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Schwarzwald Hunter chapter 9 . 3/7/2019
So glad 5Ds made Plants a viable deck. Now if Vrains or whatever comes next could just give us some generic Reptile support, that'd be great
nickskib chapter 65 . 8/22/2018
The second half of Shadowchasers was just as good as I hoped. The duels continue to be excellent. I loved the characters throughout, especially Ember’s growth. The scope was really scaled up towards the end, going from the machinations of a mindflayer crimeboss to a much larger threat to Earth tied to large cosmic forces, but it was all so well set us that it felt totally natural. Everything came together very well at the end, and I’m excited to jump into Power Primordial from here.
nickskib chapter 33 . 8/17/2018
I’m halfway through my reread of the original Shadowchasers fic and I’m falling in love all over again. Great cast, great worldbuilding, and great dueling. It’s just as good as I remember.
Lord Blackwing 17 chapter 26 . 1/13/2018
Is it wrong that I read that “No need to walk him” quote in Lord Zedd’s voice?
Anyway, I’m re-reading this story for the nth time, and I still enjoy it. Keep up the good work.
DragonFelicis chapter 18 . 8/22/2017
I wonder if in the Shizura Memorial Cemetery, the victims of Zero Reverse are buried. I've heard theories and the like that Yugi, Seto, Joey/Jonouchi, and others from the original died in that incident. Do you think that?

Jeez, that Gnoll is as tall as I am! Are they usually that big?

Ah, Alligator's Sword... I'm guessing that with the luck element and all, Jinx probably has taken a few tips from how Joey/Jonouchi constructed his deck. I miss the times when turns could start that simple, makes things more interesting.

Man I love zombies. I say it a lot, partly because I'm easy to please, but this is one of my favourite chapters. The chapters that have the darker elements to them, fiends, zombies, I remember the Nightmare Court from... one of your stories I think, that idea was incredible! It is all just so interesting

Imagine if Card of Safe Return drew three cards like it did when it was first shown in the anime? Strings didn't even need to draw three cards, one a time would have been enough, and one a time would have been enough for the infinite lock needed to beat him.

Hah, I knew there where a chapter or two that mentioned her similarities to Joey/Jonouchi's deck, this one being it a few moments after I wrote the stuff up there! Heh, then she summoned Thousand Dragon. Ah... I love this duel.

And there is one thing that I love about the anime, and stories written as well as these. It is hard for us to conceive of how stressful, physically demanding, and even painful duels can be. With Fang playing a bit sloppily, it'd be easy for us to go "Oh, well isn't he an idiot. I'D never make that mistake." But I think we'd make mistakes more often, pro players in real life let the stress of duels get to them, imagine how harder it'd be in these kinds of situations? Either way, I like the realism given to it all.

Ah... it is nice to get what is meant with all the Cloudian cards. Hindsight is great.
And finally... I can't quite remember if the cloaked figure who brought in Takasu to be a patsy was ever revealed, but I think it might be a certain wormy bastard, if he can refer to DaPen by Loius then it might be...
DragonFelicis chapter 17 . 8/22/2017
Heh, I love that Jalal is British. The little bits of backstory and wider narrative that get sprinkled around every chapter is something that is so hard to do right, but you do it right. It's just fascinating how you've combined several worlds into one, well I suppose more than one but this is all set on the one world... for the most part. But yes! Incredible how the world has been structured and how fluid the narrative all is, Ember is a brilliant protagonist to start this massive story(s) off with, one who doesn't understand nearly anything about the world as it truly is, allowing you to explain to her, and the readers, about how things work. It just is so much better than the trope As You Know. I've always found the whole thing where characters explain to each other, things that they know perfectly well, and most likely just went through. Feels unnatural, but here we've got something really good!

And the fact that there is humour just makes it all so much better, threatening the 'cat' with a flee bath, poor Sorsha

I really enjoyed the duel as well, another Shadowkind but one that really, honestly, wasn't bad. Just in a bad situation, and too stubborn to seek a more legal and moral way of fixing his issue. I like Max, also like the fact that his name is Max. I enjoy fantastic beings having relatively normal names, just helps paint the fact that they aren't all so different.

I remember expecting, and I actually did again :P, that Ember was going to win with Blasting the Ruins, I should have known both times, remembered for the second, that things aren't quite that easy, but a victory off Judgement of Anubis sounds epic! And Clanggedin sounds like an awesome monster!
DragonFelicis chapter 16 . 8/17/2017
Were's of any species are quite interesting, I do feel for the wererat's though. Can't be an easy existence. Preying on the weaker, hiding in the filth and trash, underhandedness, backstabbing. A thing that'd really suck is even if one wanted to be more than just a filthy rat, few others would trust them because of what they were, leading down and down until they became that stereotype to survive, or just as a 'Then Let Me Be Evil' trope. A vicious cycle...

But the duel was pretty awesome. Watching Maccal play around with the many forms of Kuriboh, and there are even more now! Pity, well sort of, that he didn't have Transcendent Wings, possibly too rare, possibly just didn't draw it. I'm sure Winged Kuriboh just loved being played here, although only really Jaden/Judai has that particular partner. Who knows, it might know if it was played elsewhere. This wasn't a shadow duel, but if it was...

And so Ember does her first reckless thing, she's a... fiery one isn't she?
DragonFelicis chapter 15 . 8/16/2017
Hah, gnomes.

Shichiro gets the most interesting opponents doesn't he? A car, a possessed demon car yes, but still a car. Love it, just the right level of whimsy.

In all honestly, I kind of like the evil, demonic car. I like weird things, evil things, weird and evil can be really fun to read!

Ah yes, Junk Warrior, I remember feeling quite curious about Shichiro's whole thing about the monsters, it had been a while since I'd watched 5D's. I certainly get it now, reread value!

And so this was one of those games wasn't it? Even a shadowchaser can be harmed through these ones, no surprise that a demon would create one right away.

It being taken out of commission was pretty badass on Shichiro's end, slashing its tires and tearing the battery out. Demonic it may have been, but it was limited to the basest needs of the automobile.

And I love Sorsha, even if she isn't truly, really a cat. Still a cat, and I love it.

Duel Monster cards are so expensive in universe, not the cheapest here, but I remember some of the earlier stuff that occasionally spoke of prices. It makes sense why most people only have the one deck and a handful of rare or powerful cards. For the most part, organisations like the Shadowchasers certainly make those costs a little easier.
DragonFelicis chapter 14 . 8/16/2017
Damn. I forgot to mention the Jinx/Ember stuff at the end of the previous chapter. Jinx's luck is quite an interesting thing, does it really have to do with the Red Cap? Can you really influence luck? All very interesting. I love all the little bits of worldbuilding, fusing the worlds of yugioh and so much to create something so damn interesting! I remember the profiles on the sequel to this story, loved those immensely.

But anyway, this chapter.
Well first I'll start with a wondering. Jalal can't/doesn't sleep. Correct? It must be terrible never being able to rest, or doing it so rarely. When you are the head of an worldwide organisation that also never sleeps, I can't imagine he'd ever have the time. He must have spoken to Sofia about the Sword of Noon, then Jinx, then Hank all in a very short timespan. Exhausting, but he keeps the world running.

So I like Hank, he has a fedora. Explorer figures are always cool, and I like that he has multiple decks. Having such a difficult strategy would certainly give him an edge in many situations.
And another janni, they are popular with DaPen aren't they?
I do like Hank, outplaying his 'old friend' completely and utterly. It is true, he is the good guy. But are some people worth saving?

I wonder what the story behind Helpoemer is?

Ultimately, Al-Khazzir wasn't much of a threat to Hank was he? Hanks lifepoints got a bit low, but he had control. Nice, he clearly is one of the best.

And so the tests begin, I loved these things. So interesting, especially with the heavy restriction on cards. Personally, I'd go for a rock defense built deck, built in a similar way to the old structure deck that had Exodd, Master of the Guard in it. That was a fun deck, forcing the opponent to attack into a Stone Statue of the Ancients while having Canyon on the field... good times.
DragonFelicis chapter 13 . 8/16/2017
It's cool to see a new character here and there, see what they play. I've found some of the beauty in these stories is in the decks, and what and why the represent...

So a totally different country in this chapter, going from Japan to America. I wonder how many Shadowchasers are in my home country of Australia...? Pretty big place, but most of it is relatively uninhabited.

Onto the chapter itself, the Sword of Noon sounds really quite soothing, with the heat it gives off. But as a sword, and therefore a weapon, I'm sure that heat could be brought to a far more destructive level, I like the Sword of Midnight more anyway.

Sofia is really an awesome duellist. Her character is quite clear even despite the restriction of one chapter, I like the hat she wears. The fact that knocking her hat off made her madder than anything else, except maybe claiming one monster/god is better than the other.

Bin Ban is one of 'those' duellists, who think their strategy and plan and blah is the best and no one can possibly ever dismantle it. I've dealt with enough of 'those' people, and it was very satisfying watching Sofia not only take it apart, but with a single monster. Negating Spells and Traps is good and all, but monsters find a way.

Him bringing back Horus again and again was almost funny. Frustrating for Sofia, but she kept of breaking him down again and again, so it moved to funny. Hopefully she'll look back on this as quite the victory, as she went from a neutralized field and a pittance of life points, to taking back again and again.

Good on you Alector, Horus may be/represent/something the sun, but the clouds and weather block and obscure it all the time!
DragonFelicis chapter 12 . 6/1/2017
So this was one of my favourites, although I do have a lot of favourites :P
I love creepy, scary stuff and the doll episode from GX was one of my favourites. It is a terrible series but I think it would be awesome if they did create the cards for real and enhance them a bit so they aren't pure garbage!
Just the trouble with summoning Doll Chimera which is no good...

As for the duel, I loved it. Watching Gears battle the Unseelie and resist its influence was fun to watch, I really began enjoying Gears in this chapter! Having it be hosted in Alive instead of Doll Chimera was really clever, I confess I didn't see it coming in my first read. I actually thought it was in the Cursed Dollhouse. Gears figuring it out in a rather Joey/Jonouchi way did put a smile on my face :D

One thing I am a bit curious about regarding the end of the chapter. Jalal mentioned that the dwarves and elves have been looking for these swords for quite a while now. How did he find them so quickly? Sure they are definitely important, but fostering good will between two rather difficult shadow species would be important too? I suppose when issues don't really involve humans the shadowchasers mostly stay out of it...
DragonFelicis chapter 11 . 6/1/2017
So a question. How difficult is it for you to write duels? I've started work on a yugioh story of my own and I was surprised with just how many things you need to keep track of. Plus learning about all these new cards. I've found my ground, but did you ever find it difficult?
Onto the review

Ah yes, that dream. That was one of the only things I didn't spoil for myself so I was wondering for some time just what it was all about. Was quite enjoyable learning the truth in the end.

Heh ha ha, Boris. I love the weird cooking skull. And some more mystery there, not revealing, just teasing, enough to make me curious and think of stuff that could be the truth. And another noodle incident. Three-Cheese Chowder explosion it sounds? Sounds real cheesy!

Gamble cards are always such a risk. It is in the name after all. High risk, high reward, but Jinx is right. The luck element of the game is so crucial, it is what ultimately balances it. What allows you to bring down monstrosities with their power...

By the way, I have wondered for a while what exactly would happen if Jalal was summoned in a Shadow game, as the monsters are real there. It was mentioned that the cards are made with a sliver of his spirit, so would part of him be able to provide some support to the Shadowchaser? Would he be both there and wherever he was in the physical flesh? Interesting thoughts I've just wondered is all.

Some of the most twisted creatures the joystealers. I remember the next chapter and I look forward to reading it again.
DragonFelicis chapter 10 . 6/1/2017
Heh I enjoyed Shichiro's sass. Indeed Kor'mal was imagining it :P
And then throwing him a bit off guard with not having heard about him. And then one hell of a good jab, Kor'mal really went into this battle already distracted.

I also wonder why Berserk Gorilla isn't a fire type. It feels like a fire monster... although he uses it for some quite terrible punishable behavior that immediately reminds me of Panik.

Damn the arena has machine guns to fire on the riders! Insanity! Although this is Pandemonium... and electrical torture :/

Ah stubbornness... isn't it just the best trait for a fighter? I don't think Shichiro has any dwarven blood, or at least not any recent stuff, humans can be plenty stubborn.

It is always more terrible when the villain keeps their word. It really does set in a subtle level of "What could they possibly do if they are happy and willing to do this?" The gentlemen villains that are NOT Noble Demon's or any other kind of sort-of redeemable villains are always the worst. Not because they are just horrifying, but because they can feel like anyone.

Hmm... Beholders, aboleth and Avolakia. I can think of at least one of those I certainly wouldn't want to come up against. And the other two I don't actually know what they are, it was probably revealed but there are so many.

Still as awesome as ever!
DragonFelicis chapter 9 . 6/1/2017
Psionic enslavement is just disturbing. Any form of mind control is really...

So Mistle's deck is actually quite awesome. I love the duels that showcase a bunch of original cards, partly because I know what they do is explained at the bottom so I don't have to look them up. But mostly because of the innovations you ensure. Well I suppose Mystic Clown is the one to applaud here but I know you have made some impressive cards!

I love Robotic Knight and how often Gears uses it. Normal monsters... ah you just don't get to see them as often anymore... also Dekoichi and Bokoichi with machine duplication, I remember seeing that first in Dark Messiah and it is always an impressive play. Seeing Nanobreaker again was also full of nostalgia...

So the Pandemonium arena. Sounds... hellish :P
But seriously, crippling a duellist right after it opens? Who really thought that was a good idea? Extra danger comes with extra likelihood of dismemberment. Was that meant to be the draw? Well what am I saying, of course it was. But did they really not consider someone ACTUALLY getting harmed? Silly people.

DaPen is his dislike of the Arcadia Movement has always amused me. Circus clowns they really are, ones like Needles Kane from that really gory demolition game, but still clowns!

Gears having to take down Mistle though... such angst, the good kind, that I just love to see characters go through! I'm terrible I know but it is just intriguing to push at a characters limits to see how far it would really take for them to break. Fortunately no shadow magic so the duel was still harmless beyond the holographic-shadow pain from the duels but it still could not have been easy...
DragonFelicis chapter 8 . 6/1/2017
So we start off quite interestingly. Someone who impresses DaPen with the claim of being able to defeat Shichiro. Quite interesting.

And then we get some foreshadowing from Fogg. Indeed how would Jinx react if her luck failed her at a crucial time... I wonder if this was actual foreshadowing or something that simply lined up perfectly. Considering you, I'm guessing foreshadowing.

And Fogg uses Bastion's old, weird plus/minus cards. Neat.
And by the shadow gods that is a long name.

I always found the whole 'Paranatural' thing quite interesting. A cool concept, especially when it is made clear that those paranatural beings are more powerful on earth than other places. Further interesting...
OOOOHH! Cloudian - Smoke Ball! I finally get why it is those monsters that were being placed around. Heh really clever there, you just never cease with the amazement.

Gears and Mistle are adorable. Small thing I noticed but why would a nymph wear gloves when tending to her plants. You'd think she's quite enjoy touching with bare skin, plus it'd be better for the plants. Maybe she was... yeah for people who would walk in who were not shadows or aware would probably prefer their server to be wearing gloves around all that dirt and fertilizer... another great thing I love, it lets the reader work out a few things themselves!

I'm impressed she could see what DaPen was, although nature spirit and all. Natural, glamours wouldn't work on them now wouldn't it? More cleverness from you, well done, well done...
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