Reviews for Blind Faith
WyldClaw chapter 25 . 5/6
oooooh! I didn't know oakshadow knew icefang's plan
WyldClaw chapter 24 . 3/20
that was an intense fight
WyldClaw chapter 23 . 3/20
WyldClaw chapter 21 . 3/20
I love robinwing's name
WyldClaw chapter 17 . 3/20
WyldClaw chapter 16 . 3/20
I love icefang's name
WyldClaw chapter 15 . 3/20
that was an outstanding rematch
WyldClaw chapter 14 . 3/20
i thought that ending was excellent
WyldClaw chapter 10 . 3/18
I love Ashfoot and tansyleaf's names
WyldClaw chapter 8 . 3/18
oooooooh! I didn't see that twist coming.

I think Stonepelt likes Icepaw
WyldClaw chapter 7 . 3/18
WyldClaw chapter 2 . 3/4
that was excellent
Nathan SmilePyrVulpi chapter 17 . 2/9/2016
I know this is from 2014 but I have to say this. Stonepelt, get over yourself. If a cat doesn't like you, then they have no obligation or duty to even act like they reciprocate your "desires". If you try to force someone to reciprocate, then you need to be killed.
Shiningheart of ThunderClan chapter 66 . 11/9/2015
So it's been a year. I imagine you're due for an update. Or at least I hope you are because I was squirming this entire time! I read this story before, but that was like 30-40 chapters ago. The last thing I remember before I found this again was Oakshadow's death. And holy hell, that was a LONG while ago!

I can't believe Icestar still thinks this is for the good of the Clan. I mean I could understand Brightpool because holy shit she was an idiot. But everyone else? And even now, Whitefoot and Shortwhisker. SHORTWHISKER. He never did anything to her! And he was old. She didn't even have to do anything, he would have died soon.
Guest chapter 5 . 7/31/2015
I love how you build up the excitement! It's great!
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