Reviews for Inter Vivos
szw5009 chapter 40 . 11/14
Thank you for the read!
Reader chapter 18 . 11/12
Okay. I really enjoy your story itself.

But I think you deserve some honesty. Only the best writers do. It will better you.

1. There is SO much that you could and should cut out in order to speed things up. It takes an unnecessarily long amount of time to wade through the narration.

Instead of telling us exactly what each character is thinking - SHOW us! And actually - you already do, brilliantly! But then you also precede or follow it with a detailed explanation of what the character is thinking. Leave that up to the reader to discern based off of characters’ subtleties and the description of their body language. Leave that, and delete the in-your-face explanations. We can figure it out, and your chapters will get MUCH shorter. It’s just a bit exhausting and tedious to see and then read a character’s emotions twice or three times over.

2. Please, please, please make some type of break when switching between each characters’ turn and between scenes. I get so bogged down in the narrative from #1 that I just start skimming to pick up the drama and main chatter points, that I get completely confused when suddenly we’ve switched from Harry’s perspective to Draco’s.

Again, you have a wonderful story going here. It has just been one of the most tiring to read through! You are an excellent storyteller, you’ve just got to tweak and cut for the sake of readers’ enjoyment.

It will make you an even better author one day.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us!
IloveHeat chapter 40 . 9/19
Guest chapter 40 . 8/21
I've been reading all your work starting backwards and moving forwards just incredible writing world building and imagination so privileged that you share it ️
Rueoday chapter 40 . 7/25
This story was beautiful. I didn't like it at first because I thought Severus was just so manipulative and cruel, using Harry's grief against him but I like how their relationship evolved and I loved the Drarry relationship too. I like how Harry is realistically distrustful of adults, I mean it's not like he had any reason to trust Snape (Or literally any adult ever). I love this ending and I love that you didn't excuse Dumbledore as some authors tend to do.
rosemary62442 chapter 9 . 7/5
it's absurd. who is he, a verita-man? like he always tells the truth! he lies if necessary and why he's always pissed off when the others do the same?
rosemary62442 chapter 8 . 7/5
i really can't understand. i mean, he lies to people and he keeps the truth-like the fact abiut dursleys-and he expects them to tell the whole truth?
rosemary62442 chapter 6 . 7/5
the very behavior he shows about infirmary reminds me a big baby throwing a tantrum.
rosemary62442 chapter 5 . 7/5
and i honestly can't understand why he hates infirmary that much. he really had a way of making things two times harder for others. he's so annoying
rosemary62442 chapter 5 . 7/5
your story is brilliant as always but i seriously hate him being so distrustful. funny isn't he? distrust adults and thr same time demands them to treat like adult...really, i alwqys thought he should be punished more for his little adventure like the nobert incindent
firebird2013 chapter 40 . 1/23
This is one of my all time favourite stories. I have read it again after a two year gap and it is still the best AU In my opinion. I enjoy all your stories but particularly the long ones like this.
sarahsezlove chapter 40 . 1/9
Absobloominlutely wonderful.
Thank you.
C.S. Augustoni chapter 40 . 11/18/2020
Those last lines though.. Beautiful
Guest chapter 40 . 10/30/2020
Congratulations on writing such a good story.
Guest chapter 39 . 10/30/2020
I'd been shocked at the violence of Lucius' death scene, and then by the non-violence here. You are always surprising me.
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