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Ashlielle chapter 81 . 1/22/2015
BAH! I read the prologue, realized this hasn't been updated for nearly 4 or 5 years, and then looked here to see if the story was already over or something... It's NOT *gasps dramatically*
I'm sad to say, I will have to take this story out of my bookmarks and refrain from reading it so I don't get depressed when I finish it. T-T *cries*
It looks interesting, though. If you ever decide to continue it, PM me! :) And I'll follow it too, just in case.
AMysteriousWriter chapter 15 . 6/19/2014
I like this story. Like, a lot. But could you PLEEEEEASE please please tone it down on the violence a little?! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a gore prude - I like blood as much as the next guy, but this seems just a little too violent for One Piece. You have characters getting arms severed and heads decapitated, whereas the original One Piece stuck to hand-to-hand asskicking and swordfights. I'm not saying you have to follow the manga's style exactly, I just don't think stuff as overt as dismemberment and killing really fits with the overall mood of One Piece's adventure.

Other than that, I like the story a lot and hope you will get back to updating it. Cheers!
kwerli chapter 81 . 1/27/2013
please update whe want more
kwerli chapter 9 . 12/21/2012
i got an idee for a character his name is ken { last name any you like } who is born whit the gift {or curse what sounds better } of the demon ears which enabels him to hear most thought but gives him a continuous headache his goal in life is to find his soulmate { personality most of the time acts stupid even shouting somewones secrets when he hears them { thanks to is power a lot } but when around girls tries to be a macho what results in him getting in wierd situations a.k.a his pants falling of when holding his breath to look handsome voor some girls } powers thanks to his demon ears he kan dodge almost any attack he is very fast but not strong making him needing to hit an oponent many more times also because his power is no devil fruit he can swim {not very wel} weaknesses while he can hear thougt he is weak against zoan and logia {because most zoan figth most on instincts and logia's ar coated in ther element } also his strength is just above human i hope you like him and use him I do wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year success whit te serie
kwerli chapter 3 . 12/16/2012
This is a great story even if I have two translete with google because my english is bad
Future Nekomata chapter 1 . 11/18/2012
Name:Amaterasu Hikari Skye

Wanted Name: Dark Priestess Amaterasu


Gender: Female

Specialty/Position: Psychic/ Exorcist

Race: Human

Devil Fruit/Weapon/Attacks: No Devil Fruit. Wields a Bo staff and prayer slips, along with holy water and blessed silver needles.
Special Attacks: Vision Flash ( allows a quick glance into the past, present, or future. Leaves her very dizzy and weak afterwards)
Sacred Sutra ( throws a sutra charged with the power of light, darkness, fire, electricity, water, wind, earth, or poison)
Persuasion Needles ( throws a needle towards someone's nether regions. Completely incapacitates males. Most frequently used attack)
(Last Resort) Demon's Roar ( unleashes a wave of pure demonic energy)

Physical Appearance: A young girl with light green hair and hazel eyes. She wears a traditional Japanese priestess uniform.

History: Her family guarded the 8-headed demon, Orochi, from people who wish to release him from his seal. Due to the direct contact of their holy powers with Orochi's demonic energy causes them to have the ability to sometimes see the past, present, or future. Then, pirates attacked and killed most of the Skye family. Ami and her older sister Skye were only spared in order to become slaves. Unknowingly, the pirates undid the seal on Orochi and caused him to be set free. He killed all of the pirates and was going to kill Ami, when Skye sacrificed her own life so that most of Orochi's power was sealed into Ami. All that remained of Orochi afterwards was a small, male, talking, perverted, black cat with a blood and sword obsession, whom Ami calls Richie

Personality: Amu is a shy girl at first, but when you get to know her, she is really friendly. She is completely innocent. She gets really angry whenever someone insults her hair though.

Likes: Cats, People, Legends

Dislikes:Demons, Snakes, People insulting her hair

Dream: Find a way to get the demonic energy out of her body and revive her sister.

Other: Richie is an excellent mouser.
BTolson23 chapter 2 . 3/16/2012
The Bo With the Ivory Axe, huh? I love axes, so I already want to meet this boy!

Oh, thank god you have a realistic beginning of a rookie pirate. I swear, most I read of now-a-days are fully prepared to go to the first island and beyond, as if they're excellent pirates already. Chris is realistic and will be interesting to see how she develops throughout.

Smart... smart. Very briefly in the ocean and she was pushed to shore. This means that she may have a fruit, or she may not. Nice ambuigity there.

A large axe? Oooh, I'm excited now.

Zugai seems pretty calm-headed, Arrow and Pistol sound entertaining, and Kei seems quiet so far.

I wonder why Arrow and Pistol are called Arrow and Pistol when they have Katana? Interesting...

Hmm... Chris is showing shades of Luffy's personality in terms of recruitment. Hopefully she won't become a female Luffy.

Admittely, it's a bit weird someone joining so quickly and so fast without Chris actually doing anything to earn Zugai's trust or whatever. But oh well.

Good chapter, nice flow and nicely written. Looking forward to Zugai using his axe!
BTolson23 chapter 1 . 3/12/2012
Hey, get ready for reviews, since I'm going to review each chapter. My style of review is comment as I read. So my points will be in the tense of reading. Just how I like to do it.

The boy's description was nicely put. Just loved the way it was written.

Cat reference's galore make me thing a fruit related to a cat, perhaps? Too obvious?

Woah, I lie, not a boy. Twist straight at the beginning? It's hard to catch me off-guard by dangit you just did. Congrats!

For some reason, I really like the name Dagger... so far, my favourite simply 'cause of the name.

I don't generally point out mistakes, but slightly big ones I do. Constructive critiscm at its finest XD

'She placed a hand on his head and ruffled his short brown his.' I assume by 'his' you mean 'hair'?

I enjoyed this prologue, and you've done what needs to be done in a story. You've made me want to read on. Which is exactly what I'll be doing.
Carl Sniper chapter 81 . 11/6/2011
please write the next chapter plz i love this fanfiction
Guest chapter 2 . 8/26/2011
Kenshin El chapter 1 . 8/16/2011
U really put up tension in the chapter. i know u have alot of reviews and all but. i guess i wanna try making an oc that's not gunna be an oc...

Name: (Full Name)Len Baku


Gender: Female

Specialty/Position: (Thief, Marksman, Navigator, Swordsman? What is your Character good at and what would their position on the crew be?)Pyrotechnic

Race: (Please, Canon One Piece Races only)Human

Devil Fruit/Weapon/Attacks: (Devil Fruit are not required. Please make a list of attacks/weapons used)

Lighter, match box, oil, string, special bomb.

Bumu- lights a special bomb that has a delayed timing of about 15 seconds cuz she sucks at making bombs unless she follows the instructions, which she doesn't.

Garden of fire- runs around trailing oil behind her and then sets it on fire.

Kasai kumo (fire spider)- puts string in oil tangles opponent up and sets it on fire.

Some attack under a situation can hurt her too if she stands too close or stupidly gets trapped in the middle of it.

Physical Appearance: (Be as descriptive as possible, please)

4"11 With short green hair and messy long black bangs and an antennae. Small black eyes that are more masculine than feminine. Slim frame that lacks the stereotype One Piece chest. Slouches alot. not like nami's body very unshapely and flat. she wears a black beanie with the bottom folded up except when relaxing. the beanie has a frowny face button on it with a tag that says boy. wears long light Grey jeans with pockets, a black t- shirt, and a gray jean coat. wears red and black boots. wears headphones.

History: (Again, descriptive is good)Len's parents were pirates with a 30,000 beli bounty. when she was going to be born the parents hoped it was going to be a boy to help fight of marines. Sadly it was a girl but they named it Len immediately thinking it would be a boy because of it's boyish appearance. They still took the baby in until the marines captured the parents when len was 4. She ran away in a little boat wear she hates marines and is hoping one day she can break into impel down and find her parents. The marines tagged her as a girl so she ended up pretending to be a boy to this day.

Personality: (Include positive traits, negative traits, hobbies, fears and whatever else you can think about.

Convinced herself she is a boy and pretends to always be a boy unknowing going into boys dorms, baths, bathrooms forgetting she is a woman. Never shopped for girls clothes in her entire life. Her hobby is to write negative things in what she calls her depression book and when she get's really depressed she even does it in fights. She is unsociable annd does not talk much. she likes to be quiet which is very ironic because bombs are not quiet. When she does meet someone she likes or feels comfortable around she will talk to them once in a while. She has a habit of getting into fights with her intense staring at random people. Likes to listen to music. Get's very uneasy and scared when it rains because she feels like the earth is crying so something bad will happen.

Likes: loud stuff, pretty boys, the earth

Dislikes:arrogant people, rain, coffee(stunts her growth making people call her short even if she only drank it once)

Dream:break into impel down and find parents

Other: (Anything else you can think to add) is deaf which is why she wears headphones, so people don't try to talk to her over the loud music.
zave chapter 76 . 4/7/2011
Please write a story about the blue lightning pirates journey. It would be an amazing story so please please do it.
Shinobi-dono chapter 81 . 12/2/2010
This chapter was awesome! I can't wait to see how it turns out now that Blue's been turned against them!

Ah, and here's a character submission for you:

Name: Marshal Byrne

Age: 62

Gender: Male

Specialty/Position: Swordsman

Race: Human

Devil Fruit/Weapon/Attacks:

Shiranui-Ryuu Iaido: This is a special form of swordsmanship created by Marshal due to his years of swordsmanship experience that uses a form of Iaido, the art of drawing and sheathing, to ignite the blade and strike the opponent with a burning sword. As such, each technique revolves around individual strikes rather than chaining techniques together, as the flames do not burn on the blade for long and he must re-sheath and draw the blade again to reignite it.

Shiranui-Ryuu Iaido: Bakuenjin - The beginning of Shiranui-Ryuu Iaido, this is a special form of Iaido, the art of drawing a sword and resheathing, where the friction of the blade against the inside of the scabbard creates a quick burst of flame for the single strike he makes in his attack, allowing him to cut and burn his opponent with the same strike.

Shiranui-Ryuu Iaido: Karin Enjo - Using the same principle as Bakuenjin to ignite his blade, the swordsman adds a spinning pivot to the technique to deal with attacks from all sides surrounding him, creating a circle of fire spreading outwards.

Shiranui-Ryuu Iaido: Amakakeru Houou Ken - Using the same principle as Bakuenjin to ignite his sword, the swordsman creates a flying blade attack that arcs its way through the air and slashes down the opponent from afar, burning them at the same time.

Shiranui-Ryuu Iaido Ougi: Kagero - The ultimate technique of Shiranui-Ryuu Iaido, this attack uses the same principle as Bakuenjin to ignite the blade, but with a difference - rather than strike the opponent with the flames, the user waves them in front, the heat changing the light refraction in such a way as to create a brief mirage of himself attacking the opponent, whilst the real Marshal has already made his attack, cutting down his opponent as they focus on his mirage. It will not work however in a place that is already very hot.

Physical Appearance: Marshal appears at first glance to be a frail, weak old man with a wrinkled face and grey hair. His build isn't big and muscular and his hairline is receding, save for a white, spiky tuft of hair going down the center of his head and more white hair around the back of his head, spiking out at the sides. His wrinkled face is often set in a stern, stiff look with a scowl, never really smiling at all, whilst his brows remain furrowed over his dark eyes.

In terms of clothing, he is clad in a long, blue coat that remains buttoned up at the front, with a white scarf around his neck. He also wears a brown jumped underneath the coat and a white dress shirt underneath that, whilst his trousers are a willowy green. Finally, he wears a pair of brown shoes and carries with him a cane which, in fact, doubles as his sword.

History: Marshal's story begins long ago when he himself was a young man who aimed for the summit of the Pirate world, assembling a crew of people and setting out for the Grand Line. Even though at the time he was new to the Pirate world, Marshal made a name for himself as the "Burning Soul" Marshal Byrne, a swordsman noted for his unique form of Shiranui-ryuu Iaido, able to end fights in one move using the deadly techniques he'd created. His crew prospered and they began to gain respect, as well as high bounties - at his peak, Marshal reached a bounty of 80 Million Beri. However, this was slowly drawing others to him bringing on new, more dangerous challenges.

Almost near the end of the Grand Line's first half, he learned the true power of the seas. His crew encountered Marine Vice-Admirals as they gathered towards Marineford in a stroke of bad luck and, in attempting to escape, the crew was forced into battle as Vice-Admirals considered the possibility of him aiding Whitebeard. In a desperate battle, he was soundly defeated and his crewmates killed, whilst he barely escaped with his life to the next island, a Winter Island, whilst his own ship finally broke down. Disheartened, he gave up on his dream of seeing the world and retreated inland on the Winter Island, walking deep into the mountains of the island and living in solitude away from the island's populace, where he simply spent each day honing his technique again, but only for the sake of surviving in the harsh, blizzard conditions of the mountains.

During his stay, he managed to tame a Polar Bear and name him Boskov following an incident where a giant snow monster attempted to eat Boskov, only to be cut down in a single stroke by Marshal's fiery blade, whose power hadn't waned in the years of his 'retirement' from Piracy. However, as he heard of the Straw Hat pirates finding One Piece and setting off a new age of piracy, something has begun to stir in him, a desire to set out to the seas once again and achieve his dream. However, fearing he will only experience the same thing again, he is hesitant to make a move.

Personality: Marshal is something of an old, grouchy man who always seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, possessing little patience for people over little things. He will often be heard grumbling something to himself in annoyance when someone manages to do something he doesn't like, though he never really acts on it otherwise. Tying into this cranky attitude, he is very sharp-witted and sarcastic, as well as rude, never letting up the chance to comment on something if he can.

However, Marshal is also an understanding and wise character, having lived a long life and knowing the seas like the back of his hand. He is blunt, but he is also truthful and is able to see when people are hurt by something on an emotional level. However, at the same time, he is not very willing to open up with people himself and often appears outwardly cold to others.

Likes: Books, Winter Islands, Music, Warm tea, animals.

Dislikes: Marines, noisy people, lemons, being weak, being pitied, unnecessary killing.

Dream: To see the world.

Other: He has managed to tame a pet Polar Bear from his home island called Boskov.
ijpowers92 chapter 81 . 11/13/2010
It's a really good story. Your really creative with your villains and you connect a lot of the arcs together.

I'm sorry that I don't have much else to say but I've spent all day catching up to this point. And most of my comments are from 20 chapters ago.

I do have a character idea. Feel free to change him however you want. If you want some ideas for the side characters I mentioned go ahead and ask or make them up yourself. It's your story in the end.

•King Brine (real name is something embarrising like Gaylord Pussywillow or hctib elttil)



•Villain boss

•Fishman, specifically brine shrimp (he’s a sea monkey)

•He has a natural affinity for sea creatures as such he can command them like a merman does but on a much larger scale; he is not good at fishman karate but does no the basics. He is weaker than other fishmen but still stronger than the average human. He is conniving.

•A sea monkey draped in fine jewels, gold, a crown (like the scammers from futurama plus a robe). Hidden by all the jewelry are several whistles made of a strange type of coral. He also has a wicked looking seastone dagger hidden on him that no one knows about.

oHe’s about 4’ 6’’ tall

•Spent most of his life on the ocean floor. A weakling and a crybaby, he was constantly picked on. At one point he pissed off a gang of fishmen. He was promptly beaten into a bloody pulp and left for dead in the middle of nowhere. It was while he was in the wilderness he discovered his affinity for the wildlife. He spent a total of two years in the wilderness refining his ability. He then began conquering fishmen villages. Now 10 years later, his undersea kingdom is very large and his influence extends for leagues beyond. He has only recently (3 years ago) moved to extending his kingdom to the surface. As such his control of the surface is much smaller. Now he commands a small army of fishmen. His palace made of corral, and is atop a massive man-of-war (the jellyfish kind). His throne room is open air and his throne is a large clam, laden with gold and jewels. His rule has only been a few years long and his domain is small but it is quickly growing.

•King Brine is a slave to each of the seven deadly sins. He is cowardly and weak. Very insecure, prone to tantrums. Forbids anyone from mentioning his life before he became King Brine. He constantly fears and uprising so always keeps whistles, with which to call his sea monster friends, on him.

•He likes gold, jewelry, being treated as a King.

•Not being given the respect “he deserves”.

•His dream is to be king of all Fishmen, then all fishmen and mermen (the undersea world). He dreams of being the undisputed ruler of the entire Blue Sea. He also takes over islands by controlling the coasts.

•Notable subordinates include any fishman pirates who pay tribute to him. And his royal guard.

oEach member of his royal guard is a master of fishman karate plus their own styles. One is a pufferfish. One is an electric eel. One is a piranha. One is a flying fish. One is an angler fish.

•His pets include: untold numbers of regular fish, around a hundred Sea Monsters. Around 20 Sea Kings of various sizes (mostly smaller ones), and three yudas. It is rumored that he also has a kraken.

•His fishman army officially has thousands of members, but Brine is prone to exaggeration and most just pay tribute to him. In reality, his personal army is around 50 fishmen. However all the fishmen gangs and pirate crews raise it into the hundreds. These hundreds only serve him out of fear though. Only his personal army and royal guards are loyal.

•King Brine is constantly expanding his kingdom. He feeds dissidents to his pets. He has the seastone removed from Marine vessels so that Sea Kings can find them. He will sink any ship that doesn’t swear loyalty to him and pay a massive tribute. If you’re human he might sink you anyway.

A King Brine arc would most likely feature a long fight to get to him. Then when everyone is expecting a beat down he pulls out his secret knife and guts someone. Then another character reaches him a truly epic curb stomping begins.
ijpowers92 chapter 9 . 11/12/2010
How did they go from East Blue to South Blue? That's two calm belts and a Grand Line away!
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