Reviews for The Victim
telperien chapter 1 . 12/31/2008
Perfect sense. Somehow your writing is so good that I already sensed all of Lucius feelings in Eden, without them being spelled out. But this companion piece makes them even more clear.

More Lucius to the people! he is such a wonderful character I do wish there was a way of having a whole movie with him.
Rosetta Penn chapter 1 . 12/30/2008
ah! yes! omg i've been waiting for you to write a companion piece for Eden from Lucius's pov for ever! Even if it's not a "real" part of the story, still, thankyouthankyouthankyou!

This is so good. I mean I'm very very glad that Hermione and Lucius are in love and running away together, I was thirilled with the las Eden chapter, but I remember the most INTENSE part of the story was when they both hated each other (and maybe something more). That was when I'd check my email a bazillion times a day to see if you updated, that was what got me hooked. So it's so good to flashback to that time.

I love Lucius' over analysis of her, like he assumes she knows what she's doing to him, but also knows she can't. How he knows he's thought of her in *that* way, but denies it even to himself, of course. The comparison of her fear of him to "flat champagne"- it's beautiful. There's so much conflict here, I just love it.

Oh, and of course, the last line,

"But if she turns those infernal eyes of hers on me one more time, I’ll tear them out of her head with my bare hands."

love it love it. I wasn't sure weather to laugh or just...idk, squeel, lol.
Nijaded chapter 1 . 12/30/2008
I really liked this :] So Lucius.

Can't wait to read more eden
Lavendar chapter 1 . 12/30/2008
This piece is great. Some really good insight into what Lucius went through with her. And we can begin to see where the change will come later... It's nice in it's random way - like Lucius's thoughts just coming and going as real thoughts do. A really interesting read! Really like the Waiting for Godot in the beginning. And ah, he hates her so much, but cannot get her out of his mind... Looking forward to more Eden and I love your movie parodies so I'm excited to hear you're doing another! :)
wolviesrogue chapter 1 . 12/30/2008
It has certainly been a long time since i posted a review and this off shoot from the oh so fantastic Eden seemed the perfect time to start there was a very good reason for me not reviewing and that was being gravely ill in hospital,four bloody months of my life spent in the pits of hell that is Luton and Dunstable hospital,fell ill on 22 Jan and have just about recovered.I tell you now all the horror stories about the NHS are true and horrifying experienced up back on topic ,i have been longing to see things through Lucius eyes and i believe we may have discussed this at some point and wow you do not let your devoted readers constant denial is all the more fantastic to read knowing where Eden is at the moment.I am still holding out for a somewhat happy ending but know it may not be possible but i will be patient and trust that you will keep us guessing to the end.I may still be sporadic in my reviews as i am still not too brilliant at times.I am sorry that things have been up and down for you also this year but hope that 2009 brings you good health,wealth and new year!
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