Reviews for On the Way to Greatness
AspiringAuthor236 chapter 3 . 7/17
I’m sorry but this is extremely generic with Harry being the exact same as canon just a slytherin with different friends.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/17
I’ve been reading this since 9th grade...I’m now in graduate school...I hope one day you find the inspiration to finish this. I’ve been checking to see if it’s been updated for years. Love it.
CamilleBC chapter 1 . 7/10
I'm usually happy when Harry turns dark. In your fanfic, it never really happens, but you kept your Harry edgy and interesting. I think the characters are what I love in your fanfic. You don't rely on existing lore, which makes it easier for someone like me, who is not a hardcore potterhead, to get into the story. Thanks so much for the world you have crafted, along with the plausible and believable personas you have introduced. Cheers from France!
ADyspraxicHufflepuff chapter 1 . 7/6
I love the story so far, but the mention of spiders, cockroaches and rats in narrow spaces made me think of Ant and Dec(absolute legends(although,I really only watch Saturday night takeaway or Britain’s got talentand that is my only complaint. I’m hoping that that was just a coincidence and your not letting my emotions go by this. But absolutely amazing story so far.
TheDaniac chapter 20 . 7/5
I really enjoyed your style of narration, and I loved snarky Slytherin Harry comments a lot. It also has none of the usual repetitive grammar mistakes that seem to plague other writers, and for that my sanity thanks you.

As far as criticisms go, I can't think of many. I guess it is a little bit predictable because it follows Canon quite closely. But I don't mind that aspect too much since you do have your own twists on the events, and the writing quality is high enough to keep the story interesting.

I also really appreciated the fact that Harry actually went through some breakups instead of finding his one true pairing. It seems like countless other stories have Harry ask some girl that has been described as vaguely pretty, they show up wearing a "form fitting dress", and then they have 3 kids in the epilogue.

A I'm sure countless people have said, I hope you update this at some point even though it's been 4 years. Hope everything is good for you.
monALYSSA1798 chapter 20 . 7/5
Hello! Great story man (I use this for any gender) :D
I was hooked from the start and I just couldn't stop reading!
Any chance for an update? Or is this story discontinued/abandoned? :/ I hope not :(
(though if it is I can't do anything either way D: )
I mean the story is nearing the end, or at least that's how it seems at this point. It's been 4 years since your last update, I just hope that that wasn't your last update :)

On another note, I also hope that you're doing well irl _ Take care man! And stay safe :D
Guest chapter 20 . 6/28
I don’t imagine there could be more of this...? (
you suck chapter 12 . 6/18
you changed fuck all all that happen'd differently was was the fucking house jesus fucking christ take this shit down.
PhoenixAureum chapter 5 . 6/16
This story up until now, is pretty good.
The only thing, that gets on my nerves, is the fact that according to you Slytherin somehow has 5 Chasers.
Who did Malfoy replace in second year?
Warrington, Pucey or Montigue?
Apparently no one, since all of them have been mentioned as Chasers in the 3. year alone...
Flint also is a chaser, meaning you have 5 chasers.
How can you not realise it, when you are mentioning them so often?
roggy b chapter 20 . 6/16
Guest chapter 20 . 6/10
Truly epic piece. It’s been quite the read; you’ve managed to masterfully portray a Harry that realistically develops along a darker path rather than a cliched monstrosity making Harry an unrecognizable all powerful dark lord master of death sue. Spectacular fic!
Mad Hatter Massacre chapter 20 . 6/1
Is an update nearer than I think? (Har har). Nah, but this story is great, second time around as well. Hope all is well.
highlander348 chapter 1 . 5/21
Uchicha ASHU chapter 20 . 5/21
I have to say that this is one of the best fanfictions I have ever read ... Everything is simply amazing be it character development, interaction between Harry's friends, no bashing of anyone and most importantly Harry's portrayal as a person who is confused if he is actually good or evil ... Most of the authors either portray him as some Messiah or evil incarnate but you have found the right balance ...
I really hope you will continue this story sometime in the future ...
Thanks for this masterpiece ...
PinkMusicalCherry chapter 20 . 5/17
This story has kept me awake for nights on end till morning light! It is just THAT INCREDIBLE and addictive! I enjoyed this chapter - your last scene was especially fleshed out! I wonder what that smoky instrument does? I wonder what the person is doing in the hidden room and whether it's Malfoy or Luna?! Love it! YOU ARE SO TALENTED! I will wait with bated breath and hope perhaps a New Moon may gift you with writing inspiration soon! Thank you!
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