Reviews for Premonitions
Sammy73 chapter 1 . 9/25/2009
Alice to the rescue! I love her and Jasper together. Thanks!
bookish327 chapter 1 . 7/1/2009
Oh, that was so good. Your characterization of both Alice and Jasper was excellent. I felt like I was "a fly on the wall" in a private moment between the two of them, and it seemed very in character to me. I wrote in a review just tonight that I would love to see some scenes from the Twilight/Midnight Sun time-period from Alice's POV, and then I found this story. Perfect timing! Have you considered writing more moments from the Twilight series from Alice's POV? I imagine that you would have a lot of insight to share.
VictoriaJade87 chapter 1 . 5/25/2009
That was really good. So if i have this right you have combined parts of the movie with parts of the book? Keep writing, that was great.
LynMcCallum chapter 1 . 12/31/2008
OMG That was so good! Are you planning on having a sequel? I reckon the next few chapters are probably possible to do from Alice's POV...
JuseaPeterson chapter 1 . 12/30/2008
Well I think you did a fairly good job at getting into Alice's mind.

I did love all of the Jasper/Alice stuff, it felt real, and it was done really well.

I liked seeing your idea of Alice in Twilight and what she saw and such. Great job.
A friend chapter 1 . 12/29/2008

You can always bet on Alice. I just wish she told Emmett. Though, I will try to recreate what you didn't write:

"Emmett, I am sorry to tell you about this...but Bella beat you at arm-wrestling." I looked up at him solemnly.

"NO!" (A/N image, as he is saying this, you zoom further and further out. The house. The town. The world, exc.)

"Emmett, its all right. When she has a kid, Nessie will like you." I tried, then winced when I realized what I had said.

"WHAT!" Edward screamed from another point in the house. (A/N you can hear loud footsteps and a bunch of doors slamming and breaking.)

"And who, may I ask, is the father?" He shouts.

"Um..You." I said after a moment, trying to get the image out of my mind. "You didn't bite her though. You do owe Esme a bunch of new pillows. And a new bed for her Island." I consoled. Then I winced again.

"NO! I JUST BOUGHT THAT BED!" Esme screeched. (A/N, you can hear lightning.)

"Esme! It's okay! Would you rather have Bella's pretty face ruined?" I shouted, then winced a third time.

"WHY ARE YOU CALLING THAT [insert bad name here] BEAUTIFUL?" (A/N the house shakes here)

"Rose!" I scolded. "Language! Your only mad at her because shes pretty, she gets a kid, shes human, shes in love with someone who loves her back, and shes asking to be a vampire! But don't worry, he makes all of us leave, after Jasper almost takes a bite out of her, sending them both into huge misery and pain, for almost half a year!" I screamed back at her. Then I flinched.

"NO! Pain! Guilt! It's gonna be a mess of emotions for the next two years!" ( A/N The house falls down) He curled up into a ball.

By now the whole house-er, former house-was in complete chaos.


"Blood!" I screeched, remembering how Bella ruined her outfit when she first went hunting. "I hate blood! Blood stains clothes!"

Now, the former household was upset. And the reason? Bella Swan. There was screaming, and crying, and Jasper being his normal emo-self. I quickly got over the stained garment and tried to get everyone back in order.

"But it all turns out all right! Trust me!"

Famous last words.