Reviews for Rob, God of Robotics
Lynnda chapter 4 . 5/23/2009
Thanks for another great chapter. Even if you did kill Dia.

I wonder how close the robots are duplicates of Bo. Do they have any powers? Do they have all the hardware for powers, but Rob just didn’t activate it?

I enjoyed the Orbots mistaking Barry for Rob. I am guessing either the voice or the vocabulary was slightly off because they did recognize the real Rob instantly, even as transformed as he was.

I got a big kick out of Barry calling Bobby. (But you probably guessed that.)

Probably a safe assumption that, publicly, Barry’s identity would have to be as secret as Rob’s was, to protect the same people.

I would have liked to get to know Selena a little better. She seemed very interesting.

I loved that Rob was considerate enough to put some clothes on Dia before she woke up.

Nicely done, I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
Lynnda chapter 3 . 3/29/2009
Awesome story, thanks for sharing. As always grammar and style are above reproach (well, above my reproach anyway. :D ) Thank you for the nod in the notes. Made me feel actually helpful! Woot!

About .. "Only his mother and surviving siblings would know the truth, along with Rondu, Dia, and the Orbots." I think the replacement engineer (AJ) might have figured it out at the reading of the will, if she is as bright as she should be.

It also occurs to me that since Rob did wind up explaining the whole I've-been-reborn-as-a-god thing to Dia and Rondu he could have come back as Rob Simmons, and let the galaxy think that he was the 'replacement' Orbots commander. Of course, I only mention this because I can imagine some really, really rude surprises for anyone who tried to take on Mighty Orbots with a GOD at the helm! LOL He could also finally win a drinking contest with Barry! (It isn't just the encouragement I got from the nod in the note, I never know when to shut up. Laugh, nod, and we will go on like everyone else I know. lol)

Eros obviously enjoyed cluing Rob in about the fathering. Of course as one of the gods of love, this is right up his portfolio.

I liked the fact that Hoshi moved to protect Dia and Ria. As a very young child in an age accelerated body, it must be hard, but he obviously feels very protective of his little sister (common in all young boys) and probably of Dia too. From the build up in the summary, I had expected something a little more dramatic for the meeting of the two Robs, although I am not sure what. Not sure if the fic went it's own direction or the the drama is coming later or you just wanted a visit with characters you love. I do enjoy the friendship you have created between Rob and Eros. It is very rich and real.

I really REALLY loved the scene between Rob and Dia, and I perfectly understand that this is the best you could do in a general access forum. You DO have a history of posting juicy details separately later, so maybe ... just maybe. . Still, I loved the fact that the only question she had was "you're really here?". There are thousands of others, how can you be here? which gods are real? how much power do you have?, she cared about none of them! Not as long as she could hold him again.

I think it would have been funny if Rondu had assumed Rob must be Barry and Rob had to convince him otherwise, but I still had much amusement imagining Rob explaining to Rondu that he had gotten Dia pregnant out of wedlock.

I liked "code starbird" nice name for a ship too.

I believe I have already expressed my opinion about Dia dying. Dia probably isn't going to be happy about leaving her babies either! No matter how many she and Rob have on Olympus. Rob's palace looked large enough for a dozen at least.

I wonder who will raise the babies? Will the cover story be they were Rob's conceived before he died or that they are Barry's? DNA couldn't tell the difference. (Assuming Rob has the same DNA as a god...?) Just remember: Demigods kick ass!

Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work!
Lynnda chapter 2 . 3/21/2009
Yay! Another chapter.

I can have Vex? If I killed him, messily, would that interfer with what you have planned for chapter 3? (Just kidding)

I love the fact that Rob and Eros are best friends. It makes perfect sense. The romantic in me has always believed that everything Rob did, he did for love. (Of freedom, justice, life, the Orbots, Dia, etc, etc..)

The reading of the will made me so sad! Poor Rob, poor Dia! Especially poor Dia, I don't know much about this alternativel universe, but I don't think much time could have passed between Dia learning Rob's secret and his death. She didn't seem suprised that Rob loved her and wanted to marry her, but the must not have had time. :(...

The Orbots were certain suprised at the thought of having a mother though! Nice touch that. It struck me as a little odd that a commander was able to name his replacement from beyond the grave, or rather include his command in his will. Of course that is only because the society we live in, military commanders do not get to do that. Their replacements are appointed by their superiors, which in this case would have been Rondu, so I suppose if they choose to format it in that manner for some reason, that would make sense.

I LOVE the fact that Dia can hear Rob when he talks to her through the looking pool. I love even MORE the fact that Eros is going to teach him how to visit Dia when she sleeps. I am going to take this opportunity to point out that real greek mythology had a LOT of Demi-gods. Probably because every hero, commander, king and minor noble wanted to claim divine origin, but the POINT is that a God can father a child with a mortal. And that child tends to have some really cool powers!

Rob's comment about Rondu being the closest thing to a father he ever had definately helps place this in a different AU than all the other fics so far. I guess the family that his identity is being kept a secret to protect would be mother and siblings. but I guess that is another fic...

I enjoyed the fact that Aphrodite was 'stunned' that the most beautiful woman in the universt wasn't her, in everyone's opinion. She was obviously fishing for complements with her test. Still, as the Goddess of Love, she respected his love and was not offended. I liked Eros (his new best friend) defending him.

Being Immortal puts a whole new meaning to BFF! Rob's new home is awesome! I wonder how much temptation that the golden statue of Dia is going to present. Probably not much once Eros teaches him how to visit the real thing. M, delightful image.

I love the fact that Dia can hear Rob through the pool. I LOVE the fact that Eros will teach Rob how to visit her in her dreams. I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
Lynnda chapter 1 . 12/27/2008
This is great! You write very well. I love the imagery, especially the naked Rob ;) Very seriously love that image.

I wonder if heads will roll (figuratively) because the Orbots Commander was outside the relative safety of Mighty Orbots and in the middle of a firefight with a weapon he was unfamiliar with. Not that he couldn’t have been killed inside Mighty Orbots, and he almost was at the beginning of Wish World. Still, big dramatic firefight where Mighty Orbots is hit then relief that it doesn’t look bad, then horror that it is, isn’t the point of this fic. I get that. Moving on now.

I really like the naked Rob image.

This is a truly beautiful line “Dia, Rondu’s beautiful daughter, with whom Rob had always been so madly in love with; “

It makes perfect sense to me that Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle, was the one to guide Rob to Olympus. Despite being peaceful by nature, he was one formidable opponent when he needed to be. And I Really like the naked Rob image

I love this! ““You would have powers over any kind of constructed person or animal, be it a statue or a robot,” Zeus explained. “You could create such a construct, and imbue it with intelligence and even a measure of free will and consciousness with just a thought. You could heal –or destroy—them at your whim.” It makes perfect sense that, if Robots were new, that the gods would want to bring that power into their fold. Cool Cool Cool. The Rob barefoot in a tunic image isn’t bad either.

I know the Orbots will stay with Daddy. I hope Dia will stay. I doubt Rhondu would want to. Eternity with your kids, many parents have trouble putting up with them for 18 years, let alone all eternity. I bet he would prefer to go on, perhaps to be with Dia’s mother. Hmm, maybe he will hang around long enough to say hi to Dia, watch her and Rob wed, stuff like that..

This line made me laugh: “He could not, for instance, raise the dead, or make someone fall in love with him.” Those are the same provisos that were on the genie’s wishes in Aladdin! That is pretty cute, sneaking those in. Hmm, still I wonder if he had anyone particular in mind when he was thinking of someone loving him. Sigh. *I* love him.

I love his cocky grins too.

Hmm, interesting thought. If Hades agreed to bring the Orbots to Olympus when they ‘died’ then they must, somehow, have souls. I wonder when that started happening! What a concept. I bet it was about the same time that they were no longer in Hephaestus’s sphere of power and the gods of Olympus decided they needed another, so that no aspect of the mortal world would be completely outside of there control.

Can’t wait for Rob to meet Diana. I am betting his is still devoted to Dia however. Maybe Cupid will feel sorry for Rob and show him how to hookup with Dia while she sleeps. ;)

Thank you for sharing a wonderful start to a awesome story. Eagerly awaiting more.

Btw: I loved the images,