorts of adjectives from A-Z saying how great this story is but it'll never be enough! thank you for a wonderful experience! its been an honor to be part of the Buffy fandom and i look forward to reading more amazing stories in the future! :D
mickeiblue chapter 56 . 5/28/2013
this has been one of my favourite stories and its sad to see it end but each chapter was written with beauty, care, and thought. thank you for having us along in this adventure and i will forver picture this as what happens after the screen fades black. wonderful job.
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