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Spidersauce chapter 30 . 6/10
Bahaha! Esme played her right? "New client" my ass. That's great.
CapitalME chapter 61 . 4/23
Have read this story so many times Ive lost count. I adore your OC characters so much. ty for writing them.
Purplebeian chapter 20 . 4/17
Oh, wow, heartbreaking, really. Imprinting sounds emotionally painful and stressful.
Purplebeian chapter 13 . 4/17
I wonder when Alice will put together the wolves mate for life and Diana loving her...
Purplebeian chapter 7 . 4/17
Aww, this is adorable, even Rosalie and her bitchiness (you'd think she was a werewolf with her level of it).
Guest chapter 61 . 4/11
This was a refreshing read. I'll admit I was sad it ended. You are very gifted with words. I look forward to reading more of your work.
Cycle0fthePhoenix chapter 61 . 3/19
So, first I'll start off by saying I skipped past your answers at first so I wouldn't forget what was on my mind. Second, list of compliments to the story:
Rosalie: Spot on her character. Heck, beat canon six ways to Sunday and it was detailed and built up so well in a way not many can master. Every time I read her name, she was playing an important role and by far one of my favorite characters in this story.
Diana: By far one of the most developed and unique OCs I've ever read on Twilight and layered, detailed, and structured with the story so well. It was nice seeing things from her perspective but not being forced into her world, rather seeing the world around her and seeing how she reacted, rather than feeling like I was her, and was trapped seeing her decisions play out. Very good character.
Alice: I loved Alice's character the most in the beginning because it felt more original, not OOC, but more developed and insightful than canon could ever hope to achieve. I also loved reading the middle of their interactions up until Bella came into the picture. I felt like we lost a bit of her character in bringing canon back in, but then I felt like we got it back after Diana took care of Victoria. I think towards her end things became a little redundant, and in very small ways you contradicted her character. Spelled out things the readers had already picked up on and then pointing in another direction, but still, she is very developed and I love Diana's description, love, and emotions for her. Very powerful emotional character.
Esme: By far the most well-layered and balanced character I've read in Twilight which usually isn't the case. I love the relationship she made with Diana which I felt really built towards the conclusion of this story and for once I didn't feel like I wanted to hate her character. My only complaint is her leniency on Edward and Carlisle's actions, but her interactions with Diana balanced that out well.
The Story
Well-written, I didn't notice any grammatical or basic spelling errors or even typos.
Most chapters had me rereading them over and over again. I loved being able to visualize their interactions so well too. I think you built a good structure, maybe lost the blueprints along the way, but made it work out in the end - so that was a feat.
I enjoyed the perspective this was written in. How each chapter, though short, was filled with scenes and knowledge totally worthwhile.
And although a lot of the chapters towards the late-middle and the end seemed like fillers and less about Alice and Dianna, you made it work in the end. It wasn't perfect but nothing ever is.
What I would have liked to see more of
Based on my reviews you'd probably guess the words I'm about to write but one thing that I had been really looking forward to was the thrill of the story. I wish there was more thrill to it. More memorable moments where she lost but stood back up. However, I did like her background and I love how none of her decisions felt stupid. They were hard and she felt useless but who doesn't these days - and the decision proved to be good in the end.
Further, I would have liked to see Edward's earlier character remain from the beginning and not be completely lost as he focuses on Bella. I was actually hoping, upon beginning to read this story, that Bella would have no role here at all and actually think canon wasn't necessary at all and that Edward was really probably better of single. Bella had a decent character building up at the very, very beginning right when it was written that she didn't want to be there - that gave insight on her character but afterward it went downhill into the many signs of domestic abuse that I have already raved about and won't get into again.
I would've liked to see more structure on Carlisle and Emmett's characters. I felt like they were really lacking in their personalities which normally wouldn't have been all that important if you hadn't prioritized it. There's probably some other minor details but I did like how Sam seemed to grow into his character.
I didn't mind leaving the future in the dark of canon. I didn't mind seeing the Denalis. I wanted more insight on Victoria's character rather than her just being easy to bait, kill, and have a minor role in the story even if she did snap everyone out of the Bella protection act. I feel like you just focused on her being evil and wanted her out of the picture as soon as possible. I understand that, but I believe one has to understand their enemy before truly overcoming/defeating it.
A big part of me just wants Bella and Alice to run away and live their own lives. I mean, come on, their soul mates and have immortal lifespans, they should be able to travel the world together, no?
As for answers to your questions
No, I'm better off without a sequel. Same goes for this story. I feel like it would be less about Alice and Diana and more about Bella, which you barely recovered on a good note here and to continue would mean focusing on canon. To stop here leaves a good feeling, a feeling of finality, and not many stories reach the end on such a good note. And I love that you destroyed the drama of all the Twilight books. Much appreciated.
There's not much else I can think of saying. Just once again thank you for writing this story and I wish the best of health to you!

P.S. I find that the best "I love yous" come from the words you never say and are spoken in actions. The fact that Alice said it less means that each time she says it - it has a helluva lot of meaning and purpose, even desperation. She says it the way she looks at Diana, touches her, holds her hand, and holds her as she sleeps. Diana says I love you to Alice so much because it's all that's needed when no other words can have such a heavy meaning. It's exactly what Alice needs to hear at that moment and Diana shows that she loves Alice through her actions, words, everything.
Most times it's the subtle actions and words that make all the difference. The most impact.
Cycle0fthePhoenix chapter 60 . 3/19
Vampires have a funny sense of humor. Glad to see Edward regained his humanity by being proven wrong by Victoria and Diana's near death experience. I mean if that didn't then he may as well have been soulless.
Loved the interaction with her and Rosalie too. I've been waiting for that sister bonding moment for so long and am so happy I got to see it. Also, I'm happy that Alice has returned to her side. For all my critic the last ten chapters you blended it all really well together - made it seem like it was your intention all along. And I'm glad the forced relationship between Bella and her didn't have to happen. Really glad. I felt like we really needed some much deserved Alice and Diana time and I'm so relieved, glad, and proud that we've gotten that. I've spent my entire day reading this story, I just couldn't stop, and now I think I'm ready to read the final chapter. I doubt I'll have any questions - I can only say thank you for writing this, putting up with all our comments, and writing an amazing and developing story. Because in the end, it all seemed to have worked out.
Cycle0fthePhoenix chapter 59 . 3/19
Most exciting chapter in 40 chapters, I think, although I wished for a longer more detailed chapter I am pleased we ended it (or close enough to) with a thriller. You're really good at leaving a finisher, it's not quite a cliff-hanger which is usually cruel but it's like a jungle-gym - it keeps you hanging on. This chapter, the ending, made my heart ache (at last, again!) and soar. I actually read this a dozen times before moving on, making this chapter last and count to its fullest.
Cycle0fthePhoenix chapter 58 . 3/19
So two things, maybe three:
1. Rosalie is right
2. Edward says he'll turn her and take Bella as a mate because she's everything he could ever want. The fuck. That is literally one of the domestic abuse signs. Not even kidding. This story is beginning to kill my mood.
3. The story has lost its edge. It feels like it's dying and you're trying to finish it but has just lost your touch. I feel like everything this story was built on before is gone and that now, you're just tying up loose ends and trying to make it work.
Cycle0fthePhoenix chapter 56 . 3/19
I feel like every since introducing canon into your story we've lost any and all character development (or just plain character) of Edward, even Carlisle. Who they were before Bella and canon timeline came into the picture are completely different people and we can apologize now and try to force relationships to fit the plot but I'm just not sure about it. And I'm really not on the bandwagon for Bella and Edward. Ever heard the blog/truth that those two fit almost all signs of a domestic abuse relationship? You only need one to make it be something you should stay away from and they fit pretty much all of them and I can see it as I read these chapters. Even Bella, who seemed to be somewhat developing into a character has pretty much vanished. Not to mention the thrill is lost and there's less involvement for Diana. Honestly, the most exciting and enjoyable chapter was when Diana saved Rosalie during Paul's confrontation. I felt a build-up there and now it just seems lost.
A lot of writers I've seen get caught up in the pain of the world and just write and write and rant about it, sometimes in a subtle way and sometimes not, but when nothing new is made out of it and the chapters begin to feel like fillers...well, it doesn't leave much to hope for and even less to look forward to.
Maybe I'm being overly critical because I'm nearing the completion of this story, maybe it's because it's been eight years since you finished this story and I know much has changed in that almost-decade. I still love this story, it's one of my favorites, but this is a story where I prefer the beginning before the end.
Cycle0fthePhoenix chapter 54 . 3/19
Excuse my language for a moment: Fuck Carlisle, Fuck Edward, and Fuck everyone who's playing the blame game on Diana. Love Rosalie for standing up for her and confronting Carlisle, the man really thinks he's a saint, heh. Bastard. I wonder why it's so hard for them not to accept he's not a father to her. I mean really, it's not that hard a concept to grasp.
Cycle0fthePhoenix chapter 52 . 3/19
oh my goodness I swear these chapters are getting shorter.
Cycle0fthePhoenix chapter 51 . 3/19
I wish she was doing more, sitting idly and getting hate-glares is aggravating. That and seeing that I only have ten chapters left T.T
Cycle0fthePhoenix chapter 48 . 3/19
I keep wondering if Diana is going to be bit by one of the nomads while protecting Alice or even Bella and that will cause Alice to reign in control to hold her close. Also, love that she stood up to Carlisle!
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