Reviews for On the Way to Greatness
Guest chapter 21 . 10/2
so amazing... great fic
iiiiiioooooiiiii chapter 8 . 10/2
Bruh what's the point in this story u put him in a different house but the story has stayed mostly the dam he's not even more powerful than he was in canon if anything u made him more of a bitch
Guest chapter 21 . 9/21
More! :)
Simianpower chapter 8 . 9/4
"... overheard their little discussion, which was quite illegal under tournament rules."

A) No, it's not.
B) Who cares if it is? What's the worst that could happen? He WANTS to get kicked out. At least "Moody" acknowledges that later.

I'm... somewhat disappointed that the first task went almost identically to canon despite all the changes to Harry's character.
Lestrange9999 chapter 21 . 8/21
I was sent by DrizzleWizzle and omg I can see why
federermod chapter 21 . 7/14
why does Harry leave the sword in Dumbledore's office?
federermod chapter 19 . 7/14
Rereading this... why wouldn't Dumbledore let or encourage Moody to train Harry? If not immediately after the horcrux is gone then certainly after the department of mysteries. Wouldn't that give Harry useful skills, make Harry feel like he's accomplishing something, steer Harry somewhat away from the Dark Arts, and potentially bring Harry closer to the Order?
johnsonannalyn chapter 21 . 6/27
I enjoyed this story so much i couldnt put it down. you did such an incredible job showing harrys internal struggle, alongside voldemorts and showing the comparison of their stories while srill making harrys his own. I love all of the small details you include, of which that would not have happened had harry not been in slutherin. The small differenced, highlighting slytherin ambition and lacking gryffindor confidence. Thank you for sharing and i do plead and desperately hope ypu come back to finish the last book, as this has been a wonderful journey.
Zandaino-Nova-Ari chapter 6 . 6/16
This is very different to what I’m used to and I likenit
Warmaster.Abaddon chapter 21 . 6/12
Easily one of the best fics I have ever read. Also, happens to be one of my favorite ones. Most stories turn the original lore too much that they seem unrealistic, this was an excellent read. Some of the best dialogues/convos I have ever read in a fic. The back and forth b/w Blaise & Harry is some next level pro stuff. I read this a while back when it didn't have this many chapters. Came back to it yesterday and read the entire thing in one go. Damned good story and realistic power representation.
The Psychotic Queen chapter 21 . 5/24
i’m sobbing D;
this story is SO GOOD
I hope you’re doing alright. I know the past few years haven’t been kind for anyone. But all in all, there’s just 7th year left! I hope you continue.
The Psychotic Queen chapter 16 . 5/24
Waiiiiit. The Elder Wand is totally Harry’s now isn’t it? Hehehe.
The Psychotic Queen chapter 15 . 5/24
oh nooooo D:
I’ve been enjoying this story immensely, and I just realized it’s unfinished.
Letho of Gulek chapter 1 . 5/20
Reviewing just to remind you that we all love this story and will be happy to come back and re-read the entire thing whenever life lets you update again next :)
sim chapter 21 . 5/20
Hi, I hope you continue this story as I have enjoyed it so far.
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