Reviews for Joy
GracefulCrane chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
Aaawwwww...that was terribly sweet!



Oh maybe you could make an AU or "What If" about Oscar become a mother (of course with Andre as the father) pleaseeeeeeeeeeee...
nanimo chapter 1 . 2/8/2010
Impossible as it may be, I found this story really cute. Thanks for sharing. :)
Haruka Minamino chapter 1 . 3/27/2009
This is cute and endearing without resorting to histronics. Well done! I can't write without melodrama.
WhiteTigerLilly chapter 1 . 1/1/2009
I know all those things you said in your note. Like how Rudolph wasn't made till the 1930's (I think), BUT it's called artistic liscense! You make awesome stuff, Don't worry.

André Claus, Lou Lou is too cute. And oh! Poor Oscar, She knew she liked it! lol
Kasia.T chapter 1 . 12/28/2008
Having been confined to bed for three days because of a terrible flu, I think this ‘fic is just perfect for me. And I loved it as always. It was lovely, sweet, funny, romantic, touching...and so on and on.

Ah, an the little Loulou and her brown and curly hair... I’ve been lucky to see a photo of our Loulou as a child and that’s how I now imagine Oscar’s niece. They look similar and they both want to marry Andre, hehehehe.

Oh, and Andre brushing Oscar’s hair... That’s the first time I’ve read anything like that and I found it absolutely awesome. Personally, I love when somebody brushes my hair, so imagining Andre doing that... immediately raised my fever, hehehehehe...

Then, Andre watching Loulou and Oscar sleeping was simply adorable. I love the scenes when he does it. They are so tender and warm...


zozo chapter 1 . 12/26/2008
wow wow ,i liked the story very much,it is soo funny ,i liked how you manged that santa would be andre and he was really wanted to annoy oscar,,thank you,i reead all your stories and all were soo good,you are very talented
Xirysa chapter 1 . 12/25/2008
XD You shouldn't doubt yourself. This was too cute, really.

Aw... Loulou wants to marry André... Sorry, dear, but the man's already taken. (And I'm speaking to both Loulous here, actually.)

SO. We totally learned about Santa Claus in my French AP class last week. And it was hilarious. And imagining André in a Santa suit (you have no idea how close I was to writing "Santa in an André suit)was hilarious and reminded me of when my younger sister dressed up as Santa when she was eight or nine. It was epic fail.

SO. This was adorable, and yes. Oscar would make a great mother. But only for André's kids.

loulou.k chapter 1 . 12/25/2008



Last night before going to bed I sent my review to Xirysa, at the same time I get your alert on my inbox, imagine the temptation, go to bed, read you 'fic, going to bed after just a little look into your 'fic, then read all the 'fic then go to bed to sleep will…actually I felt guilty because I couldn't write any word to you last night, I finished reading at 1am, it took me one hour to read it because I didn't want to rush, and I was enjoying every word of it, even though I knew what the story is all about but you still have the ability to surprising me and make me completely fascinating by every scene I read.

It was better than what I wanted it to be, serially, it was,but I'm still couriers what was you plan for it so it made you felt disappointed with?

Okay, I am a silly girl because seeing my name with Oscar and Andre's name made me feel happy and joy _

I felt as if it was me, the little girl was me…well, I'm not that noisy as her, but at least I look like her in some way! Me too love that handsome man, and I could make a wish in my next birthday to get married to someone like Andre, heheheheh.

I didn't know about Loulou till a year ago and I only saw a few scanning scenes for her, but a month ago I-FINALY- get the whole manga, including the one with Loulou, she's soo cute and funny, clever too, hahaha, I loved her doll too, it looks like her _

All right, I'm bathetic!

I like how you start you stories by describing the atmosphere, that makes me feel I am in the middle of them, feeling the cold weather, the hot sun, the wind…

Haha, Oscar was really in a bad mood and was acting soo mean at the beginning…but she had a good excuse, right?.

(“As long as the little monster—I mean, child—stays asleep, there should be nothing to call you about.”) ha! Why they're calling her that, poor Loulou!

Hum, Oscar's scene in her room was very necessary, after all it's Christmas night and her birthday will be the day after, her wondering thoughts were very suitable, her work, her queen, her life, her age, the snow outside, and (throwing a big wet wad of snow at André’s face would make her feel better) _ hahaha, came in it's time.

(With a shake of her head and another long drink of wine, she was ready. She’d get all of her paperwork done, and then… Then she would check on Loulou) poor me…I mean Loulou, how many glasses Oscar had to drink to have the ability to deal with her!

(She stretched her arms over her head and arched her back in an attempt to work out her exhaustion, but the motion really just made her want to fall over onto her makeshift desk and sleep for the rest of the evening…It was too bad that she couldn’t do that) that how I was last night _

(Sighing a little, she leaned on one of her elbows on the edge of the bed and reached her free hand out to smooth away a few unruly strands of hair that were in Loulou’s face. The girl had such curly hair, and Oscar really had no idea where she had gotten it from. She pulled some of her own hair forward and stared at it. It was blonde, and slightly curly; only the ends of her hair chose to curl. But Loulou’s brown hair was a mess of curls. When she grew up, if someone could manage to tame her hair, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that she would steal some lucky fellow’s heart) aW! That's my favorite scene _

(“André!” Her hands reached out for him, and with a lot of hesitation, he leaned over and let her attempt to squeeze the life out of him. “You look very handsome today,” she said in a sleepy, but very matter-of-fact voice) Ah, you're killing me here….Andre let Loulou huge him _; and he wouldn't hesitate too, oh my!

(André flushed in embarrassment and pulled away. “Are you hungry?”)oh boy, oh boy, I'm….I'm…..Loulou makes Andre blush , wAhahahahahah….

(Well, her cheeks were flushed with fever and…well, who could tell her no? Certainly not André! Especially when Oscar nudged him firmly in the side) AwW! That was what I wanted to see…THANK YOU!

(…he said, settling down on the edge of Loulou’s bed to make himself more comfortable…) I hate my bed!

(The blonde colonel stuck her boot out in an attempt to trip her friend, but her efforts failed, and he escaped the room, leaving her alone) hahahahahah…. I loved that, and loved how she made him till a story and he took his revenge by telling a boring one….for her at least…..very funny _

(She didn’t even realize that Loulou was saying anything until the little girl spoke again, her voice quiet and thoughtful…..“I’m going to marry André someday, okay Oscar?”) wahahaha, I would die to say that one day, hahahahaha…

(“His red nose glowed brighter than a candle,” Oscar told her, tweaking Loulou’s nose. “So of course he could.”) ah, that was soo cute from her.

(Oscar’s first reaction was to reach for her sword—which, of course, she did not have—to skewer the intruder. But then she realized, duh, it was André….Loulou’s squeal of excitement made her wish that she had more wine in her system. She glared at her childhood friend and his quickly put together costume, but all he could do was grin sheepishly.) that was an awesome entrance….I love it…. I wish Nanny was there too, she would probably took out her big spoon and start to hit him before he get the chance to breath _

(But Loulou was happy, and Oscar looked like she wanted to kill herself. It was all worth it) woW, Andre is really Santa, hahahahaha.

(“Oscar’s been a naughty girl this year—” That got him a swift kick in the shin from Oscar. “And if she doesn’t straighten up, Santa won’t be able to leave her any presents.” He pretended to look very, very sad, and Loulou looked pleadingly at her aunt) O_O he really said that? He's really taking his revenge….and she couldn't even move a hint.

(Oscar reached out a hand discreetly and pinched André’s leg, hard. “Oh, I’ll be good,” she answered innocently) that almost killed me-from laughing- I don't know why….

What a good idea he had to make that little girl's hair brushing and tiding back…with a pink ribbon- I love wearing pink _-

(“Thank you! Now, do her.” She pointed right at Oscar) that's so funny! She's really an annoying little girl….I love her _

(He grinned as he took the hairbrush and slid off of the bed to stand behind her….“I hate you,” she whispered under her breath when he leaned forward to pull all of her hair behind her shoulders…..“No you don’t,” he whispered back cheerfully, happy for an excuse to run his hands through her hair, even though the excuse was terribly innocent) I loved this, VERY much_~

(At least Oscar wouldn’t attempt to break his arm in front of her niece) Oh, you really put this sentence!

(..and hey, he had never known she might like the feeling of someone else brushing her hair) Aw? He didn't know? Well…..all thanks to Loulou now he knows _

(“Oscar!” Loulou admonished. “You should be nice to Santa or you won’t get any presents!”…“Yeah,” André said, bending over slightly to whisper in her ear. “Be nice to Santa) YEAH, BE NICE TO SANTA!

(She contemplated strangling him, or at least punching him in the face—preferably right in the mouth—because that big grin of his was annoying her, but she only sighed and agreed with a barely audible, “Yes.”) hahaha, he's still annoying her and she's holding her nerves, all because of Loulou! That's FUNNY!

(“I saw your ponytail,” she grinned, climbing half out of bed to pull on it. “It was sticking out of all of your white hair!”) clever girl!

(“Isn’t André too old for little Loulou?” he asked) I DON'T CARE!

AwW! I loved how he put a cover over them, and took Oscar's shoes.

(He looked at Oscar’s sleeping niece and grinned at the way the little girl was curled into Oscar’s side, her face pressed partially against her aunt’s chest, her hand fisted into her silk shirt) Oh! That was soo sweet and warm scene…I love it too _

(…He could almost imagine her holding a little, dark-haired infant. No, wait, maybe one with blonde hair, like hers…)AwW! If I died now I'll be died form happiness _

(She squeezed it in her sleep, almost experimentally, and finding it acceptable, he supposed, raised it almost to her face) what a lovely gift….I'm all ready hating my brush, so I can't hate it more…or, maybe I could!

Oh, thank you for giving me the scene I liked to see too- Andre dreaming of having kids from Oscar –

He would be a wonderful Father, even though we didn't see that he likes kids, we saw Oscar many times dealing with kids, or feel something inside her heart-maybe Motherhood-for them.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Manna for giving me the chance to gave an idea to you, in Christmas, in Oscar's birthday…..I can't write 'fic so I thank you for writing this instead of me….I wish I could return this to you one day…..*sigh*

Marry Christmas again, I love you,

Happy Birthday Oscar, I love you too,



P.S. this review have been written in my work :P and it was longer than I was planning to….SORRY! :P
MissJulius chapter 1 . 12/24/2008
SUCH an adorable story! I loved every minute of it. -swoons- Please continue writing...