Reviews for Incorrigible Infatuation
snowleopard314 chapter 14 . 5/19
This was really really good. I do sort of want to know what happened, like an epologue or something. But I can see how the story isn't sequel compliant. It was all around a great fic.
yngoldfogee chapter 14 . 5/15
It doesn't matter how many times I read this story I continue to love it as much (or more) as the first time. Even though it's been over six years since you finished this I continue to hope for a sequel one day.
Just Me chapter 14 . 5/12
I absolutely love this story! Any chance of a sequel? Lurkers like me would be overjoyed!
Guest chapter 14 . 5/7
meggels13 chapter 3 . 5/5
Hi, could you possibly send me the New Various Chapter Ones, chapters to read?
Guest chapter 14 . 5/3
i loved!
SagenWarrior chapter 14 . 4/28
i still love this fic!
LivingRedRose chapter 14 . 4/27
Love this story, Marcus and Harry were a great couple. I just couldn't stop reading. I wish there was a sequel but you do need to go where the muses take you. always keep writing
rmsfrenchhorn chapter 14 . 4/5
I'd been avoiding this story for the longest time simply because of the pairing. I am so glad that I finally sucked it up and read this masterpiece. Definitely one of my all-time favorites now.
hotcat chapter 14 . 4/4
great story
kurlz chapter 14 . 4/2
Read this soo many times, I love it can't get enough! Is there gonna be a sequel? I hope so *fingers crossed* .
Natjhyona chapter 14 . 3/27
this was fun to read
Guest chapter 14 . 3/24
...I don't know how I feel. I love marcus and his portrayal but harry was a little too weak I feel like, I mean I loved the story and his character fit but I just think harry could have been a little more ...idk put together? Anyway im not here to criticize :) im here to complement you on a job well done! hopefully more marcus and harry stories will become available, thank you so much! I really enjoyed the fanfic, keep up the good work!
Beth9891 chapter 14 . 3/24
Loved this pairing! Sequel?
Shire Fey chapter 14 . 3/21
I have loved this story from the first read and will until my last. I only wish you wrote a sequel to it. Even with that said it is an amazing story that I know I will forever enjoy.
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