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loki0191 chapter 55 . 8/19/2015
I came in expecting this to be a typical Mary Sue story and never have I been more delighted to be wrong! Love your characters and your story! I'm really looking forward to the sequel!
maxstroid chapter 7 . 7/6/2013
Hey I have read up to here so far and have to say that this is brilliant. The humour is good and the OC is going good with the storyline. All in all a very good story.
WoolRanch chapter 2 . 12/26/2012
Adorable. :) This is probably the fourth time (or fifth, I've lost track) I've read through this series...
ItsALifeToLiveIn chapter 55 . 10/29/2012
I love you. Am I allowed to say that? Who cares, I already did. Anyway! This is my new favorite story ever! GX is my fave Yugioh series (the original got boring, and while 5D's is good, it's not that good) and I've been writing fanfics for it for almost 3 years... Nothing posted, mind you, but still. And yet, with all that, it took you for me to finally notice how DIFFERENT they all are. Origin wise, I mean.
Jaden is the only Japanese person of the main characters... Truesdale is Celtic, making Zane and Syrus distantly, if not directly, Irish. Princeton and Huffington are both Jewish, though you can tell Chazz is American and I imagine Chumley isn't from anywhere exotic. Bastion is so obviously British I shouldn't even have to say, though Misawa is a Japanese name... Rhodes is, surprisingly, of Greek origin but stems from Old English like most things eventually do. Jesse, despite his southern cowboy accent, is Norwegian...
They're all just so... everywhere. Proves that Dueling has become really popular, I guess... Makes sense that the Princeton group decided to take it over before claiming World Domination a success.
Freefan1412 chapter 53 . 9/17/2012
Gosh, this was great. :) The whole mystery about Jaden and Lia is mortifying interesting. I'd guess that a lot of Jade's power has to do with being Hao and while it is terribly nice to see him awakening much sooner (which means we'll see a lot more of him:D) i don't really understand why you chose to silver as the color to be the color resembling him. I mean Hao's powers are of darkness. So shouldn't it be something dark?
I'm seriously starting to really love this story. :)
Freefan1412 chapter 50 . 9/17/2012
Jaden said some things in this chapter that will make the third season really I can't wait for it. :)
Freefan1412 chapter 40 . 9/17/2012
The long dialog parts are very funny to read sometimes, but it is also easy to forget who is talking to whom and how many people are taking part in the conversation. I got confused already once or twice during this story; it isn't that bad, though, since i think the most important part of this kind of talk is what is said and not who said it.
Nice work until now and i'm looking forward to this story's climax.
Freefan1412 chapter 30 . 9/16/2012
How mean of Jaden to set up a bet just one move short of victory. xd
I hope Jesse isn't leaving absolutely already; besides him i very much enjoy his deck as well. The Grem Beasts have much character.
The way you employ common psychological aspects (all against an outsider) in your story gives it much live; good work.
Freefan1412 chapter 27 . 9/11/2012
Yay. Jesse (or Johan as i prefer to think)! :D
He is one of my favorite characters in Gx and i can't thank you enough for adding him this early. :) He is just awesome and got way too little screen time in the anime. Not to mention that we had no idea what Jesse had been doing before he appeared in season three and it is nice to see that you give him a past. And show that not everything had been nice for him in the beginning, either.
Great work, again.
Freefan1412 chapter 20 . 9/11/2012
I liked the part with the fiancé joke. xd It was ridiculous in the anime and it is nice that you mentioned it here, too.
Freefan1412 chapter 10 . 9/11/2012
It is really strange in this story that you skip most parts of the duels. Not that I'm bothered by it, but it is really different to all the other Yugioh stories.
I also like about this that you make the life at Duel Academia more realistic; with reputation, choice words, heavy crushes and the like.
Nice work. :)
Account no longer in useage chapter 55 . 6/16/2012
Okay, took me Two whole days and sleepless nights to read this fic and I'm finally at the end... over all opinion... I FREAKING LOVE IT! Be prepared for one long-ass review, 55 chapter to go over, you might want to pull up a chair and grab some popcorn, this may take some time.

Okay, first things first, the development of characters throughout this story has been truly amazing, each character, original or cannon, has grown in there own way from chapter 1 yet retained some of there original characteristics so as to remain true to there roots, Lia for example is still the bitch we know and love her to be, she's just a little more open to her friends, Jaden's still a loveable goofball yet matured ever so slightly (also the sex ed lesson... still cracking up about it).

Plus in terms of characterisation, everyone here acts more "real to life" which is something really rare in fics, plus the characters where believable in there thoughts, actions and emotions, plus Bisexual Atticus... I laughed so hard, then thought about it and oddly enough, it makes sense... O_O? looking forward to seeing where you take that in year 2.

Then there are the plot holes that you've addressed (which I must say I love you for) The whole Yasmin and Atticus thing finally got some resolution and someone finally spoke up about the pot of greed thing, we get it, you can draw to more cards STOP SAYING IT EVERY DAMN TIME! Plus you made the duel academy more believable by adding real subjects instead of JUST stuff about learning about how to play children's card games, which in all made the whole plot just a little more sane.

Then there's the actual plot from this fic that put a refreshing spin in the already established cannon which was fun to read and it didn't go out of the way to forcibly inter grain your OC into the story to make her the focus of attention whilst at the same time the character wasn't just there as added furniture that did nothing to advance the plot.

The omakes where amusing to read and the guessing references things where a fun little added feature too, not sure I remember all of them but there was an Ouran one somewhere and a Doctor Who one, that's all I got (two years after the fic is actually finished -_-') Oh and just to confirm did you ever get Syrus back from Yuble? or is he still at the mercy of that creepy Hermaphrodite dragon?

My only minor criticism is that at times I struggled to distinguish between scene changes and those long-ass pieces of dialogue when I had no idea who was saying what to whom, still didn't bring down the story though, just had to re-read in some places and guess.

All in all, loved it from the very first chapter, such a shame I wasn't around when it began... sigh, well catch up on sleep, stop neglecting my own stories then off to the sequel, see yah there :D
Mugiwara-Kaizokudan chapter 55 . 12/6/2011
I've read Year One twice now (1 to read more into bits I might have missed and not understood at the time and 2 to secretly pass time where you might update *shifty eyes*) and I have to say it just gets better and better.

Lia's development from chapter 1 is astounding. When I first started reading my first impression was that she was a typical bitchy character who hated everyone's guts (no offence lia, you're my fave OC ever now ;P) but as I read on, discovered my growing obsession with lia and jadens reactions together, and embarked on the rigorous journey known as Yu-Gi-Oh GX, I found myself steadily loving her as she was. Her aim will forever amaze me (the sheer fact she gets them almost every time and scares the crap out of everyone xD), her bickering with Chazz will never get old, her adorable attitude to nicknames, compliments, and hugs, her non-tolerance of bullies and assholes, and best of all, her beautiful use of colourful vocabulary. I honestly can't wait to see how much she's grown by Year Three. Wetting myself with excitement xD plus, how close her and jaden will get is making me giggle like a fool. I'm guessing you can tell how obsessed I am with liaxjaden whether it be romantic or not by now. Every time there's a scene of them together that involves closeness, humour, development, etc. I'm on the scene like that *snaps fingers*. Seriously the wait is killing me, but I know it'll all be worth it when you reveal what's going on.

Now I'm gunna go stake-out chapter 1 for clues then hop onto Year Two for its second read ;P I actually have myself fave scenes out of the two of them. Year One is mainly just whenever something happens to her and she ends up being fussed over (not that I wish to continuously inflict pain on her, but you get where I'm coming from right? XD) and Year Two is her laughter in the face of Sartorious. Makes my heart swell in anticipation every time I go back to read on it.

Ooo Atticus as the Jack Harkness of GX? Honestly never thought of him that way but now I see him in an entirely new light *noms* all he needs is the odd boyfriend or so from the past to appear every now and then to stir up some plottish drama xD (can I have my cake now? XD)

Anyways, keep on writing! You're an extremely talented author who stirs up some sort of creational motivation in me every time I read and I love it. Look forward to the update in Year Two (not actually kidding you, I'm bouncing in my seat xD) thanks a lot for the amazing (words are evading my mind xD) read!
Taeniaea chapter 55 . 11/28/2011
cool story
Emem chapter 19 . 10/27/2011
Oh god, i just love Jaden and Lia's chemistry! They're both really close but not in a romantic way. Their relationship almost resemble that of a couple, but unofficial. You have a great way to write about humans' feelings and what boggles their minds.
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