Reviews for Dusk to Dawn
Lumcer chapter 11 . 6/6
Well I hope this updating thing keeps going, I'm kind of hoping to read how this all goes. Is it bad that I'm hoping Harry grabs ahold of Bellatrix and kills Riddle?

FunnyDs1 chapter 11 . 5/22
PLEASE update! I love this fic, please don't forget about it
HinaLuvLuvChan chapter 11 . 4/19
OMG more please! And I'm sooo curious how the Cullen's are gonna find out about ol Voldy?
rentamiya chapter 11 . 4/6
Wahh more pls
Its a really good story
royano chapter 11 . 3/15
when is the next chapter plz? I loved this story yahoo!
Linda chapter 11 . 2/24
I really like the story but I hope your not going to kill off Remus and Sirius.
heksie chapter 11 . 2/17
Well what a clifhanger hope to see a new post soon.
Angel SilverWinter chapter 11 . 2/19
Great story
CataleyaEvelyn chapter 11 . 2/17
Can you write more. I want more.
youngdestiny chapter 11 . 2/16
Aaaaahhhhh! Omw this story is amazing! Gosh I love it! Please update as soon as you can, but no pressure! I'm very happy for you not being a student anymore.
Good luck with life!
Seth Clearwater chapter 11 . 2/3
Really liked it hope u update again soon
Guest chapter 10 . 1/30
Ah, that answers that question.
Guest chapter 9 . 1/30
If Harry is immune to powers, why did Narcissa's work on him?
Guest chapter 11 . 1/30
Nice cliffie
mattcun chapter 11 . 2/1
plz write more
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