Reviews for Fireside Dreams
Krizie chapter 1 . 1/20/2014
WOW... just WOW...

You managed to put their feelings into words perfectly! This is one prime example, when I feel that fanfics are sometimes better than watching the anime or reading the manga...

Your fanfics are awesome, wonderfully written! You're as talented as Nana (The author of the epic RoV ff "Memories") I am so envious! I can never write something like this, though I wish I could!

I hope you'll continue to write RoV fanfics! Can't wait to read more from you!
GracefulCrane chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
Totally LOVED it!

I can't say more...

It was so sweet and beautifully written. But my favorite part was when Oscar kissed Andre's eye and its scar. Oscar's words to him was absolutely sweet! Andre, I love your eyes too! Too bad I never have a chance to kiss your amazing eyes
Tranquil Girl chapter 1 . 11/29/2010
Well. What to say :D

First, I want to say, I loved the fireplace theme.

Second, I want to say, your description was so good, I was drowned into the situation.

Third, strong bases for the end of this story.

There were several things here that didn't quite similar with my preferences.

But what can I complaint?

This was technically good and succesfully emerging the nuances into my mind and heart.

Some differences in point of view between us didn't matter.


Congratulation : )
Xirysa chapter 1 . 1/1/2009
Dude, I thought I review'd this already.

Apparently not.

Anything I wanted to say has already been said. Poo. Oh well.

Either way, this was quite hot and sexy and definitely quite tasteful, and... Makes me think a bit of RPs lol.

I love the title, by the way.

josie chapter 1 . 1/1/2009
God knows, I know what is to make love... BUT reading or writing this stuff still makes me squirm and blush.

Dang! I wasn't always a prude. lol!

This was well written. I only caught like two errors but I'm sure someone has pointed them out already. I'm so late! _

loulou.k chapter 1 . 12/28/2008
Hello Manna!


I don't know what to say this time, really, even I'm losing my skills in giving any comment, or your "surprising skills" in this 'fic are over my poor English expressions.

I loved this one-good that I didn't read it at work, or else…!- you made me blushed this time, can you believe that? You and Kasia are a dangerous mix for me!hehehehe,

Speaking of my dear friend Kasia, she didn't left me any scene to comment on it, even if wanted to the reviews will be as if there're a double posting _;

So just a little maybe:

I liked how you made the 'fic all about Oscar, even though it was long at the first, but I guess it was like an introduction of what is coming next…At least from here side.

Oh, something new I found it in your writing, using the uncompleted sentences, and shifting between what was Oscar/Andre/you saying or thinking about and what the sentence ended like/with….like this (hadn’t even thought… The words had come out of her mouth, and she had meant them, but…)

And(. But she had not thought that André…that…)

(She would have never guessed that André’s entire life was…was her.)

(He really needed to get over his fear of her rooms…of her in her rooms. Of…of what had happened the last time he had been inside)

Oh, and I liked this line(She changed her mind. There was something that he could do for her. “Could you light a fire in my room?”) it was an ordinary question when she said and I read it, but then, now when I read it again… had another manning, not just "THE meaning", but …she needed warm in her room, in her life, in her heart and no one could do that except one….the hesitated when she was about to say she's fine then she changed her mind made me thought of that….did you do it on propose?

Oh, Manna, the love confession made me cry, how Oscar didn't know what she's going to say but she found her self saying it without hesitating anymore, without feeling embarrassing from her feelings from the man she loves…..and Andre's words and reaction after her words and her touches –especially when she touched his face and eyes- oh…that made me shiver. And my hands were cold too!

(He let his hair grow long on that side to hide it. Nobody wanted to see the white scar, the proof that he would never again see from that eye… So he hid it. From his grandmother, lest she cry every time she saw the eye that could not see her, from the general, lest he be considered useless and dismissed from Oscar’s side, and from Oscar, lest she be forced to think about it every single day)oh, that was very touching line…..and I always wanted to see her remove the thick locks away from his eyes and say what you made her say to him…..and see the reaction of him…closing his eyes, feeling her touch…thank you for that!

All right, I couldn't resist myself from saying a word on (Flustered, she stammered, “Y-You don’t have to if you don’t want to!”….He only smiled at her as the last button came undone and leaned forward, making her tip backward onto her back, her legs spreading out rather haphazardly. “For you, Oscar,” he murmured as his lips claimed hers. “I’ll do anything") Oh, man! How many things you have to scarify with for her…your shirt? YOUR SHIRT ANDRE? You are a wonderful man :P

And I'm glad that you didn't go farther…I wouldn't like that if you did, so as Kasia said: leaving them some privacy, came in it's time _;

Hum, to get myself in the mood before reading this 'fic, I decided to hear a song Kasia and I were talking about few days ago, and we discovered that it was/still among our favorites songs, I surprised how it would match this story " Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera - Nobody Wants To Be Lonely" …..I didn't want to hear a romantic, quiet song because the story wasn't like that, it was like…like….like seeing those fire players turning the darkness of the sky into a light, and making you feel those shivers overwhelmed you…and I'm losing control on my expression again…so I better stop here _

Very good job Manna, as always.



P.S. I still need good luck to catch up all the new 'fics on my desktop _
Zainab chapter 1 . 12/26/2008
I liked it more than you imagine and there are several lines i liked em like : ""I know what I want, but… I-I don’t know what I’m doing…” she blushed.

“I know,” he murmured, “I don’t either, to be honest.”""

well ,that was soo funny :)

and this line is perfect to end the fic and its too funny (“Where were we? I think we can figure this out together)

thanks again :)
Kasia.T chapter 1 . 12/26/2008

[She leaned closer to him, letting her mouth join her hands. She trailed her lips over the scar above his left eye, over the scar beneath his left eye. She kissed it over and over again, her eyelashes fluttering against his own, against his hair, against the bridge of his nose as she gently touched and kissed his slowly failing eye.

“I always did love your eyes,” she said. “And I still do. Both of them.”] Oh Andre, I love your eyes, too... Oh Oscar, I envy you that you can kiss them. What a beautiful scene. It makes me melt...

[Flustered, she stammered, “Y-You don’t have to if you don’t want to!”

He only smiled at her as the last button came undone and leaned forward, making her tip backward onto her back, her legs spreading out rather haphazardly. “For you, Oscar,” he murmured as his lips claimed hers. “I’ll do anything.”] Hahahaha, this part was funny. Oscar teasing with Andre and Andre pretnding that he has to scarifice for her pleasure. Hahahahaha...

The rest of their love making... well... I should copy and paste everything here, so I guess it’s pointless. So, just let me say – I LOVED IT! And you know what? I don’t care you didn’t go further! I don’t need to know all the details. It’s perfect as it is. Everyone can work out their own ending with their imagination. Besides, I think we should not deprive Oscar and Andre of their privacy. That night was for them not for us.

[He was no dream, not of the false kind. No, he was very real, just like her, but he was a dream in the sense that he was so amazing and perfect for her that he seemed like he ought to be a dream.] What a pity that in fact Andre IS a dream. DREAM, DREAM, DREAM... For so many desperate fans of his. Including me... Only Oscar could have him for real. Well, I guess it’s the way it should be.., I’m not going to complain but I’ll keep living that dream...

Thak you once again Manna. Words are not able to describe how wonderful you made me feel. I love you and I want you to become a world-famous writer. Really... I think you deserve it as much as Oscar deserved Andre.

Kisses and hugs,


P.S. I have been forced to divide the review into two parts. FFN didn't allow me to put it whole at once due to too excessive length. :-)
Kasia.T chapter 1 . 12/26/2008
Oh, Manna! THANK YOU! TAHNK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!... I’ll be praising you till the end of my days for this. And please forgive that I am so late with this review – I’ve been in bed with a terrible flu since yesterday evening. And I am so weak that I can barely sit or see anything with my swollen and teary eyes. No wonder reading the fic took me an eternity, not to mention writing a review which took another one. You’d laugh at seeing me curled up and hugging my laptop under the quilt. I’d try to do my best and concentrate as much as possible to make this review worthy your wonderful work.

So, why do I love the fic so much?

First of all, and it’s obvious, I love it just because it was written for me, hehehehehe. I knew you would never dissapoint me, even though you wrote about having difficulties in working on this one. I couldn’t imagine a better outcome of your work! Ah, and it was long enough to make the pleasure of reading double, triple, quadruple...hehehehe...

Secondly, I just love that you decided to set it in spring – my favourite season, when everything just wakes up for the new life. No other time could be better for Oscar to wake up from her „blindness”, to wake up for her new beginning... I remember writing about liking spring in one of the reviews not so long ago. Could it be possibly be that you took it under consideration while choosing the time for this fic?

Thirdly, it’s good that you focused more on Oscar and her thoughts. Although you are right that the story is more balanced towards the end, I still feel that Oscar is in the center. And that’s what like. Especially when we learn how guilty she feels for causing Andre so much pain... That’s why I’m always so „angry” with her - as you’ve noticed several times. Good to know that now she can see how mistaken she used to be, she’s sorry and wants to compensate him for all the heartache. This is the Oscar I have always wanted to see. She’s more or less like the woman during the night after his death - when she wanders around Paris mourning about her loss. The difference is that here, at least, she has a chance to make up for the lost time, lost 20 years... It’s March, so it means they’ll still have more than 4 months of happiness. Seems not much but I guess none of them would complain. Neither would I...

Oh, but when I saw the title and read through the first lines until the moment Oscar curls in her chair, I was afraud she would fall asleep and it would only be her dream. So, I’m even more thankful to you for making it real.

Next, I liked how you involved the Incident in this fic. This was the scene that made me fall in love with RoV all those long 15 years ago. Therefore, I never have enough of it. And hey, I guessed that you had mixed both the anime and manga there, even though I know very little about the latter

Now, it’s time to quote the lines that made me smile, cry, shiver, shudder, have goose bumps all over my body and... simply drown in pleasure:

[Oscar had, many months before, realized that she was in love with the one person who had been there with her every step of the way. But somehow, pride—or was it her own insecurities?—kept her from saying anything to him.] Ah, poor Oscar... Now I really feel sorry for her. She knows she loves him. She wants to confess. She hesitates. She doesn’t know how to do it. She’s too proud and she’s afraid that his feelings migh have changed. It’s nonsense, it’s silly but I understand her prefectly.

[He was still André, and she was still Oscar. The world still revolved from night to day in the same way it had since the world began. A man still needed a heartbeat to continue living. The shadow always fell behind the light.] Aw, that was just perfect. So poetic, so wise... Andre needed Oscar to continue his living, Oscar needed Andre. There’s no shadow without the light but what’s the light without it’s shadow? They complete each other like a day completes a night and the other way round...

[So where was her second chance? The curtain fell back into place as her chilled fingers let it go, and she wondered if she even deserved another chance. At happiness? At…at what? She didn’t even know.] Oh, my dear Oscar. You DO DESERVE your second chance. And it’s right there beside you. Your Andre is your chance for a better life. Just let him know...

[How many things had he done for her? How many of her footsteps had he followed in? Hadn’t he sacrificed his eye for her? His entire life? And he was still hurting.] Now, I can almost hear Andre’s words of relief: „I’m glad it wasn’t your eye”. Oh, and I see the love painted on his face when, lying in the bed, covered with bandages, he looks at her so tenderly... How I love him for that...

[How was it that God saw fit to give her something—no, someone—as steadfast as André? She certainly didn’t deserve it. She never had.] God always knows what he’s doing, Oscar. You should never doubt it. And please, don't be silly thinking you don’t deserve Andre. If only he could hear that, he woud definitely knock it out of your head.

[Her. For who she was. For what she had been from the very beginning, though most people didn’t even want to know. She was to her father what her father wanted her to be. She was to Marie Antoinette what Marie Antoinette wanted her to be. But to André… Well, she was herself.] Yes, Andre is the only person who knows her. And he knows her better than she knows herself. He knows what she needs before she can realize it. She’s never had to pretend to be anyone else in front of him. He loves her for who she is. Not for being a woman pretending to be a man, not for being a military commander. He simly loves Oscar. And that’s all. And that is also for what I love HIM so much.

[There was no answer. It could only be one person.

There was only one person who was afraid to come into her apartments.

One person who had a reason to want to avoid them.] Poor Andre... Her apartments must be like a temple for him. The temple in which his goddess lives. But since the Incident, it must have become something else – a place of crime, a place at which the hope for her ever returning his love was murdered. With his own hands... I believe he sees it like that. No wonder he’s afraid to step in – it must like entering paradise and hell at the same time...

[She would have never guessed that André’s entire life was…was her. Oscar François de Jarjayes.] Ah, that... I’m speechless. Oscar defines Andre’s whole being.

[But it wasn’t fair to him, she thought, that he was an adult and felt obligated to stay with her.] Obliged? Oh, no my dear. For Andre it was a privilege to stay by your side. That was the only place in the world he could feel happy in. The only place he could call his home...

[He deserved the freedom to live his own life, didn’t he? She was choosing to change hers, and so she had assumed that he might wish to change his, too.] What an irony – he indeed took the liberty to change his life at that moment. Even if he hadn’t planned it before...Confessing his love hurt both of them but without this desperate move of Andre’s, Oscar would have never been able to wake up for her new life... her second chance.

[No, no…she was most definitely a woman, she reminded herself as she opened the door to her rooms to see André standing there. But she acted like no other women that she knew.] Oh, how good to see Oscar accepting her feminity. Or even more – Oscar wanting to BE A WOMAN. And why? Because she has finally found the one and only man who never doubted her womanhood.

[“I trust you, André,” she murmured, and allowed herself to touch his arm just slightly.] Aw, that made me shiver...

[He had promised that he would never touch her again… He had promised, and yet… She was almost like an addiction. He couldn’t help himself. And—he almost flushed at his silliness—what if she hurt herself? No, he couldn’t allow that, not at all.] Oh, I’m still shivering. Even more than before. And I’m sure it’s not due to the fever bothering me since yesterday.

[She took his hand in both of hers, her touch light, and held his palm to the curve of her cheek.] Oh, now I’m not only shivering but my cheeks are hot... And there’s a dangerous amount of water in my eyes...

[So, how long had he loved her? Could he even say? Many years, almost… “An eternity,” he murmured, looking back at her.] Now, I’m crying... That’s so... Andre-like... I can’t find words to describe my feelings here.

[“Why?” he said, forcing himself not to pull her hands to his lips to kiss them. No, she was…was opening up to him? Perhaps… He could not afford to scare her. “Why, Oscar? I… Why not?”] That’s perfect! Does there always have to be a reason for loving someone? Love is just love. And the fact that you can’t explain it, makes it even more beautiful.

[With a quiet, almost unnoticeable sob, she fell forward onto her knees and wrapped her arms around him. “I’m sorry, André,” she muttered, over and over again. “I’m sorry. I was such a fool.”] Oh, I’m almost sobbing too... Tears are running down my cheeks and soon my pillow and quilt will be completely soaked. But I don’t care. It’s too beautiful to refrain myself from crying.

[“You know what they say, Oscar…? Forever is only a blink in time when you are with the one that you love.”] Aw, Andre, why do you have to be so wise?

[He took it, gently, wrapping his arms around her and holding her to him as one might hold something they were afraid of breaking. “Must I say it a thousand times? Or even a million times? Oscar, my answer will never change… I decided long ago to remain by your side until death separates us.”] In sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth, 'til death do us part... No, this couple will not be separated! Not even by death. In this case death will be the thing to join them – for eternity.