Reviews for Wanderlust
zozo42 chapter 1 . 4/10/2010
oh thats cute

i've onyl watch the first episode but already i love "Jake" and ham
oldfan of YA chapter 1 . 4/2/2009
I love this one. It's original and it's completely convincing - I absolutely buy that Jake would get like this occasionally.

And JaHammer love at the end :)
StreetSerenade chapter 1 . 12/27/2008
I agree about the last line. Very simple, to the point and I love that. *cough* Write more. :o)
une fille chapter 1 . 12/26/2008
Great insight into Jake's psyche. I've always wondered how she'd manage to cope with finally having a reason to stay sedentary. I think you captured that daily struggle well.

I think I love the last line best. It's as though Hamilton understands why she has to do this, and he has to believe that she'll come back every time.

Well done :)