Reviews for And I have lived
TayliaNinja chapter 1 . 12/31/2008
good job. (:
Euclidian chapter 1 . 12/31/2008
Hi - Here are some thoughts about your story.

"I had escaped death numerous amount of time;" should be just "numerous times;" 'amount' refers to volume, not number, and is both incorrect and redundant here.

"When I was made known to the world that wizards and witches ruled, I was ten." This contradicts canon. Children are always eleven years old when they enter Hogwarts.

"the knowledge and support of eons" doesn't make sense - an eon is simply a measure of time, so maybe you mean something like the accumulated wisdom of eons.

"looked at life in disheartening ways" is just a little off - the ways are not disheartening, rather, they are disheartening to others.

I don't understand "ending ties with evil;" what ties is this referring to?

I like "killing off the 'Boy who Lived'" - Harry's happiness was found in escaping that definition of himself.

On your homepage you say you are "nearing the second decade of my life." Actually, it would be the third; the first is 0 to 9, the second is 10 to 19, etc.

This is a good first go at HP fiction. You picked a deep subject. Summing up a life in less than 10 words, especially a life as complex as Harry's, can't be easy. You appear to have a serious appraoch to fanfic. With practice and feedback - a good beta would be helpful - you'll do well.

Thanks for writing.