Reviews for Summer of Despair and Hope: Take 2
desireejones99 chapter 14 . 9/14
An amazing story, but surely you have more, or is there a follow-up story.

thanks for the excellent entertainment
BelleHart chapter 14 . 9/17/2014
Great story. Any chance you will ever finish?
Runecutter chapter 13 . 5/9/2014
Do you know the idiom "jumping the shark"?
It hurts me to say it, but the ballistic trajectory of this chapter (at least of the "NEWT Examination" part of it) was already deep in orbital regions...

Simulacrum? What was the sense in doing that? And nobody in the whole Auror corps noticed?

And while it's already ridiculous that the minister should take interest in the teaching qualifications of a person hired by the board of governors the concept of him being powerful enough to set in motion all the stuff inside the chamber including letting Lord Thingy in the ministry... it becomes outrageous the moment the moron shouts "help Nathan kill Potter" in front of witnesses. Not that having a testee being killed would not disparage the thin cover of his "necessary knowledge for an educator" excuse anyways, even after his smeer-campaign against the BWL it would certainly reflect poorly upon the dolt if he got him killed in a school graduation test...

Originally i had thought it would end up with Fudge trying to somehow trick Harry into using one of the unforgivables and then railroad another trial against him for this abhorrible behavior in a NEWT examination... or it might have been reasonable to have him cursed, warded or potioned on the ministers initiative to be less able to cast, sluggish or slow in thought, so he would be expected to botch the duel. Both tricks might be expected from a slimy weasel like Fudge and could have been sneaky enough to not be obvious and arguable in court. The "two go into the thunder dome, one goes out" thing though... baaaaad television.

The scene with Riddle was nice though, although the frame for it was poorly chosen. The imagery of ripping out the foul piece of soul, sewing it back together, forcing it to reintegrate is a strong one and gave this whole mess a small shimmer of hope, a uniqueness that made the fight stand out amongst other fanfics. Still this comes down more or less to beautiful waterskis while doing the fatal jump...

And what exactly HAS happened with Riddle.. was he vanquished just by Harry's little trip into the wonderful world of crafts?
Stratre chapter 5 . 5/8/2014
mmm pretty sure you cant eat conjured food it will vanish in like a few hours and then your hungry again
. thats why they didnt eat it in the tent while in the forest of dean
Stratre chapter 2 . 5/7/2014
mmm so okay but i thought you cant eat conjured food as it dissapates after some time?
Stratre chapter 1 . 5/7/2014
sooooooooooooooooooooooo he went from being super duper depressed to marrying hermione in one day... this is so realistic it reminds me of space jam :)
femalefarrier chapter 14 . 4/24/2014
great story
The Ghostly Minion chapter 6 . 3/5/2014
Well,I hope you are proud of yourself. You have just made a 57 year old man tear up.

I fully expect that the next chapter or two will do the same.

Very well dine indeed.

D. Page Robin
The Ghostly Minion chapter 4 . 3/5/2014
Aberforth talking Yoda-speak? Chortle

You have written a glorious story. I am enjoying it greatly I have found a new favorite story and author. Thank you.

D. Page Robin
The Ghostly Minion chapter 2 . 3/4/2014
I like this story very much.
DragonTamer01 chapter 14 . 12/11/2013

I'm mad at you for not killing that son of a bitch at the end of EITHER version of this story!
Silvus chapter 1 . 8/17/2013
I agree for the most part with the Reviews of Runiccutter. There is not much to say.

Its a NO for me.
The story is a nice idea, but childish, illogical, ill-conceived and frustrating-stupid-faultily. (Instant love and marriage; conjuring food and everything else without limits/restrictions. A paradox - why buy a thing? People can conjure it...) etc. etc.

Sorry. The true.

Runecutter chapter 4 . 7/22/2013
Even though a funeral is not really a happy occasion i'm totally excited about this chapter... Okay, maybe some SLIGHT fine tuning moments would be nice to see applied, like a bit more of explanation and less chaos and headlessness between the two protagonists under their shield... but at large this is the best chapter yet and has got a ton of really fantastic scenes, dialogue snippets and ideas.

If only somebody would check and correct the spellings of stuff like the Expelliarmus charm... *sigh* What fun is it to read a great scene when you ultimately will stumble over a word you'll first have to decipher what it should sound like or what it might mean... It's a real problem for me with this story as it is.
Runecutter chapter 2 . 7/22/2013
Do you really care so little about fault proofing your finished chapters? This is filled to the brims with misspellings and it's very distracting when you try to get into the funk of the story going on...

e.g. it's erumpent not erupment, Legilimency, not legimancy, Occlumency, not occulmency

Hmm the chapter was okay, a good mixture of things of a more fluffy and things of a more serious nature. And i like the adaption of the Legilimancy for this scene... The letter for Ron was a little bit on the apologetic side, but better to err on the side of caution and appeasement than enraging him and making things unnecessarily nasty between them, it will be strained regardless how hard they try IMO... but this is at least a good attempt to keep it civil and start him understand their motives and reasons...
Still there's also some stuff i would have loved to see here and didn't find... like a little bit more background for Dumbledore's decision or more hints at what is going on at large... but i'm sure that will have to come still ... please say that it will still appear?!
Runecutter chapter 1 . 6/16/2013
Hmmm as yet i'm undecided if this is great or just a halfbaked regurgitation of old fandom clich├ęs in a not too fancyful new packaging... And as this has clearly been published after book 7 was out, i'm astonished a bit about things that you did not need to take artistic license on but decided to do nontheless... mostly the food conjuring stuff...

- quite believable but not overly dramatic Harry with his guilttrip and depression full on.
- not a million trillion zillion galleons in the will to be distributed, no big surprises just a decent choice of guardians, awesome! ;)
- in the most general sense the nature of the relationship between Harry and Hermione, they just WORK as a couple and the narration makes perfect use of that.
- the scene between Ron and LUna was cute as well. Not too openly plotdriven but direct and honest, nice move!

- "marry me" Well seconds before he wanted to push her away and to get her to talk about hating him... is he daft? Okay, Harry has no experience in relationships, but this is overdoing it by several degrees of magnitude in speed.
- did not do the research... as Harry will turn 16 in only a few days they WILL be old enough to marry even without parental consent
- you cannot conjure or transfigure stuff you want to eat. Even if you have a good reason to ignore this they use awfully much magic just to work over the room a little bit. How do they know how long harry's conjuration will last? And if you assert it will be permanent... this is his first try... would you want to crash down in the middle of the night from a bed at least 50 cm high just because you relied on untested magic? Had they read the will first they might have had one of the elves (Dobby, Winky, Kreacher) bring some furniture from GP12 to float them over the time Harry needs to stay here.
- the general idea behind keeping Harry at PD4... Your Dumbledore seems to be a lot more lenient than the overly control obsessed Albus from the books. Yet he decides it is necessary to keep the wards up at Privet Drive... for what reason? To protect Harry's torturers that never showed him love? He KNOWS Harry will get new guardians soon as he witnessed the will for Sirius... To keep harry as protected as possible? Not likely after the Dementor-incident last summer and the little fact that Tom now shares his blood... I cannot know if you've planned on explaining this a bit later in your story, but as chapter one goes it's just to make him suffer a bit more. Yet Albus agrees with having Hermione there to lessen his pain. Indecisive much?

And of course there are lots of the custom ingredients to fanfics as Hermione doubting Harry will ever want her as his girlfriend and thus keeping silent about her feelings... which doesn't make any sense in my eyes either, but well... if you really NEED the insecurities for your way to sound out their characters i'll grant you the basic idea behind it, the angst to lose a friendship for a vane attempt at deepening it into something longer lasting. When i read too much of these descriptions in fanfictions one behind another i still feel like all they'd really need was some therapist forcing them to just friggin talk it out ;) Much can be won by talking about feelings and insecurities won't go away by keeping your mouth shut about them... AND it's such a stupid gambit... what if his later girlfriend wouldn't like him having a good confidante that knows him almost better than his "better half" would? She still could lose him forever if she lets that happen... Okay, they're only 16 and 15 at that time and not omniscient, but they were described as not stupid either...
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