Reviews for Failure
waitingforAslan chapter 1 . 6/4
What an intense story! It DOES fit the Sam we were shown in brief flashbacks - desperate and despairing. There are so many details that add authenticity - like Bobby never calling Dean's phone and there being a bit of black fluff on Dean's gun, him remembering Dean's gun leading the way into dark rooms on a hunt and the oily slick on top of the carpet of his spilled liquor. Lisa calling Dean was such a nice idea - her checking on him, showing that she thought of him even as he obviously thought of her too. Sam's hearing her voicemail and remembering the picnic scene in Dean's dream set up well for what he asked Dean to do after he jumped into the Cage at the end of season 5. Ruby sneering in disgust and claiming he's not worth it is so true of her character (and foreshadowing of the TRUTH of what she's really up to; she is NOT on his side.) I love that Dean's gun WON'T kill Sam. The parallelism of Sam feeling like a failure at the beginning and end brackets the story well. Dark but very good.
MMIX chapter 1 . 2/28/2009
Three words. FAN TAST IC. This was an extremely well-written story that is definitely one of my favorites. Reading this was like eating a piece of dark chocolate with a vague bite of chili that kind of stings the tongue. That's exactly what I thought when I finished this fic. It's bitter, hard, and sharp - but it's also smooth, rich, and amazing. You should be extremely proud of what you've written.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.
MaryWhether chapter 1 . 1/2/2009
Catchme21, I applaud you on this exemplary piece of writing. Your characters were sharp, your dialog was snappy and dark, and the whole thing was something I bet the show itself would look into if something that dark were allowed on the CW network.

I think this is a great piece of fiction and I may just have to get an account with this site just so I can add it to my favorites. I'm glad you decided to write and post this (and I'm glad your muse - don't we all have one? - whoever or whatever it may be, sparked it).

Happy New Year!
jasper03 chapter 1 . 1/2/2009
Wow Kris! I think it was perfect. I usually try to step away from these kind of fics, but I know your writing and I like it so I was like okay, I'll try it. Perfectly paced. And you had Sam and Ruby down perfect, even the small bits with Ben and Lisa. I think this is how Sam really was when Dean died. He had lost his best friend, his brother and was absolutely alone. Or so he believed. And I loved the bit about Dean's gun getting stuck. Even after death Dean is saving Sam's life. Great job!


Holly Lukeman chapter 1 . 12/28/2008
While I'm not normally a fan of this kind of dark, harsh fanfiction, I find that I found that this story knocked down a mental barrier for me. When I watched the beginning of Supernatural's fourth season and the episode "I Know What You Did Last Summer," I couldn't help but feel they were missing a crucial part of Sam's life while Dean was dead. Sure, his explanation to Dean seemed unpleasant, and it hinted as his drunken, suicidal ways, but I had expected it to be much worse for him. It was different than the "Mystery Spot" incident in that he had no real hope of getting Dean back. When I read your story, it kind of clicked. You used the right situation, the right dialog, and the right everything else to explain Sam. Even your use of Ruby propelled the story forward, especially Sam's declaration that she has no say in when or if he chooses to end his life.

To sum it all up, I thought this was a fantastic story. While the gritty bitterness of the story stung, it was the right kind of sting. It showed how broken Sam was, and how he'd had to endure his own kind of hell. In the end, you did a good job of showing that the only reason he stayed alive was because of Dean; Dean's gun wouldn't kill him, and if Sam died there really was no hope of Dean returning.

In most stories with this level of bleakness, they tend to overdo the upsetting aspects just to be upsetting. You didn't even toe the line. The dialog and description you used reflected Sam's thoughts really well. This was a story very attuned to Sam's character during that period.

Also, I agree with you about really angsty writing - it does have a cathartic effect, doesn't it?

Well done.