Reviews for My Sister Rosalie, Book I: Captor
CarlieZA chapter 83 . 11/9
Ohhh yes! finally! I've been waiting for this all this time! it was definitely worth it! nice job!
CarlieZA chapter 23 . 11/1
owww! the Emmett reference and your note are so perfect! dang it! I just realized I'm a big though teddy bear thanks to you! haha btw I'm loving this!
pandora2945 chapter 1 . 8/12
Hi there, your story came up in a search i did, and it was the pairing and the length of it that got me started reading your first story, i read a lot of fan fiction but i have got to say yours is so far one of the best i read, i managed to read your first story in 2 nights and it would of been less if it wasn't for the fact i had to work! you managed to make me cry, laugh and had me trying to guess how it turns out. i cant wait to read more of this story. so thanks very much for being an awesome author!
ForestValentine chapter 41 . 7/22
I want to write a review for this story correctly but it may still come out strange so forgive me. This story is fantastic, I really appreciate how you get so into character and use correct facts for things happening in this storie's era. Your able to portray these character and describe the scene to a extent where I feel like I'm watching it happen. excellent work!... forgive my foul language for a moment but i'm reading this back and I think I sound like a kiss ass, that wasn't the goal I just really wanted you to know how much i like your story. So yeah thanks for posting it! P.S. I know you weren't aiming for this but my little sister loved the toad in the hole recipe, it was cool being able take usable info from a fanfiction and use it in real life so for one last time. thanks! -FV
YuriForever chapter 92 . 6/26
That's it? THAT'S IT?! Dude, i can't, i need more. Please, i might die. This story is beautiful.
YuriForever chapter 58 . 6/24
YuriForever chapter 54 . 6/24
I'm seriously loving this story. The pacing is slow, yes, but definitely no boring parts. I also love how long this story is, unlike others that leave you hanging. Looking forward to more of your works!
TaniadaSilva chapter 1 . 5/28
I have read many stories on a different site and stumbled across some really good twilight stories that prompted me to use this site to see what other ones I could find to read. With your story it was very well put together and held a lot of well thought out detail which is something that I love finding in a story because some stories are very much rushed and not put together well. I also loved how you kept Rosalie's character from the original twilight stories.

this story has been added to my favourites because it was well deserved

keep writing!
kamonwan9952 chapter 21 . 2/3
uhrg what the fck is this fluff story that can almost kill me with its sweetness and funny as heck moments, this is so damned good! i thought it was going to be angsty as fuck but ayy this is good too, lols. nice ending at the chapter ;D
kamonwan9952 chapter 15 . 2/3
fucking hilarious chapter this one, just ohgod i cant XDD best pov ever
kamonwan9952 chapter 2 . 2/3
ohgod, ok im giving this story a try. i have been eyeing this story a while but never gave in..cause yh im totally rosella-shipper and thought this was some family story (maybe it is?) but i checked out some reviews and ..well here i am 422k story.. ohdamn lets start the timer and see how long it takes me to finish this. anyways this was a great chapter to start with. i somewhat likes the way they talk here XD
ninash chapter 92 . 2/1
Je suis tombé par hasard sur ton histoire il y a de ça quelque jours et elle m’a tellement intrigué que je l'aie lu d'un trait
Je ne laisse généralement pas de commentaires aux fictions que je lis car mon anglais est mauvais...très mauvais même mais voilà je l’ai quand même fait et en français donc j’espère que tu comprendras tout sinon je veux bien essayer de traduire.
Fin bref juste pour dire que j’ai aimé ton histoire et que grâce à elle j’ai aussi pu rajoute quelques mots à mon maigre vocabulaire d’anglais
Merci et bonne continuation pour ton deuxième livre, que je ne vais pas tarder à lire :)
Ryo Oh Ki7 chapter 92 . 12/25/2015
Thank you
LittleRedRidingVanz chapter 92 . 11/29/2015
Oh how times have changed. I remember reading this when I was just so young and first learning how to write. How I had even gotten a taste of life. I have grown up with this story. I almost feel like, though it is Rosalie and Bella, I have grown with these characters. I'm always... amazed on how writers can create such character development. Even though Rosalie has that strong exterior, you can tell with Bella she brings it down a notch. Oh, how that has changed from the beginning of this story. Love isn't easy, and this really shows that. Even though this is about a vampire and a human, it's the most real love story I have ever read. This is almost like reality. It takes a very long time for love to develop and become what it is, and it will keep changing. This is something I had to learn, and learn I did as this story has become what it is. All the hard times, it's all worth.

I'd like to say, thank you, for this. And I can not wait to see what else you will write. Thank you for letting me grow with this story. Probably the best story I've ever read.

Vlousse chapter 92 . 11/20/2015
Ugh, this life. This so called life.

Rosalie, cold, harsh, soulless, uncaring Rosalie. Yet, so beautiful in not just her looks, but her inner self; so broken, frustrated, emotional (pretending to be emotionless), tender in her own and unique way. Humanized. 'Lillian' sure is always beautiful when it comes to her looks, but Rosalie became human; she was beautiful but not in the "vampiric -ageless- perfection". Human. I can't think of anything that can compete with actual human beauty. Actual and human and beauty, as in: emotions written in our acts, our passions, emotions (fear, angst, love, happiness...). Those items that remind us how perfectly imperfect we are, and how good it is.

Bella and her "I love you and I want you, but you won't do a thing for me and my need" thing is kind of a bitchy side I craved to know long ago. I mean, yes, Bella has feelings, Bella has her frustrations, too. But she's not aware of the most important subject of the whole 'Rosalie experience': she is turning into a woman. A real one. I certainly understand what frustration and need feel like when combined. But Bella does not understand what love is and means, if that I'm certain. She gets completely what it is to love a woman like Rosalie, but she doesn't understand that her 'rose' is manifesting her love in very atypical and yet sweet and LOVELY way: acts. She cares for Bella and Bella is blind because she is too infatuated with her thirst for Rosalie.

Bella is in love, as it is Rosalie.

They just don't understand how much in love they are. Love is meant to be a thing that makes us better people. Rosalie is human, Rosalie is caring, Rosalie is selfish but when it comes to Bella, Bella comes first. Sadly, that goes against their primal need(s).

Timeless, ageless, frozen, eternal, suffering, melancholical Rosalie decided to spend part of her agony with Bella. Bella heals her in a way neither of them could explain because neither know.

On the other hand, Bella has time, and we have the idea that time actually means having time. But it doesn't. Bella has the time of life, which by no means is known as forever. Limits. And there she is, fighting for a rose that won't get old. Rosalie's time is unlimited. Rosalie actually has time. And she makes of it what she wants to. Bella has a limit (The Human Circle, we should call it, yes? no? ok...) and she spends it the way she was imposed to, but love does not demand to be, it happens. Period.

I could fall in love with MSR's Rosalie over and over again, and that doesn't mean I didn't. I kind of did.

Congratulations, monsieur geophf, I enjoyed the story. A story with characters' deph, and characteristic issues, a charismatic and nostalgic narrative and a very uncertain scenario.
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