Reviews for It's the last thing I wanted to say
narrizan chapter 4 . 2/15/2017
Oh just o! If I were to quote chunks back at you about which bits I loved(adored) there'd be reams of the stuff.

But again you have the right of it there. Love - alone - usually doesn't cut it. There's the waxing and the waning, the fighting, and after long years, sometimes there's a lot of learning about each other all over again. Sometimes there's falling out of love, and then there are things you'll remember that remind you - why. There is also trust - it's not always immediate. There will be things you'll need to forgive each other for. I love it when fics show this.

I've known my SO now for nigh on 25 years (egad I'm old ahahaha) and yes it's like that.

This was a beautiful read ( I have mentioned before my rubbish vocabulary - I'm sorry) from start to end.

Thank you for struggling through to finish. It's a kind of nice end-of-the-world piece, as far as end-of-the-world fics go.

- Zan
narrizan chapter 3 . 2/15/2017
Yes it takes time to find the love in a friendship. Especially one filled with obstacles and fraught with the complexities you've thrown up around them. Even 'normal' relationships have their road bumps and uncovered manholes too.

After all Shakespeare did say 'the course of true love never did run smooth'
narrizan chapter 2 . 2/15/2017
The stand out thing for me here is that scene between the two Bookmen.
The gravity of what Lavi is about to take on, not just Bookman duties, but for what is about to happen.

I love and hate that so much of their relationship ins shrouded in mystery. I feel that in spite of appearances, Bookman really does care about his apprentice.
narrizan chapter 1 . 2/15/2017
I love how you gave a plausible premise to the Bookman non-attachment credo and their view of the 'sex' thing.

You have the right of it. Life is always uncertain.
WhistlingWolf chapter 4 . 3/26/2015
You have a way with words. Though reading it jumbles my mind, and I have to read it twice to understand fully, it is quite beautiful. I love your style, and your choice of words. It is really different than other stories, it tasks the reader to think about what they are reading instead of spelling everything out for them.

I also like your story ideas. They are very different than the 'standard' stories.. Especially that you didn't choose to end it in a classic love story. I am still going over Lavi's reasons in my head.. Will definetely come back to read it once more, it is so.. well, I think for me it is hard to understand to abandon humanity like that.

I am quite interested, though, in the akuma and noah, how their lives will continue.. Without humans to posses anymore, how can they live?

Ah well, I am going to rest my brain and post a more constructive review another time. thank you for writing! ;)
Marcia Andrea chapter 1 . 4/24/2014
Bien, creo que tengo que hacerlo como deber de lectora, además de que vi, no has dejado de escribir.

En fin, me encantan tus historias, al menos las que leí de -man, me son muy lindas, tienes una escritura preciosa, distinta a la usual, además de que manejas a los personajes muy bien, otro punto que me agradó es el toque no "feliz", que le dan muchos, o sea, veo que no le vas a las tramas rosas, tienes un romance que duele, y me gusta que duele, que Lavi sea un Bookman, y siempre lo será, y no el tonto gracioso que es para todos, así mismo la forma en la que manejas a Kanda es la adecuada, no lo cambias, y sigue siendo él, y me sigue gustando por solo eso.

He leído muchas de tus historias, así mismo muchas están entre mis favoritos, la verdad, envidio tu forma de escribir, es muy linda, y muy tuya. La verdad, no creo ser quien para darte una crítica constructiva, no sé bien las reglas para una escritura en ingles apropiada, siendo de esa forma que en ese sentido no tengo nada que decir, pero en lo que respecta al desarrollo, trama, y manejo de personajes, creo no eres mala, es más eres muy buena.

Gracias por escribir tan buenas historias. Adiós.
ShadowOfARose chapter 4 . 3/26/2012
I've read this story several times now, and each time it gets better and better. After reading this story I don't get a fuzzy feeling of happiness in my gut or think aww how cute. Your story is so different because it's like a breath of fresh air. The cold kind of fresh air that burns to breathe and gives you chills. The kind of fresh air that you can only find in the biting cold of a winter's night. And despite all that, I will read your story again because it is probably one of the best written romantic relationship I have ever come across with

its realistic qualities.
Athena Keating-Thomas chapter 4 . 11/1/2011
Wow. This was really well written. I think it's admirable that you were willing to change where the story ended up rather than forcing a lovey-dovey ending where it would have put too much of a strain on believability. The premise behind this story, and your execution of it were a pleasure to read!
Najix chapter 4 . 12/19/2010
That was quite beautiful. And rather sad too, but still, beautiful.

You have these intense ideas, the kind that blow my breath away, and the execution of them is just amazing.

Sometimes, your sentence structure and diction makes my brain go in circles, but after I figure it out, I think every sentence you write is like magic.

Your stories, all of them, but especially this one, are incredible realistic. I think it's kind of sad that Kanda and Lavi are so old by the end of it. Well, not that they're actually old, but a lot older than other fics portray them as. But still. I guess that's just part of the beauty. XD

You went beyond the series, and I think that something like this could've, can, happen. That's kind of depressing, actually. Uhh. LOL.

Oh well, happy endings make me go 'Awh.'
CrazyPretz chapter 4 . 10/6/2010
As much as I love this, it's probably going to make me depressed for the rest of the week XD
moonoverwater chapter 4 . 5/9/2010
I should have done this a long time ago, but I was never sure what to put down. Still not, but I'll give it a shot.

What I really enjoyed about the story was the incorporation of the non-secular "history". Seems as though a lot of research/knowledge went into it, which is something that I struggle with in my writing. Granted, I don't know much about Christian (?) religion to begin with... so it was very interesting to read.

I also very much enjoyed the characterization, particularly because it was so different from anything else that I read dealing with this couple. Also, the depth of realism in their relationship was very well done.

Haha, Kanda's numerous...liaisons threw me off a bit. I always imagined Kanda being asexual... or at the very least pansexual. But I must say it added a unique quality to the work. I suppose it was because he was so indifferent to them.

I think I loved everything about Lavi. XD
ranchan-akari chapter 4 . 3/4/2010
OMG! Perfect end of the world fic! LOVELOVELOVE!
shoxxic chapter 4 . 1/12/2010
so.. i actually don't know how i found this story, but uh, it's actually quite good.

summary - the way you phrased your summary was definitely interesting.. which i guess is how i got started haha. so uh props on that. although (personally) it's kind of a turnoff to see "edit" notes /etc.

characters - your choice to make the characters older... i think that kind of added an interesting spin on things. but more importantly, i like how "potentially" in-character you made the characters (tyki - i'm kind of split on how you characterized him), like how subtly bitter you made all the characters/situation. how lavi continued acting as a bookman and went around the world (making him absent), but you still dabbled him in through references (the letters, gifts, etc). it made it seem more... realistic? that's not really the word i'm looking for but yeah. destruction of the order - nice touch to the war undercurrent.

actually, i think your characterization of lavi is really incredible. i think you really nailed down the bookman vs lavi persona really well... and his dialogue is really good being on the earl's side later... i was wondering if that would eventually happen later in the manga haha.

story - i really really /really/ love your pacing. some parts just seem like fragments, quick flashes at moments, and then you skip over blocks of time. i like how you could take chunks of moments and make a memory out of that instead of narrating every event. so uh.. that was kinda cool.

writing - big blocks of text give me a headache, but i liked the way you strung words together. some phrases and whole sentences, actually, were actually pretty cleverly done. and the last sentence to every part? so good. also there were some really good concepts, like umm i think this one was ch4: "You need to live. Go teach those monsters to remember how they murdered us.". yeah. i like that kinda stuff :x

last chapter - and life went on? incredible line. i love these kinda endings.

actually i don't read a lot of dgm fanfics (or fanfics in general) so i don't know what the standards or whatever were but this was an enjoyable read :)

(i hope this was a coherent review!)
Tossino chapter 4 . 1/2/2010
That's one hell of a vocabulary you have there. I found myself looking up words all over the place. xD

I really liked how it started off. The characters were greatly written in their growth, being adults and not teenagers anyway, and it really seemed this is how they could definitely act in canon if they ever reach that age. The character development was great, and they were so human that... This story tugged at my heart, it really did. Kanda's reaction to the fact that everyone died (T_T) was so very awesome and IC. And Lavi was as creepily cold as he can be, but you can still see he cared, that he was sort of still trying to justify it to himself, and that there really wasn't anything he could have done or could do even if he wanted to. He got driven into a corner, and he got desperate, and probably scared too? Just like any other human. It was sad to see.

Lenalee and Allen's relationship was... amazing. So real, especially considering that they were in a war, and somewhat painful to read about. But still enjoyable, because it was so true. (But I personally can't see Allen all... big and stuff like you had him grow into. O.O It's a scary image. xD Though it's probably possible.)

I really, REALLY liked Kanda's sister. His parents were a bit meh, I guess, but I didn't feel like I got a very good impression of them. XDD Anyway, the whole family fit in so well, in everything. It was great. But particularly his sister, yes. 3 Really liked her, really really. [/Repetetiveness] Not sure what it was, but yeah. She was really awesome.

Now... I'm not particularly sure I really like the idea, but it was interesting and a GOOD idea. I haven't seen someone who made the Noahs win instead of the Exorcists, and although the end of the war isn't anything I would dare to seriously touch because there are so many things to consider, sort of, I think you handled it very very well. Considering that you actually played the end out. It's easy to just skip right to the end and not go into detail. And it was a painful end, in a way, while good in another. It all depends what side you write it from, in the end. It was... very well written, definitely.

I can tell you struggled with the ending. But you pulled it off well anyway, kudos to you. I'm amused by the image of Kanda and Lavi living together and taking care of the house (though it was mostly Kanda who did it. Housewife! *Murdered by Mugen*). I'm personally glad that there was no mushy "I love you"s and stuff like that. It fit them much better like this. Something that just happened and that really isn't TRUE love. Because the way you built it up from the beginning... it wouldn't work. So thank you for not ruining the ending like that. :3 An author who lets the story develop a little on its own and not go for the ending they originally planned because that's what they wanted, despite what happened before, is a great writer that should be admired. Stories do live on their own, and while one shouldn't let them go haywire they can't be kept on a tight leash either.

Uh... yeah.

Anyway, the end was very true to the characters, the relationships were very true to the characters, the idea was interesting, and everything was just very very real, genuine and true.

You, dear author, are brilliant. 3

Fretful chapter 4 . 1/2/2010
Oh gosh. It's way too late/early in the morning for me to read this story and write a coherent review.

This is gorgeous. And so sad. So, so, very sad. It makes me want to bawl my eyes out.

Honestly? I've always seen Kanda and Lavi ending up this way. Even in cannon (sans all of humanity dying, of course). Friends who are lovers who may love one another but are friends. Somehow, especially with the end of the world and whatnot, the two of them actually saying "I love you" is next to impossible. Love is lost.

I'll re-read this tomorrow without skipping around. And this time I'll have tissues ready.
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