Reviews for The Four of the North
codeman177 chapter 1 . 2/17/2009
srry to lazy to

log inor use punctuation but I wanted to say two things one good story and two I never knew any of salvatore actualy made games of any of his books.
The Lord Of The Words chapter 1 . 1/1/2009
Yet another addition to the Icewind Dale section eh? Jolly good I say. And I enjoyed it quite thoroughly too. Bonus. Simple yet flowing writing, taking bits from the story but not everything so as to make it your own. Good good...

The dialogue carried quite well between them, the group being of few words, but a balanced crew, meshing well.

A group of four is interesting, instead of the traditional six. Quite a change, but not unwelcome. Let us hope that they'll be able to handle all the trials that lay ahead.

Spelling and grammar were good, the only thing I can offer for critique is...well, let me use a line for your story to demonstrate...

“And I am Peak.” He finished, preferring to keep his profession a secret, especially from people of power.

The only thing is when he finishes talking, you have the HE capitalized, and it seems like a new sentence. If you end the sentence with a comma, the the next word outside the quotation marks needn't be capitalized. But it is merely a thought on my part, write as you will

Again, good writing and a promising start, I'll keep an eye out for updates. Good luck and good hunting...