Reviews for New Blood II: Growing Ranks
Lord Blood chapter 22 . 5/17/2012
my last review was for the last chapter of your first story. i mentioned that my surprise that you hadn't moved beyond simple sex. i forgot to mention though, my surprise that you haven't moved to sex between family. with all the decadence that you focus on, relations between wolverine/laura, kurt/rogue, wanda/pietro, etc should have played a major part.

now, i wanted to say. stories need CONFLICT. the first real conflict you've gotten into took you 500,000 words to accomplish. yes you hinted and built it up all throughout between xavier, selene, and sinister (and you did a great job of it, no doubt) but that's it! the kingpin and all those minor people don't count as conflicts. i'm surprised other people stayed this long, considering it's actually quite boring. i continued to read this because i admire the work you do in building each character up. and really, xavier feels quite pathetic. despite all this scheming, he's done nothing to deal with his true enemies. it's all "oh yea i have no proof that they're doing something bad". fuck that, he's the black king, he doesn't need proof! he knows the other 2 are plotting against him, he should just strike out!
Xarkun's Shadow chapter 13 . 5/6/2010
The big problem with the converts to the "dark side" as it were, especially in Nightcrawler's case, is that there are characters in the Marvel Universe who do serve heaven, aka GHOSTRIDER... this is a damn good series but this little bit of cynicism that there is only evil, and never good gets, ironically, very preachy/
anon chapter 23 . 6/2/2009
Are we going to see Logan's son Daken maybe he has mystical Muramasa Blade metal bonded to his skeleton or just his claws like Laura's adamantium
X00001 chapter 23 . 6/1/2009
Nice chapter everyone seemed to be bored in this chapter, i know the feeling going to a party that is boring. Any way Selene seems to be ready what ever she has planned, oh and is Amara going to make an appearence? hope so it would be good to see her in the story, can't wait to see what happens next keep up the good work.
anon chapter 23 . 5/31/2009
Forgot to mention also maybe Rachel Summers, X-Man, Cable, Franklin Richards whose power is equal to the Celestials themselves
The Writer with No Name chapter 23 . 5/31/2009
Ah, the ending! I must say, Part Two has certainly taken us on quite the ride; I'm almost afraid to ask what Part Three will bring! Well, I guess this answers the question of what happened to Sebastian Shaw; Charles and Selene sure did a number on him, didn't they? I have to admit, Charles definitely got the better of him, getting him to turn on his own Inner Circle and leaving himself open for those two to take control. Still, I noticed you haven't answered the question I'm sure we're all asking: what HAPPENED to Charles to make him change so much? I guess you're saving THAT for Part Three. Regardless, I see that there's at least SOME of the Charles we all know left, given how he's trained the senior Pawns; if Shaw had asked his subordinates to trust his judgement, he'd have probably been laughed out of the building. I also enjoyed the guest appearances by Pepper Potts, Norman Osborn, and even the Torch. It looks like Mystique has just about convinced Logan not to help Emma in her scheme; somehow, I doubt that's going to stop her going after Scott. And judging from Enchantress' reaction to Jean's latest lesson, pissing her off MIGHT not be such a good idea. Between that and Essex's little project, Part Three really looks like it's heating up! And we FINALLY get a sneak-peek at some of Selene's past; Nova Roma, huh? Can't wait to see THAT explained! You've done it again, my friend! I eagerly await the next installment! You ROCK! Later!
anon chapter 23 . 5/30/2009
Maybe the Maestro version of Hulk he's a villain Hulk with the mind of Banner
anon chapter 23 . 5/30/2009
Illuminati member Black Bolt king of the Inhumans took over the Kree and Vulcan Scott and Alex's little brother took over the Shi'ar two of the three major intergalactic powers along with the Skrulls

Maybe we can see Emma with Namor
Frozen-Marvel-83 chapter 23 . 5/30/2009
Wow! It was quite interesting to see just how Sebastian Shaw was overthrown by Xavier. Not exactly a pretty picture - lol:) But even though Shaw was dying he still kept on making insults and harsh remarks. Of course that's him though. I do believe that Xavier is much better for Black King, because he surely is reasonable. He doesn't betray his own. The only way his allies would go down is if they do wrong against him. Or maybe even if they do so against other members. I found it funny where Shaw told Charles to "go to hell" and he said "you first" - lol:) Although, Shaw's torture had been highly painful it's obvious that his ending was even more painful. That would be horrible to die that way. But Xavier proved he could get the job done no matter how cruel or messy it got. He knew then that Selene was a overly dark person; it's not hard to figure that out - lol:) So he knew also that she could be a problem somewhere down the line. And he was completely right.

The changes in the pawns that are under the Black Queen's grip are very noticeable. While most of them weren't the greatest people to start with they weren't that bad. Scott is definitely wise; he knows something is up. Alex being one of Selene's isn't a good thing for Scott. Not by a long shot. The Black King is an honest man. It's good that he could reason with Scott even though he couldn't tell him what was really going down. Truthfully, he didn't know to the full extent what really was going down. It's nice to know that all who follow him will be safe. But those who follow Selene may not be so lucky. Time will tell what happens:) I'm just glad that no matter how much power Xavier gets he still keeps his word:)

It's nice to see all of the different industries, companies and so forth coming together:) I bet it's hard for Charles and Selene to act like they get along well - lol:) In reality they aren't that way at all:) It's funny, don't Norman and Charles know that Tony Stark and Iron Man are one in the same? LOL:) I like that Osborn and Xavier get along well. They have to, especially when Osborn picked up the subtext of what Xavier was saying. Of course, Norman would know how business works. Yeah, I bet those parties could be pretty boring - lol:) Most social gatherings tend to be that way when it's about business. I liked that Pepper Pots attended. And I loved the comments James and Rogue said about Stark - lol:) I'm sure the hardest thing about attending these kinds of things is that everyone has to act like they're so well put together. It's definitely a show. I think that Sage just might help James calm down - lol:) And Rogue surely will help Scott be less tense:) Those two share more similarities now considering they both have siblings that have gone astray. I feel that the changes in some of the newer pawns stand out like a sore thumb. Many have probably picked up on it. Whoa, Lorna and Mystique have a bit of a argument. But that's given when it revolves around a very touchy subject. Mystique knew what she was talking about though. She always does. She was right, Lorna hasn't been in the Hellfire Club long enough to understand it as thoroughly. At least Lorna understood what Mystique was talking about and they spoke softer. She will do well to keep everything that Mystique said in mind. The shape-shifter sure can give some good advice - lol:) The pawns that haven't been darkened appeared to have a good time:) They shared some differences, as usual, but they got along well:) It's expected for them to not agree on everything. I don't think anyone agrees on everything anyway. That was nice, and funny, when Laura and Julian were dancing:) He he he:) That was yet another thing that's so new to her. Dancing certainly does bring people much closer - lol:) And Logan sure told the bartender. But that bartender has no idea just how much alcohol Logan can consume - lol:) Most people would be passed out by then:) Logan does surely have issues. First with Jean then Mystique. And now with Laura. mainly the fact that she's hanging around Julian. His overprotective mode gets the best of him sometimes. However, he does mean well:) Oh, he really had to be too caught up with watching Laura and drinking because it would be difficult to not notice Emma - lol:) She never hides much:) I loved the comment he made about her dress and the reply she gave about it:) I have no doubts that Emma will act on her part whether Logan helps or not. I don't know exactly what she's planning to do in order to win Scott over, but I'm sure it will hurt Jean very much. And I suppose that if Emma gets Scott it would be nice for Logan to be there for Jean. He'll need Emma's help if he wants Jean to be happy. So, Mystique just squeezed in between Logan and Emma. That didn't sit well with Emma at all. She was highyly annoyed and it showed greatly. Her and Mystique share a few angry, snide comments but Emma left them be. She really had no choice though. Mystique is right, no matter how badly Logan wants Jean he shouldn't do it whatever way Emma is planning. Even though the shape-shifter doesn't know the whole story she knows enough to raise suspicions. It found it funny how Logan and Mystique seemed to be fighting over the alcohol - lol:) It's great that this showed what Selene's followers were talking about and so forth. Wow, Alex called Tabitha skanky! He may or may not have been joking, but either way she didn't seem to happy about it. I didn't doubt that they'd be party poopers - lol:) This is not something Selene would enjoy so it's not a surprise that they didn't like it. Oh, I'm sure they will know when the Black Queen makes her move. Surely everybody will.

I liked to see Jean take more magic lessons with Enchantress:) Jean is much more powerful now, but she's still not as powerful of countless others who work magic. Enchantress is perfectly right, Jean must learn her limits for if she doesn't she could weaken much easier. That wouldn't be any help if she was strong enough to fight. And she was right about another thing, thinking you're ready and knowing you're ready are two different things. Jean must do this wisely because she doesn't want it to backfire like it did on that girl in the book. Keeping control of yourself is truly a good thing. And I'm sure that when Enchantress said ". . . and you just might have a chance against the likes of that bitch." that she was referring to none other than Selene. I strongely hope that Jean can pull this off. The future of the Hellfire Club may sit in her hands, at least partially. So, my gut feeling had been right! It is the Phoenix that's within Jean! It just hasn't manifested quite yet.

Sinister really is obsessed with his work. And that causes him to get rather pushy. Some things take time, if they're to be done properly and be effective. Oh and of course he wouldn't understand Hank's relationship with Rahne. Sinister isn't one for relationships. His work is all he needs. So his creations are coming along? Not good for anyone but him - lol:) That is very, very sly that he not only implanted the embryos without the women's knowledge but he also removed them without their knowing. Sinister is just that, sneaky. And that fact that Selene was helping make things even worse. I wonder if he could have pulled it off without her hand in it? Sinister seriously sounds like a mad scientist at the end of this scene. In a way, that's what he is - lol:)

It looks as though everything is working out for Selene as well. At least so far. Her followers have made her quite proud. She was overly happy about how far she was coming along in her plans. If her plans follow through the Hellfire Club and maybe even the world will be doomed, unless they follow her. I think I'd rather die than be on her side, no matter how harsh the death is - lol:) I only hope that hers and Sinister's plans can be stopped before they take full effect. I'm sure I will find that out when the time comes:) Along with everything else:)

Well, awesome chapter! And a great way to end this part of your story:) I can't wait to see how your third and final installment of this unfolds:) I'm sure it's going to be even more exciting to read:) Things tend to get better as the progress:) I've definitely enjoyed this so far:) So, the last part is only nine months ahead? I wonder if that has anything to do with what Sinister is doing - lol:) That surely give time for his specimen to grow. Him and Selene so creep me out - lol again:) Anyway, I'll be waiting for your last part:) I can't wait:) I bet this was the longest review yet:) It's more like a book - lol:) I hope I spelled everything right and covered everything:) Well, for now, take care:)
Harry2 chapter 23 . 5/29/2009
Well, this party was DEFINETLY interesting! And I think Mystique's message to Lorna should be taken to heart. Selene's pawns are heading down a path that could lead to the destruction not only of the Hellfire Club, but much more! But, I think that she will be surprised to see what Jean has in store for her. Selene, say hello to THE PHOENIX! Phoenix, say hello to Selene. Can you say GOODBYE SELENE! Sure you can! Now, bring on the third part of this GREAT story!
cra0422 chapter 23 . 5/29/2009
Good chapter and an interesting way to conclude this part of the saga.

You finally showed us how Xavier took over the Hellfire. Brilliant move the way he manipulated them. Shaw may have seen it as being soft, but from Xavier's standpoint "why do the hardwork yourself when you can get others to do it for you?"

If there weren't divisions forming within Hellfire before, there definitely are now. You can really tell there's going to be a power struggle before Xavier and Selene in the future. I can't wait to see how that plays out.

I enjoyed the comments made about Tony Stark. I know this is still when everyone thought Iron Man was a different person. I always enjoyed Iron Man because of his high-tech gear, but I lost a great deal of respect for him after Civil War.

I think for Jean to be a contender against Selene she's going to have to get a bit more "firey" if you catch my drift.

I doubt Xavier will be pleased when he finds out what Sinister has been up to, but he may try to take advantage of it. We know Selene approves, and that her group follows her lead in everything.

Looking forward to more.
anon chapter 23 . 5/29/2009
Showing him he is willing to be cutthroat and ruthless when necessary and get his hands dirty when he has to as well as being reasonable great

I really want Selene and Sinister to stay on the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle and their followers as well and modify their plans to serve Hellfire as a whole

Alright Osborn and the previous Hellfire members' organizations

I love mentioning how villains are working well together actually well without backstabbing

Stark and Reed sweet

That's true heroes don't share their skills and scientific breakthroughs with the law enforcement and medical community now mass production wouldn't be cost effective in some cases but a little bit could go a long way if many pooled their resources it's like they're sanctimonious hypocrites social darwinists with messiah complexes you'd think Reed would spend a weekend curing cancer beating up thugs and psychos and whatever nutcase wants to take over the world this week (though I'm all for villains who at least have a point and frighteningly may be rigth about their benevolent dictatorship like Magneto and Dr. Doom who could run the world better then most governments could hope to manage fix a lot of problems of course that only applies to their most sympathetic portrayals in others they could be just thugs and even psychopaths)isn't good enough we need to fight ignorance and poverty crime at source not effects of course make education great so the common man does know what is best for him and his children's children and democratic republicanism can work

Thanks for mentioning the Thunderbolts a lot of villains if they used their minds and/or other talents for legitimate business causes could be more profitable then any crime spree and the government could pay more take Taskmaster Civil War made an honest man out of him

I was expecting Emma to say Julian has potential all he needs is a kick in the butt she took him as her protege because he has potential to become a great hero or an even greater villian so Logan should give him a chance

Also I think Logan should have told Emma if he can't get Jean on his own he doesn't deserve her

Enchantress got me thinking of Chthon giving Wanda a portion of his power and Dr. Strange telling the Hood that Dormammu's promises were empty

and Azazel's power is beyond that of true demons

Is Magik going to conquer Limbo

Remember the Celestials humbled the Sky Fathers-Odin, Zeus, Vishnu even with their superweapon

I recently found out about a series called Domiantion of Drakas and found an essay online ( colon slash slash thescorp dot multics dot org slash 22stirling do l)by Paul Charnock and the last paragraph sums up similar thoughts (you should probalby read the whole thing to really undrestand it) of Sinister As Nietzsche saw, Man is not the end and pinnacle of evolution, but merely a step along the way. Intelligent life in the true sense has yet to appear on Earth – as is perfectly evident from the sorry saga of history all the way to the headlines in today’s newspapers. Unless we choose to create it ourselves, it probably never will. As long as we remain, as Nietzsche put it, Human, all too Human, we are as a species doomed. A fate Stirling’s Draka, for all their spectacular infringements of "human rights" etc. chose to escape by not remaining human. If we do choose racial self-transcendence, no matter what the cost, no matter what the means, then our descendants, better in every way than us and living in a world they built better in every way than our own, will be able to say proudly with Stirling’s Gwendolyn Ingolfsson: "I’m not human. But my ancestors were, and what they dreamed, we are". It is a dream Friedrich Nietzsche dreamed, long ago. And a dream S.M. Stirling portrays vividly today. It is a dream we must make reality tomorrow. One way or another. If not the way Stirling shows us, then another way at least as effective. Or the future for us all, in the long run, will be a nightmare worse than any dystopian fiction, ending almost inevitably in the extinction of humanity. An extinction, unlike that of any other species, which will not be misadventure but suicide. Suicide through terminal stupidity and cowardice.

So are we going to see Synch, Prodigy, and Darwin maybe Madelyn Pryor as Sinister's creations I'd like that

Is the book the Darkhold written by Chthon himself

You are awesome this is awesome you rock
Francisco Devilman Warrior chapter 23 . 5/29/2009
nice very very nice so thats what happened to shaw poor dope oh well nice work.
Quillian chapter 23 . 5/29/2009
Well, here it is, the final chapter for the middle part of your dark saga!

Whoa, poor Shaw... I wondered about the fates of the other former members of the Inner Circle, and you answered that question (well, for one of them, anyway... what about others like Leland and Pierce?). Apparently, or at least from what we can tell, the merciful yet still cruel imprisonment of Magneto only applied to him because he was once Charles' friend. As for Xavier finishing off Shaw with that special, unique touch which probably only a telepath can deliver, yikes... although I did almost want to shout "FATALITY"! I also have to comment on Shaw's words about it coming back to haunt Xavier... gotta love little, seemingly prophetic touches like that, right? The successor overthrowing the predecessor... much like how, in Greek mythology, Uranus was overthrown by Cronus and the Titans, and they in turn were overthrown by Zeus and the Olympians, and even after that, Zeus himself wondered and worried about one who might eventually overthrow him.

Also, nice mentor/student scene between Xavier and Scott. Also... "Your instincts serve you well"? Another deliberate STAR WARS reference, Slickboy? *grin*

Also a nice scene with the party that night, especially showing the interaction between the Xavier-led Hellfire Club and the heroes in the Marvel Universe who are still heroes and didn't similarly take darker paths.

I see some similarities between the end of this fic and the first one in this series, such as the Hellfire Club having a party, as well as Jean with Enchantress. I also find amusing how you make Enchantress so haughty and snobbish and yet so unashamed of it... almost like Emma Frost if she were a Norse deity, in a way.

...And we see Sinister (and Hank) hard at work on their little pet project. Can't help but wonder how these clandestine children will turn out...

And at last, for one final touch, we see Selene doing her own thing. Nova Roma, huh? Will we see Amara Aquilla (Magma) at all?

Looking forward to the third and final part of this series! (To quote that Halo 3 trailer: "FINISH THE FIGHT"! Sorry, I've got Halo on the brain lately, it seems...) Yes, indeed, finish this great story of yours!
anon chapter 22 . 5/25/2009
Someone mentioned who is the better game player it got me thinking of the Grandmaster of the Elders of the Universe
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