Reviews for On the Way to Greatness
nightcrawler01 chapter 21 . 6/14
This is better than the canon.

I am astonished to see, how sorting Harry in Slytherin made the story more realistic and mature.

I am not sure I will be able to take the original Harry Potter seriosly after this.

Please, finish the story.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/6
Yooo, this is by far one of the best Harry Potter fic I've ever read. The way you potray Harry as Sly was so good. He take no shit from anyone, stand on his leg, charismatic, and fight like prodigy. Hell, on top of that, he even became everybody champion in the last chap. Nuts! But on the other side, sadly I guess you abandon this fic.
Guest chapter 21 . 6/2
Insane story
Dolodi chapter 20 . 5/25
Oh my God. I added this story to my favorites back in 2013 and to have seen that it was updated well past the time since I last read it gives me hope another update might be forthcoming. I know it's been over two years since, but if you're still out there with any thoughts on how to story will progress, I know we'd all love to see it! Anyway, it was a true pleasure re-reading the entirety of your series and I'll be happy to do it again if the story stays alive! Thanks for an escape from life for a while, -Dolodi

Edit: Apparently I did read the entirety including chapter 21 when you had originally updated it. Oh well, guess I'll do the same thing in a couple years. Cheers!
Namikaze18 chapter 21 . 5/23
What an amazing read! I come back to this piece every few months and it perfectly scratches my harry potter itch. One of the best slytherin harry fan fics of all time. Hope you come back to start year 7!
sparksys123 chapter 4 . 5/1
Ch: 4
xXxXx: 1 from the bottom
TheGamingPie chapter 1 . 4/18
Just loved all the characters and their dynamics, the import detail without too much rambling. The nuance and complexity made it an excellent read.
Guest chapter 4 . 4/6
Onde está está a tal grandeza? Não vi nada dessa coisa, a única coisa que realmente vi foi ele se ferrar em tudo e nada de grandioso, conto realmente hipócrita.
deborahstoops24 chapter 21 . 3/26
maiqsmail chapter 21 . 3/14
Great story. Slytherin!Harry but not at odds with Dumbles, or with Snape agonizing about "Lily's son"/Severitus. Grey!Harry but In Character. Things somewhat close to canon but not a senseless rehash. Relatively powerful! Harry but still gets realistically mopped by Voldi and Dumbles both thanks to their decades of experience. Even Sluggy going into witness protection. (Because I sure hope he actually got out, there was no definitive confirmation). And the whole story fits together so well. This is really well done. I guess it was cut off and discontinued after year 6 because author's perfectionism? Because it's sure as hell gonna be hard to beat this quality standard while going out into much bigger world of hot phase of second blood war, and treasure hunt, and reaching an age of majority and going out into big politics instead of doing it in off-time after school lessons. I'd still would prefer a continuation, but understandable nevertheless.
Thanks for the story.
maiqsmail chapter 13 . 3/8
Bullshit. Lucius is not a ministry lackey that could be sent to escort a visitor. Harry saw him at the graveyard in death eater paraphernalia, why would he agree to go? Stop setting MC onto canon rails. So many original fanfics, and it's canon re-hash every fricking time. MC could be Girl-Who-Lived, get sorted into Ravenclaw, have a rival in Hermione and then when the time comes it's always the bloody same milestones, no matter how AU the universe is, always fighting basilisk in the Chamber, always going through 3WT willingly and so on. Fucking enough.
maiqsmail chapter 12 . 3/8
Great job on Weasleys. Not polarising them like in other fanfics, where they're either insufferable brats or best-mates-for-life, depending on protagonist. These ones here are just realistic.
maiqsmail chapter 10 . 3/8
Great resolution of 3wt. I like how realistically Harry ate the AK in the duel instead of that Deus ex machina of "brother" wands and shiet.
Gabznz chapter 21 . 3/8
I've just reread this and, my god, it is good. So complex and nuanced and so, so good. Thank you!
I know it must take so much time and effort to produce such an amazing story and I'm grateful you have. If it never gets updated then I'll still be happy with what I've read. However, if the muse comes back I'd love to read more.
maiqsmail chapter 6 . 3/7
All very valid questions from Harry to Lupin. It always surprised me how canon!Harry never, not even once, asked him anything like "where have you been for a decade, you know I could've used you instead of Dursleys". Of course it was this way because he got written only at the PoA, same as horcruxes business only appeared as late as in HBP.
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